How to Write a Research Paper Outline

A research paper itself is still a basic homework assignment – a writing that has the beginning and the end. You can have an idea on how research paper writing begins and ends. What you still need is the idea how to connect these two points. Research paper outline is just what you are going to use to match the two sides of your academic writing.

An outline for a research paper is basically 60 percent of the work done. While writing a research paper outline, you basically write the main parts of the assignment. Admit it – it’s much easier to adjust or rewrite several points in an outline than rewriting a whole paragraph or even several paragraphs in a research paper itself.

When starting to work on a research paper outline, sit down and focus on the sub topics of your main topic, so-called additional questions – they add new details to your problem and help make a research paper more complete. Write all the ideas down. Now look at how you can prove these points to be true, and supplement your ideas with facts. Now you have something that has to be organized into a logical sequence with smooth transitions.

A research paper outline has to be crowned with one important text requisite, and it is the thesis statement. Once it is found, look at your ideas one more time to see whether any of them weakens your main statement. If they don’t, you are ready to put together your research paper outline. It will start with the thesis statement, and have your ideas (one per step, which will mean one per paragraph) organized. In the end you can mark the most important thoughts to later form them into a conclusion. Ta-dah, your research paper outline is completed.

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