Publicity Through Philanthropy for Writers

I am twenty three years old, have sold over four thousand copies of my first book in a matter of a month after it’s release and recently been contacted for contracts with Random House and Harper Collins for two new titles. I think a good deal of my recent success is highly correlated with my Reading for Charity Contest and the attention it has drawn. I’ll explain the entire background, but as pre-thought I think it first manifested itself through a combination of my looking for a good way to market my first book, while balancing out my karma a bit. A way to interweave my love of novel writing, increase my book’s visibility and provide a benefit to society in some way shape or form. All of these tasks have seemed to be accomplished- although my karma could still probably use some more balancing.

What is the Reading for Charity Contest?: Over sixty organizations, a group of corporate sponsors, and a handful of volunteers are the result of the charity contest. I took my very recently published book and decided to give away a certain percentage of it’s profits to charity. There was a catch though, the charity I will give my book profits to is being voted on, by the readers. So once you read my book, you can go to my webpage or find me at one of my book tours and vote for your favorite cause and the highest voted cause receives the profits (Which should be quite a bit). That was the reading for charity contests basic beginning. It’s the focal point of everything else that now surrounds the contest and of course my book. The contest was than expanded on by a few different means which, furthered the accomplishment of my goals.

1) Rather than your basic book tours I turned my book tours into a way to highlight the organizations participating in the contest. I have a large stand representing all of the participating organizations with their information and donation cards. Next came along a couple of benefit events- a silent auction, a couple of benefit dinners etc… Things that were really quite easy to put together, but could have a great benefit for the charity groups I was working with. Now this may seem like a good deal of work, which it was, but the benefits for the organizations had been huge, and the benefits for me personally has been equally spectacular.

The benefits all of this had for me: I was able to get involved with over sixty non-profit organizations and use my book and contest as a way to highlight their efforts and eventually provide them with a financial benefit as well. There is no truer statement that giving is a two way street. In return for my help with the organizations the organizations did their best to help out me. I am featured with my book in over fifty non-profit newsletters, on a large number of webpages, as well as postings and fliers from the organizations. Some organizations have newsletters with readers in the ten of thousands. It is equivalent to being featured in fifty newspapers across the country that are targeted directly to the reader.

2) The book tours are not only philanthropic, but also bring in a good deal of people and create a lot of buzz. After some attention a number of companies offered to sponsor the events. I was able to receive all of my marketing material for my book and contest for free from corporate sponsors. T-shirts, fliers, book marks, posters, business cards, mail outs, coffee cups, even mousepads with my book cover on them. My entire marketing plan which is now pretty extensive costs only about five dollars a month to cover the price of my website, that is it and nothing more.

3) When you have a purpose and are providing aid you directly relate with the community you are assisting. Since the organizations I have involved are spread out throughout the entire United States it has proved to be an excellent source of publicity, from radio, to newspapers, to magazines, even a couple of upcoming television shows. It has given my book an unbelievable pr hook in a market where it is difficult to get a story in a paper just because you recently published a book..

4) In basic when people read my book they are doing more than just being entertained, each copy bought goes directly to a great cause. The readers of the book are allowed to interweave their love of reading with a greater purpose in an interactive fashion. Once again a win-win situation.

I would like to expand a bit on the reading for charity contest idea. I think there are a world of ways to further the efforts and provide the joint benefit for some organizations out there, and assist me in my publication and book marketing endeavors. As a model however it has been incredibly successful, I think there are a lot of incredibly creative ways to market a book on a low budget like I originally had and turn it into a success. Once again I will state that giving something always brings in something, and in my case, it brought in an incredible book career.

Homework Help Interactive Way of Study

To get good marks or grades in the schools or colleges, students need to complete their homework assignments provided in the classes in a timely manner. These homework assignments sometimes prove to be difficult to complete and this is the reason why students always seek better way to get helped in this regard.

homework help the children in faring better in school exams if they are done successfully and they are meaningful. The assignments must have specific purpose with clear instructions and matching with the knowledge and the skills of the student. Students facing difficulties in completing their homework assignment in time have the convenience of availing online homework help which is easily available on internet with a click of the mouse. They can upload the queries on the sites providing this service and the tutors available online, after reviewing the problem, get back to the student within a short span of time. Before they deliver the homework solution to the student, the experts employed by the service providers review the solution so that the same is accurate as per the requirement. These homework service providers take care of the deadline also and deliver the right solution as per the specified time limit.

