Life of an Online High School Student to be Featured on Life & Leisure Television

Ever wonder what a day in the life of an online high school student consists of? Media Entertainment Productions will give you an inside look on September 28, 2009 when it features Olympus High School on Life & Leisure Television on Bravo!

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Do Online Students Qualify for Pell Grants?

Assuming the online school you are enrolled in is a Title IV school than yes, you may qualify for a federal Pell Grant.

A Title IV school is an accredited institution under the higher education act of 1965 as amended that offers federal student financial assistance programs.

In addition to grants you will also be eligible for federal loans, just as you would at any traditional Title IV ground campus institution.

You must first complete your FAFSA to become eligible for any federal loan or grant.  Thereafter your school will send you an awards letter outlining your financial aid options.  Contact your financial aid counselor for more details.

Southeastern Career Institute now Kaplan College

More than 700 Texas college students will have a new name on their college diplomas: Kaplan College. As part of a broader rebranding strategy, Kaplan Higher Education has renamed both of its Texas Southeastern Career Institute campuses as Kaplan College.

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The benefits of taking summer classes online

As the semester comes to a close, most college students are probably looking forward to a summer of full of rest and relaxation. Summer break is a time to wind down and recharge, but some students also have to use it as a time to make up for missing credits or fit in an extra class. The good thing for these students is that they do not need to be on campus to do so. Students who need to take classes during the summer have the option to complete courses online rather than in a classroom. This allows them to meet all of their requirements without having to live in a dorm room on an empty campus or commute from home.

There are many reasons why distance learning is a desirable choice for college students taking summer classes. The main reason is that with distance learning a college student can still enjoy the freedom of summer break while taking control and getting ahead academically.

Another reason for students to complete their summer classes online is that the coursework can be completed from anywhere. With online classes there is no need to miss out on the annual family vacation.  Classes can be completed from wherever there is an Internet connection. Whether a student plans on visiting Europe for a month or camping every weekend he or she can still participate in online classes.

Students should also consider online summer classes because the time commitment is flexible enough to still hold down a summer job. Most students depend on the summer months to earn money that will carry them throughout the year. Online coursework can be completed anytime a student is not on the job.

Finally, students should consider online education during the summer because it allows them to take part in everything that goes on at home. Most students look forward to summer because it is a time to catch up with family and friends. Staying on campus makes this extremely difficult. However, distance learning allows students the flexibility to spend time with friends at night, attend family parties and visit their favorite spots at home.

Before a student makes the decision to take a summer class online, there are a few things he or she should consider. First, it is important for a student to consider their college’s transfer policy. Chances are most colleges will accept transfer credits from an accredited online institution, but there are some exceptions. Students should consult their college adviser before registering for classes.

Another thing to consider is the cost. Contrary to popular belief online classes are not less expensive per credit hour than campus classes. In fact, the cost is about the same. Before a student enrolls in online classes he or she should decide whether or not it is worth the cost.

The final thing to consider is the time commitment a summer class online will involve. Although online classes are more convenient, they should still be taken with the same degree of seriousness as an in-person class. Any student considering a summer class online should map out their schedule and make sure they will have sufficient time to commit to the coursework.

When carefully planned, distance learning during the summer can be a great way to complete classes and earn credits. Taking online classes during the summer allows students to go into the next school year feeling prepared and ahead of the game.

MSU forms partnership with UWA

Mississippi State University’s Bagley College of Engineering is forming an interstate partnership to enable some students at the University of West Alabama to also earn an MSU engineering degree.

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From distance learning to distance working

Distance learning has been building in popularity over the last ten years. Recently, another similar trend  has sprung up presenting a great opportunity for students. Now, not only can students take classes online for credit; can also complete an internship online for credit.

When it comes to finding a job after college most employers favor students who already have relevant work experience.  In fact, it has been suggested that students complete at least two internships during their time in college. Often times students face transportation and time barriers to fulfilling this suggestion.

Virtual internships have surfaces as a great way for students to gain work experience and complete their internship requirements. Between classes and college activities, finding the time to complete internships during business hours can be challenging. Virtual internships give students the opportunity to complete their internship work when it is convenient for them.  Additionally, virtual internships eliminate the necessity to commute to the office for students who do not have cars or access to public transportation.

Some virtual intern employers  require students to show up in the office once a week or once a month. Others will hire students in completely different cities who they may never meet. This does lead to some drawbacks. Typically, students gain a lot of knowledge and value from working in an office environment. The interaction with other professional is still extremely important. It gives students an idea of what life will be like after college. However, as with distance learning, students can communicate with their boss and coworkers via email, chat and phone.

If you are interested in in searching for a virtual internship check out There you will find everything you need to find, apply for and get an internship all in one place.

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Online Education for Doctorate’s Degrees

The doctoral degree is the highest academic credential a person can earn. You may think that is impossible to complete a degree of this nature through an online program. However, online doctorate’s degrees do exist and are extremely popular in some fields.

A few examples of popular online doctoral degrees include Doctor of Education (EdD), Doctor of Public Health (DPH), Doctor of Psychology (PhD), Doctor of Engineering (DCS), and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).

Many of these programs can be completed completely online. However, even doctorate’s degree programs that require intense learning and hands-on training, like medical degrees, may be supplemented with online coursework. Students in programs of this nature may be able to take one or two online classes while completing the rest of the coursework in the classroom and the field.

A growing number of online schools are offering online doctorate’s degree programs and classes. These schools include Capella University, Universitiy of the Rockies – Online, Walden University and Boston University. If you are thinking about furthering your career through a doctoral degree, online education may be the best path for you.