Benefits of an Online MBA Degree

Graduation Cap and Computer MouseWhether or not to get an MBA can sometimes be a tough decision for a number of reasons. Maybe it’s too costly, or you do not have enough time to commit to an MBA program. Whatever your reason for hesitation, there are some common situations where an MBA could prove useful.

Why Get an MBA?

Further your current career- While experience is important, understanding business practices can be very beneficial for those looking to either raise their pay or gain more responsibility in their current job. An MBA can provide you with a greater understanding of business as a whole and increase your desirability to your employer or future employers. Some employers even offer a tuition reimbursement program which can reimburse you the cost of related education.

Change career fields- If you are looking to change careers an MBA could prove to be very beneficial. There are often specialized MBA programs such as Ashford University’s MBA in Human Resources Management. Getting a degree specific to the field you are interested in would provide you with the knowledge base required for a position, while your past employment would showcase your valuable experience outside of the field.

Why Get Your MBA Online?

While the benefits of getting an MBA may be clear, the benefits of doing so online might not be. In many cases, students will get an undergraduate degree, then go straight into the workforce. If you are one of these people, it can be hard to find the time to go back to school for your Master’s degree. This is why an online degree is a great option. By cutting travel altogether, it can save you a significant amount of both time and money (especially considering current gas prices).

Working full time and going to school can often be hard to juggle, but with an online degree program, you have the ability to work when it suits you. You will still be completing the same coursework that you would find at a traditional institution, it’s just more convenient. Note: Just because it’s online, that doesn’t make it easy! The same coursework means the same expectations of quality and effort, so there’s no room for slacking. Make sure you’re up to the challenge before committing to a program.

Choosing an Online MBA Program

Before you decide on a school, one important qualification to look for is accreditation. Make sure to enroll in an online school that is regionally accredited, otherwise your MBA may not be accepted as an official degree by employers. Here are some accredited online schools that offer a variety of MBA programs:

Strayer University offers an extensive list of MBA degrees including MBAs in Accounting, Marketing and Project Management. With a wide array of degrees to choose from, you will be able to find the one that best suits your needs. To help make the student’s academic studies successful, the school offers one of the most flexible programs available. The programs are rigorous and yet they accommodate the lifestyle of a working adult.

>>Learn more about Strayer University’s MBA programs

Capella University also has numerous MBA programs to choose from. Their programs include Business Management Specializations, Health Care, K 12 Education, Public Administration, Information Technology, Human Capital Management, Public Safety and Mental Health. These programs have a design to prepare students for the workforce in an every changing marketplace.

>>Learn more about Capella University’s MBA programs

Ashford University is an excellent school for a number of reasons. Many of the online school’s degree programs are offered in an accelerated format, which allows individuals to work through programs in as few as 12 months. Most classes are under six weeks in length. Plus, up to 99 approved credits may be transfer from your current or old school to Ashford University. They also have a wide variety of MBA programs so you can find the option that is best for you.

>>Learn more about Ashford University’s MBA programs


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