These websites give homework help on the subjects like mathematics, statistics, management accounting, programming, finance, commerce and many more. The professional homework helpers, who are registered with these homework service providers, use the instructions in crafting the original reference paper which is perfect in solving the homework problems of the students. Some of the services providing websites are free of charge for the students whereas some of them charge a nominal amount which can be easily afforded by them. The paid sites also have some extra features which help the learners in learning their course in an interactive way where they can also share their views and knowledge with other learners apart from getting the solutions to their homework related problems.

Since all the students of the same grade or other are not alike, the tutoring programs offered by these websites are customized according to the requirement of the individual student. It does not matter at which part of the globe the students and the tutors live, they will be able to get the appropriate tutors who match the need and provide an efficient homework help.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Degrees

Today’s lifestyle is quite busy for everybody and hence for reasons like promotion, career advancement, and for learning purpose all of us are in search of online education. Many students are choosing online education for pursuing their degrees. Almost 60 percent of the students complete their courses successfully and that is because they are aware of the advantages of online degrees. Any university that is accredited, awards online degrees to students on various fields. Online degrees are offered for almost all the subjects like Political Science, Finance, Business Administration, Law, Engineering, Accounting, Economics, Mathematics, Graphic Designing, History and Medicine too.

The only difference from an online degree and the traditional degree is the way of teaching. As an online degree student, you will attend classes, will work on projects, will ask questions and discuss with the professors and will also appear for examinations, but only through a virtual environment. Your classroom will have bulletin boards and text chats and at times you may have virtual workgroup for problem solving. Depending on your online degree program, you will have synchronous and asynchronous sessions.

Enrolment for online degrees can be done by filling the online admission forms. You will have the choice to select the cost effective university and the university with more online degree programs.

The main advantage of earning an online degree is the learning environment. Wherever you are, as long as you are connected to the Internet, your online degree follows with you. If you can properly mange your time then your online degree sessions will fit in your busy schedule. Your degree program can also be completed with your pace of study. Online degree offers you the benefit to attend classes from your home or any convenient location of yours. You can also apply to any university of any country that offers online degree programs. With these online degree programs available nobody can use excuses like unable to pursue education. Most of the online degree courses can be completed within the stipulated period or shorter than this when compared with the similar types of degree programs that are campus-based. Only you can delay your course completion, if you did not do time management properly. Even monetarily you can save a lot by opting online degree like the tuition fee will be lesser than campus-based degree and the credit hours will also be comparatively less. Most of your learning materials will be of downloading format and so you can save lot of time and money by studying online degree courses.

There are disadvantages of online education if you don’t fit as a right candidate for the online degree. You have to properly manage your time with family, work and study. Your planning for the sessions are very important and so studying on your pace will increase the duration of online degree completion. Since the learning materials will be in text and downloadable format, you should be comfortable with reading and if your choice is listening, then you have to reconsider the decision of obtaining online degree. Your discussion forums and chats are very important for communication and knowledge of using it is very essential. As the online education’s key channel of communication is Internet, it will be disadvantage to you if you don’t know its usage. You should understand the advantages of online degrees and the important factors that affect your decision in pursuing online degrees.

Why online tutoring Is In Vogue These Days

Online tutoring helps the students to make their preparation. There are professional tutors online to provide coaching. Examiners are happy too.

Nowadays Online tutoring becomes popular and convenient for the students. It provides unique solution for the students. The students are happy to get the tuition online. They do not require going outside to take the tuition. They can access online tuition from the internet. They are getting this from their home. If there are computer, internet connection then students can access the online tuition easily. They are happy to get the online tuition. They can save a lot of time and they can enjoy in their home.

