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If you are one of those confused students who are unable to find enough courage to write your college essays, you have fortunately come to the right place where you will learn something that will help you for sure. Essay writing is an art which everybody knows, but how to excel this art; it is something that fewer people know about. There are plenty of essay guides and tutorials available across the world of internet from which some are free and some are paid, but none of them is a complete package. By using the words ‘complete package’ I meant that no particular article or guide tells you everything you want to know about the essay writing. Instead, some articles tell you how to write an college essays introduction while some tell how to raise an issue in the college essays, but none of them actually covers all of the college essays essentials in one place. So, for the reason that essay essentials are divided into different segments it has become real difficult for the students to learn the art of essay writing.

College essays are definitely different from the school essays, which is a very sure thing but why and how it is; this is something everybody doesn’t know. What separates the college essays from the school essays is that school essays don’t require any examples, citations or quoting while the college essays are totally unacceptable without these 2 elements. Furthermore, if somebody fails to cite the sources which were used in the college essays, he is more likely to get failed, or will get a marks penalty because then it falls in the category of plagiarism.

The plagiarism is a major issue in the academic writing world. Sometime back there were no proper sources to check whether an essay is copied or original (specially when the essays were written on the paper in the hand writing), but now thanks to the unbelievable plagiarism checking tools teachers can track the plagiarism within seconds. The plagiarism doesn’t only describe itself as copying some lines or phrases from someone else’s work, but if someone even takes someone else’s ideas or thoughts it is considered plagiarism. Hence, no matter who written what, if you will take someone else’s ideas, viewpoints or words and make it a part of your college essays it will be considered plagiarism and plagiarism is considered a serious crime in the world of academic writing.

Another issue in the essay writing is about where to find the material that is needed to write the college essays. For the reason that all the utilized links and sources of the material have to be verifiable, it is a must that you pick the sources that are trusted enough to be used as your main sources. You can use Google books, pdf books and related material such as online libraries which are sometimes free and sometimes paid. By paying a little amount of money you can make sure of your college essays success.

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