College Student Credit Cards: Responsibility is Key

During these trying economic times, college students across the country are seeking credit cards that offer low interest rates, no annual fees, and valuable rewards that can be earned and used within a short period of time. At a time when everyone’s nerves are frayed because of uncertainty in the stock market, illiquidity in the credit market and the softening real estate market, one thing remains constant – the importance of building and maintaining a strong credit history. Student credit cards are tailored to help students with limited credit histories do just that. Visit for a list of some of the best credit cards for student applicants issued by Discover, Chase and Capital One.


Student applicants should understand that responsible credit card use can lead to a lifetime of low-interest rate loan opportunities. The operative word is “responsible” — if you can’t afford to buy it, you should consider saving up until you can. Stated bluntly, unless you have cash in your wallet to cover your credit card charges, you should do your best to exercise restraint. Credit cards are most beneficial to students who can afford to pay their balance in full every month. It is important to understand that credit card companies profit from compounding interest on unpaid credit card balances. If students use their credit cards and pay only the minimum balance every month, the probability is extremely high that they will quickly fall into the debt trap presently affecting so many Americans. It is a hole that is very hard to dig out of.


In these tough economic times, where credit is getting more difficult to come by, it is important to create a strong credit profile by establishing credit early and maintaining a consistent payment history. Student credit card applications can be completed online in a few short minutes. Just visit to apply.









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