In the previous days they used to go to the private tutors to take the tuitions. There are different private tutors to provide the tuition. Students were confused because their method, technique, style differ from each other. At the time of the exam students were in confusion. They could not understand which answer they should write. Online tutoring provides unique coaching for them. It provides the unique answers of the exercises of the text books of the leading institutes. Students are happy because there is no confusion regarding the answer and the notes.

Students are happy to receive the online tutoring. They are convenient and they are in a convenient position. They can access online tutoring from their home. They do not require going out to take the tuition. It is also easy for the teachers to check the copy and assess the students rightly. They are in a relaxing state. This way the evaluation can be done rightly. Both the students and the checking authority are happy.

Students are helpful to the online tutoring because they provide unique solutions of the exercises of the text books. Students are not in confusion and they can easily understand which answer is correct for the specific question. They just download the answers from the internet and prepare them for their exam. Thus their copy can be evaluated properly by the checking authority.They can access online tutoring from their home. They do not require going out to take the tuition. It is also easy for the teachers to check the copy and assess the students rightly. They are in a relaxing state.

The 4 Simple Ways to Become an Active Learner

“The 4 Simple Ways to Become an Active Learner”

- Dr. Wayne Huang

Are you a passive or active learner? This could be the difference between failure or success in school.

Many students approach learning much like watching TV, passively watch, listen and without thinking and understanding. They expect the professors will spoon-feed them all.

Wrong! The courses you take in school or the exams you prepare require you to MASTER it and be tested on. You need to be an active learner to accomplish that.

But how?

Let me give you four simple and tangible ways you can do, starting today, to become an active learner.

#1. Preview lectures: This makes a difference between A students and average students. Spend 20-30 minutes before the lectures to preview the upcoming content. You will learn a lot more than 90% of your peers in class. Instead of reading the textbook, go rich-media. Get on with the rapid learning visual tutorials by

#2. Ask questions: Go to lectures with the questioning mind, read your textbook with the questioning mind and study everything with the questioning mind. Compile a list of questions and get them answered. You will learn so much by proactively asking questions to yourself, classmates and instructors. Take a note of it too.

#3. Stay ahead: This is a matter of discipline. Try to study the materials ahead of the lectures, finish your homework ahead of time, prepare your exam ahead of the schedule.

#4. Go extra: Try to go an extra mile on everything you do in study. Do the extra homework, make the extra effort to be neat and spend the extra time to chat with your professors before and after class. Treat your study professionally and you will be a pro.

Whether you are studying high school chemistry, general chemistry, organic chemistry or biochemistry, or even MCAT chemistry, MCAT biology or MCAT physics, you need to be an active learner to succeed.

Or you are taking biology, or microbiology or molecular cell biology or college physics, the deep understanding requires an active study.

Become an active student today, it is as easy as 1-2-3-4.

“Dr. Wayne Huang is a rapid learning coach, who is the co-author of over 10 published books and 100 24-hour rapid courses in chemistry, physics, biology, medicine and mathematics. He is also the founding editor of Chemistry Tips, Physics Tips, Biology Tips and Math Tips, the daily student eZines freely available at, the learning portal of Rapid Learning Inc.”

College Thesis Writing Guide

College thesis is one of most demanding tasks which prove students’ talent and interest in the topic. It is taken up to present deep understanding of topic and display quality writing skills. College thesis is the most developed genre of academic writing. College thesis is given on the advanced level of education and requires hard work and creativity. There is lot of research involved in the college thesis which eventually becomes instrumental in the final analysis and conclusion.
Creating a good college thesis is a very complicated task. Most of the students fail in completing it properly. College thesis is absolutely crucial to academic and career goals; even the slightest mistake can devastate your entire late nights and endless visits to library. College thesis writing, as a rule, begins with a quote followed by a dedication to near and dear ones. After quote and dedication, you are required to write an acknowledgment section of your college thesis. In the acknowledgment section of college thesis the reader will find different tables of contents which denote page. This will help them in finding section, table, figure, footnote, and appendix in the college thesis conveniently.
Next in the college thesis is introduction. Just like other academic papers, college thesis helps the reader in understanding the purpose of your research. Introduction in the College thesis should be short and crisp envisaging the complete essence of purpose of your research.
The introduction is followed by other crucial and deciding chapters of college theses. These chapters will describe what the purpose of your writing the college theses. Entire work between the introduction and conclusion is based on the research and study you have made to write your college theses. The final point of college theses is discussed in the conclusion. Choose a topic for college theses that you are interested in. A successful college thesis is the one that reflects painstaking research and its appropriate execution. College thesis is fairly a hard job to get ahead of through and takes a unlike turn in terms of symbol of facts and profound research techniques.

