Schools add science-related master’s degree programs

There are multiple occupations from which students have to choose if they obtain a master’s degree in science, according to These could include senior software engineer, policy analyst or information technology professional. Individuals who would like to land a career in any of these fields may want to consider obtaining an advanced education, as it could potentially increase their salary.

Fortunately, some schools are providing master’s degrees in science for interested students. The reports that California State University, Monterery Bay is one school that recently added this option with a focus in coastal and watershed science and policy.

The curriculum will educate students on scientific communication, geospatial technologies, policy analysis and environmental economics. Individuals who enroll into this program will also be required to complete an internship.

Degree seekers in this program will have the option to work alongside government-associated agencies such as the U.S. Forest Service and NASA, as well as environmental groups.

Similar master’s degree programs may be appealing to individuals who want a high salary. reports policy analysts, including those who address environmental issues, can earn more than $65,000 each year.

By Stephanie Hughes


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