College Applications: Extracurricular Activities

Applying to college is as stressful for the parents as it is for the students. It is a long process but the most important aspects of an application require work throughout the entire four years of high school. College admission committees review your academic work and extracurricular activities from ninth grade through the first semester of your senior year. Therefore, it is important to do your best or try to improve over the years so that colleges can get a good idea how you would perform at their university. 

Participation in after-school clubs, team sports, and volunteer organizations are all great ways to spend your extra time during high school. The most important thing is to do something because you enjoy it. You do not want to do something simply because it will look good on a college application, even though many people are motivated solely because of this fact. If you love football, play football! Your parents may have to stock up on the medical supplies to deal with all your bumps and bruises, but at least you will be having fun and learning how important teamwork is.

Volunteering always looks great on a college application. If you are possibly interested in medicine, you should try to volunteer at a hospital or health clinic. Help the nurses and care workers with serving the patients, getting medical equipment supplies, and spending time with the patients. It will help you determine if this industry is something in which you are actually interested in pursuing! If you enjoy working with children, you can always volunteer at your local library for an after-school tutoring program or at a daycare center on the weekends.

In addition to or in lieu of after-school sports, you might want to have an after-school job. Not only will it help you earn extra money that you can save up to pay for college, it will also give you important real-world experience. Even if you are just working at an ice cream shop, you still learn how to make correct change, deal with customers, and interact with a boss.

Whether you decide to volunteer at a hospital and learn about durable medical equipment or you want to make some extra money by scooping ice cream instead, both activities will demonstrate that you are an individual with drive and motivation. Good luck on your college applications!

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