Strong communication key to online learning

Teaching in an online environment isn’t the same as teaching in a traditional classroom, and online instructors need special skills and approaches to be successful.

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Specialized Online Colleges

When looking for an online college, a prospective student has many questions swimming in his or her mind.  Which are the best online colleges?  How do I find out if these are accredited online colleges?  Will I get a better education if I choose to attend one of the top online colleges?  What if I cannot afford these?  Are online community colleges adequate?

When looking to obtain an Associate’s degree, a student can attend a community college. The cost of attending a community college online or on campus is far less than attending larger colleges or universities. Associate’s degrees offer the student the flexibility of not needing to declare an area of concentration right away.  When offering classes online, community colleges can save the student an even greater amount of money, as transportation, time off of work, and daycare expenses are not needed.

Just because an online college is expensive does not mean that it is the best quality!  In order to be considered one of the best online colleges, a college must become an accredited online college and offer the program you are interested in.  During the process of accreditation, a college is monitored by outside sources for several years, and held up to a number of standards.  If a college meets these standards, it passes through the process of accreditation, and becomes an institution which is considered to give a viable education.  The top online schools will all have gone through this process, and thus you can rest assured that you will be receiving a quality education from any of these schools!

In addition to community colleges, Christian colleges are now widely available online. For those who wish to integrate their faith into their higher education, online Christian colleges are a wonderful resource.  Although it may seem as if online Christian colleges may be too specialized of an institution to exist in a great quantity, in reality there are well over 400 from which to choose!  Whether a student is hoping to obtain a degree in religion or religious education, or simply hoping to obtain their higher education from a school that supports and encourages their religious views, an online Christian college is a great option for many students.

At first many online Christian colleges had difficulty in obtaining accreditation, as they did not attract as wide of a student base as their campus counterparts, but now many accredited Christian colleges have begun to offer online degree programs, so finding an accredited university is not normally an issue.

As with many specialized schools, many scholarships and grants are available for students who choose to attend an online Christian college. These grants and scholarships may be offered by the school, the student’s church, or by some other governing body. Though some may be aimed at specific areas of study, many are also general grants and scholarships for any student.

There are many options for finding an online college that is a right fit for you.  With a little bit of research, you will find that the right online college is waiting for you!

Online Education Continues to Gain Widespread Acceptance

Online education, which grew 13% last year, continues to gain momentum as a widely accepted form of education throughout the marketplace.  Once viewed as an Achilles heal, online education is now viewed as a favorable alternative to traditional classroom and setting and is the only way millions of Americans can earn their degree.

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Jonathan Kaplan Points to Recent DOE Study That Shows Clear Advantages of Distance Learning

A recent study on the benefits of distance learning issued by the U.S. Department of Education (DOE), led Walden University President Jonathan Kaplan to publish an editorial in Inside Higher Ed, a premier higher education news source, on the benefits of online education.

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Online Certificate Programs

87483158Working professionals often wonder what they should do to increase their knowledge and advance their career. Some professional choose to go back to school for a second degree either online or at a physical campus. Other professionals choose to attend conferences and seminars  specific to their field. However a person chooses to do this, employers like to see employees taking an interest in their career and furthering themselves.

One way to better oneself professionally is to enroll in an online certificate program. Online certificate programs are usually used to hone in on a particular skill. They are generally not accepted in place of an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, but rather as a supplement to a degree.

Online certificate programs fall somewhere between seminars and degrees.  These programs are a great option for people who want to become proficient in a certain area without having to complete an entire two to four years of school. They They involve a significant amount of coursework, but certainly not as much as a master’s degree. Typically after completing a certificate program you will have completed approximately 12 to 33 college credits.

Many online schools offer certificate programs and they are available for almost any field. There are certificate programs in early childhood education, business administration, health care, leadership, family services, technology and hospitality. can help you find the program you are looking for.

Finally, many employers offer tuition reimbursement programs so before enrolling in an online certificate program make sure you check to see if your employer will cover all or some of the costs.