Filter Aid


Is the term used for fossils of diatoms (single cell algae containing silicon dioxide, SiO2) of which there are more than 15,000 types in the sea. They must have existed for millions of year in isolated seas or regions of the sea in such quantities that their fossils in the course of time covered the bottom of the sea in a very thick layer. Depend on their processing there are three groups of guhrs;

1. Dried kieselguhrs The material is dried at about 300 oC & then milled. So called fine guhrs are produced in this way. Ignited & calcine guhrs. The raw material is heated in large rotating ovens at 600 to 800 oC & then screened. This produces depending on the combustion temperature & sieving, fine & medium guhrs

2. Guhrs ignited with a flux additive These are produced by recombustion at 1000 oC of the already ignited guhrs with the addition of CaCO3 or other flux additive & the diatom skeletons are thereby cemented together into larger structures which are require for precoating. The white guhrs are formed in this way.

3. Finer the guhr The finer the guhr the better it clarifies but at the same time the lower the filtration speed. An important feature for the economic use of kieselguhr is the wet density. By this meant the volume which the guhr occupies under pressure. Kieselguhrs with a wet density less than 300 g/l are most suitable for filtration. With higher wet densities must expect to use more guhr & to obtain a higher pressure increase. Kieselguhr usage can vary between 80 to 200 g/hl. Kieselguhr is not only very expensive, it also result in costs for disposal of the kieselguhr slurry


Is a material of volcanic origin & consists principally of aluminium silicate, Raw perlite is heated to 800 oC. The water contained in it expands & leads to swelling & bursting. The glassy structures produced are milled. This give rise to a very light, loose powder which weighs 20 to 40% less than kieselguhr. At low pH values perlite release chalk & iron.

Online Business Administration Schools – Enrollment Options

Obtaining an accredited higher education is a requirement for certain careers. Online business administration schools offer higher learning to those who would like to enter the filed. Enrollment options for online business administration schools are available to help students gain the skills that they will need to become professionals. Training options exist at multiple levels in order to provide the education that is needed. Students can begin training by choosing a career path to follow and learning more about what is required to pursue a career.

Accredited online enrollment options will vary depending on the career that is desired. Students can find a business administration program that offers specific training for the different careers. Options for occupations in this field can include insurance underwriter, auditor, human resources manager, administrative assistant, and more. The career that is being pursued will determine the training that will need to be completed as well as options for employment.

There are several opportunities to choose from when it comes to receiving an accredited online education in business administration.

  • Students can prepare for a career by completing training at the associate, bachelor or master degree level.
  • Higher learning at these levels will require that two, four or six years of training be completed.

Once an online degree is obtained at either of these levels, students can seek employment in a number of exciting places.

Online schools that offer accredited career training for those looking to enter the field of business administration will teach them to work with the administrative end of a business.

  • This can include online courses in human resource management, underwriting, filing, and a number of other tasks.
  • Employment options can include working for large corporations, small businesses, insurance agencies, and a variety of other places.

In order to prepare for employment in these places, students will need to learn more about training options and complete the required coursework.

Accredited online learning programs provide training opportunities for those who are looking to enter the professional workplace. Business administration courses can cover numerous topics to ensure that students obtain the proper skills. Students can learn administrative assisting, computers, accounting, strategy, payroll, and other topics. Studies can also include online training in financial management, marketing, business, budgeting, computer technology, and more. Completing the required online coursework will help students prepare for entrance into the workplace of their choice.

