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Essays writing are a part of every school, college and university that can’t be skipped or escaped from. No matter how bad you are with essay writing, you can’t do anything but to write your essays by hook or crook. However I have seen many students who just keep overlooking or delaying the essay writing process which eventually cost them their academic degrees or least; the grades of their academic courses. Another factor that is mostly overlooked or not given a lot of attention is the essays topics. Essay topics hold a lot of wroth in the field of writing and it’s the very essay topics that make the essays strong enough for the readers to be pursued. One of the best essay types are argumentative essays so I am presenting top drawer argumentative essay topics below that will clear up your confusion about which topic you should go with.

  1. Essays about; should mercy killing be made legal?
  2. Is using animals for scientific experiments right?
  3. Should sex education be started at a very young age?
  4. Essays about; should gay marriages be legalized?
  5. Do video games have a negative effect on children’s behavior? College essays.
  6. What is the effect of competition on school children? College essays.
  7. At what age should teenagers start dating? College essays.
  8. Have women found equivalent status in the world which is more often than not termed as a male dominated one?
  9. Essays about; Does making uniforms compulsory in schools have any benefits?
  10. What is the effect of sensationalism of news by the media on the general public?
  11. What is the appropriate age for dating?
  12. Can human beings be completely held responsible for global warming? College essays.
  13. Essays about; Does student involvement in extramural activities assure that they would not indulge in unsociable or indecent behavior?
  14. Essays about; what is the effect of media on young children?
  15. Is exposure to the Internet at an early age a good idea? College essays.
  16. Are human beings becoming dependent on technology?
  17. Have cell phones become a nuisance at public places? essays.
  18. Should people be given capital punishment for rape? essays.
  19. Has cases of domestic violence decreased in the current century?
  20. Essays about; Should cigarette smoking become illegal like drugs?
  21. What is the purpose of beauty pageants?
  22. Is there a link between the age of couples and their relationship?

Once you select a topic from the above given ones, now the time comes for you to do the research work for your essays which part is definitely one of the most complex ones. For the reason that an argumentative essay is the one that holds all the facts and figures that give weight to the argumentation and logical details, you have to make sure that the data you should collect from any sources of your choice should be precise. Whenever you need to back up your claims with proper support of quotations of proves, you will need to provide the in text citations. In text citations are those necessary elements of an essay that make it believable yet verifiable. After this you are all set to submit your paper.

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