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Dreams of Ultra-High-Speed Education – U.S. Joins Race for Faster Internet

Chattanooga, Tennessee has become the first in the United States to offer ultra-high-speed Internet service, joining Hong Kong and a few other cities in the world to offer such a service.  With online education, business, entertainment and health care at the forefront of reasons for a national program, experts discuss the benefits versus the cost of getting there.

Why do we need ultra-high-speed, $350 a month Internet service? A statement by Google offers a glimpse into the world of high-speed Internet:

“Imagine sitting in a rural health clinic, streaming three-dimensional medical imaging over the Web and discussing a unique condition with a specialist in New York, or downloading a high-definition, full-length feature film in less than five minutes. Or collaborating with classmates around the world, while watching live 3-D video of a university lecture.”

From NYT: Fastest Net Service in U.S. Coming to Chattanooga

Online Education Has Economic Advantages

KeyboardThere has been a lot of debate about whether or not online education is a money saver. There are definitely valid points on both side of the argument. The truth is that online education does save you money, but just not for the reasons that most people think.

The cost of online classes is pretty much the same as on-campus classes. However, there are other forms of cost savings. Usually, online education degrees are streamlined so you do not need to take as many classes to complete a program as you would at a liberal arts college. Therefore you are paying for fewer classes and saving money on the long run.

Secondly, online education saves you transportation money. Since you can complete your online courses from the comfort of your own home you do not need to pay for gas or public transportation to get to campus.

Finally, online education can save you money because you can continue to work while you complete your education. Online education is so convenient that it can work around your schedule. If you work during the day you can complete your coursework at night or on the weekends. The opposite is true too!

If you are considering an online degree or even just one online class, can help you find the right school and the right degree program to fit your individual needs.

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Online university holds graduation

Kaplan University celebrated the graduation of its summer 2009 class on July 25 in Chicago.

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Obama Said to Delay For-Profit College Loan Rule

The Obama administration is delaying the release of a proposed rule that would cut federal financial aid flowing to for-profit colleges, Congressional aides said today. Analysts said the move means the government may back away from a regulation the industry is fighting.

The proposed rule, known as gainful employment, would disqualify Apollo Group Inc., ITT Educational Services Inc., Career Education Corp. and other for-profit colleges from receiving grants and loans if their graduates spend more than 8 percent of their starting salaries repaying student loans. Analysts said they had expected the rule to be released next week. The aides declined to be named because they said weren’t authorized to release the information.

What is an Unaccredited Online Degree Worth?

What is an Unaccredited Online Degree Worth?Unaccredited online degree programs can look very appealing.  Generally speaking they provide a faster path to a degree than an accredited program, cost less, and provide greater flexibility.  But what’s it worth?

The answer to that question varies greatly depending who you ask.  However, large contingents of students who have enrolled in unaccredited programs have reported significant problems.  Acceptance by employers and admission to other schools have been the biggest hurdles, and I can’t think of two bigger hurdles than that.

It is important to note that many of these unaccredited online degree program are completely legitimate.  I think people sometimes hear unaccredited and think it must be a scam.  That’s simply not the case.  Some of these schools are actually going through the accreditation process and are run by experienced educators.  Still, there are many more who are trying to make a quick buck and have no business being in the business.

The bottom line is the acceptance of an unaccredited degree is low in the academic world and the government world, but somewhat higher in the business world.  Still, some can benefit from an unaccredited degree.

The largest groups of people who benefit from an unaccredited degree program are those who want to use it for a marketing edge.  Therapists for example, who only need a Masters degree to get a state license, may elect to enroll in an unaccredited doctorate program so they can post that Ph. D sign on their advertising banners.  They wear it like a new suit.  It looks good.  But if you dig deeper into the accreditation of said degree you may discover it is all smoke and mirrors.

So when you’re considering an online degree program, class, or certificate do not overlook the school’s accreditation.   It is of paramount importance, especially with the unemployment rate at 8.9% according to the latest U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers.  You need every advantage you can get, which is why you just read this blog.