Securing Funding Grants for Nursing School

When you’re finally ready to begin your medical career, you will need to attend at least 2 years of nursing school.  However, when you see the costs of nursing school, you may be somewhat hesitant to go on with the process.  Nursing school can be very expensive, there is no doubt.  However, there are often scholarships available to students that spend some serious time looking for them.  It is not uncommon that some scholarships may even go un-awarded because of a lack of qualified applicants.  But armed with the information in this article, you will have the knowledge of where to look to get your nursing education funded.

Start at School

If you have a program at a specific nursing school in mind, ask the people at the school’s financial aid office.  They will usually have a list of scholarships; application forms may even be readily available.  Simply contact the office at the same time you start your application to the school.  Even if the financial aid office does not have a scholarship list, they can often give you some direction and tell you where their other students may have successfully located financing for their nursing education.

Community Organizations

If you are involved with a community organization, contact them to see if there are scholarships for members (or former members).  Some private companies that service the medical industry, like medical scrub retailers, may provide scholarships as a community service.  You can apply for scholarships with your spouse or significant other’s community affiliations, too.  For example, if you or your partner is a member of a local union, you can sometimes get access to members-only scholarships.

Search the Web

More and more information is available on the web than ever before.  Start with entering in a general search for “nursing school scholarships”.  You will find many scholarship search sites, like, that will usually have hundreds of scholarship possibilities available.

Be careful – while there may be many nursing scholarships listed, you need to be very sure that you are going to valid websites that are providing you with reputable organizations.  Some websites may impose a charge for the scholarship searches, but this shouldn’t be necessary in most cases.   You should be able to receive a good listing of scholarships without needing to pay anything.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

You can also visit the FAFSA website to apply for nursing student loans and grants to help defray your tuition costs.  Sometimes, you can find good scholarship resources there as well.

Be In It To Win It

Once you have your list of these scholarship opportunities, what’s next?  Here are several basic tips to make sure that your application will stand out from the rest:

  • Meet the application deadline
  • Completely fill in all required information
  • Be sure that you meet all of the qualifications
  • Take your time writing the essays
  • Eliminate all typos and misspellings
  • Don’t forget to fill in the complete, correct contact information
  • Tell the truth

When you’re seeking scholarships, you may find that it is easier than you thought to find available funding for budding nurses.  Since there is currently a nursing shortage, many schools offer scholarships to make sure that there will be enough nurses to serve the demand in the future.  Even if you don’t find a full scholarship, when you are done with school many nursing employers will reimburse educational costs as long as you agree to stay employed with them for a specific number of years.

There are many opportunities out there, so don’t let the high cost of a nursing education stand in the way of achieving your dreams!

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