There are a number of fully accredited online business administration schools and colleges that are capable of offering students the best quality career training available. Students should make sure they enroll in a program that is accredited by an agency like the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) in order to obtain quality training. By researching the various colleges and degree program options, students will gain a better understanding of what is required to pursue a professional career in the field. Start the road to the future and occupation you dream of by choosing an educational program and enrolling today.


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Improve Your Chances in a Competitive Examination With a Math Tutor New York

Do numbers make you feel dizzy and did you actually believe that calculus has nothing to do with mathematics and is simply a Tintin comic character? Well, then welcome to the group of math phobic individuals who are so scared of this subject that soon this simple fear and inability to solve math problems becomes a hindrance in their life and career growth. The subject math forms an integral part of school curriculum and is a necessary division in any competitive examination which form the benchmark for admission into any reputed college. Hence, if math plays such a critical role in your future then it would not be wise to let your in competency in the subject hold you back form realizing your full potential. Even otherwise bright students may at times find it difficult to cope with math especially in regard to any prestigious competitive examination where the standards are set quite high. One of the easiest ways to get competency in any particular subject is through the guidance of an experienced professional and in this case it would be a math tutor New York.

Every student has some areas of strength in few subjects while in other subjects he may not have the necessary skills. As far as math is concerned, a competent math tutor New York is experienced in handling students of every caliber and can accordingly enhance the strengths while diminishing the weaknesses. Also, the math tutor New York knows the professional techniques of making math a comfortable and easy subject for his students, so that they develop the required skills to solve the problems in a competitive examination with accuracy and within the given time limit.

Students who are not aware of the right procedure to solve a problem may take up a lot of unnecessary time in solving the paper, which is bound to be a disadvantage in any competitive examination as it not just a simple test of solving the paper but also a test of intelligence, which requires speedy problem solving accurately. A student under the guidance of an expert math tutor New York can gain this advantage of both speed and intelligence and hence it is important that you select the right guide for yourself or for your loved one.

If you are residing in New York then few of the convenient ways to locate a competent Math tutor New York would be through the yellow pages where they may have advertised or through the internet where they may be advertising their websites. The success rate of past students or the feedback of present students of the tutor is also a good benchmark to judge his teaching skills. Once you have selected the right tutor to guide you, have faith in his methods of teaching and give your hundred percent dedication, which allows you to perform better than the rest. The combined effort of a dedicated tutor and a devoted student is sure to work wonders for the future of the student and give the student the success which he is aiming for in a determined manner.

Human Resource Management Courses- Learn To Be The Peoples' Person

If you think that an MBA in human resources (HR) is the only way to secure a job in this sector, think again. Nowadays one can still dream to work in the human resource sector without investing a good amount of time and money in a tedious MBA. The advent of numerous human resource management courses has proven that today this field is actually one of the most lucrative fields in the business management world. A company cannot work without human capital. And similarly, a business cannot function without professional personnel trained to manage human capital, or else chaos will reign and the whole business will go for a toss!

Currently, the headhunting, the attraction, the preservation, and the day to day maintenance of professional employees and high caliber workers— fall within the responsibilities of the qualified human resource personnel or the HR managers of the company. However, the abundance of institutes proclaiming to impart HR management skills through human resource management courses have

all the more led to great confusion in the minds of the interested candidates. Occasionally, they find it difficult to choose from a gamut of such courses.

The first sign of credibility of a serious human resource management course should be technical accreditation. The course and the institute imparting the knowledge should have a national as well as international accreditation. This varies from country to country, of course, and candidates must be aware of their respective accreditation governing bodies. As well, not all of the human resource management courses boast of placement services, so one has to choose very carefully, also in this aspect.

However, if the institute is well renowned in the specific country with proper accreditation, finding a job based on a diploma certificate should not be that difficult. A typical human resource management course comprises of subjects such as HR strategy, managing, motivation, organizational behavior, recruitment, employee relations, and much more. After completing a human resource management course one can expect to work as a human resource manager in a private firm.

The pay packages are usually tempting as the human resources sector is one of those fields that spared the global economic slowdown just eighteen months back! Surely, professional Human resource management courses are among the most coveted courses all over the world today. So investment in this sector is never wasted as various companies will always seek newer avenues to enrich their forms of capital.