GE Healthcare offers online courses for nurses

GE Healthcare offers online courses for nurses
GE Healthcare offers online courses for nurses

The internet can be a resource for individuals who wish to further their education. For example, nurses may want to take advantage of a new library of online courses that is being offered by General Electric (GE) Healthcare.

GE’s subscription-based online library is designed to benefit registered nurses and professionals who specialize in areas such as obstetrics, telemetry as well as emergency and critical care.

Individuals who wish to further their knowledge and skill set can access GE’s online nursing library at all times. This resource continuously receives updates, which ensure up-to-date healthcare information.

According to company officials, the online courses will focus on current and relevant nursing topics, competition and strategies in healthcare.

“We continue to hear from nurses about the need for better education on all levels to help them perform better at their jobs, and this flexible, convenient solution is one way GE Healthcare can assist,” says Jenne Meyer, marketing leader for the education series.

This past October, the Institute of Medicine released a report called The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health. In it, nurses are encouraged to pursue higher levels of education, and play a vital role in the transformation of the healthcare industry. Online education opportunities such as GE’s online courses may provide professionals a chance to follow the IOM’s recommendations.

By Mark Huntsman 


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