Form and Function with a Fashion Design Degree

Catwalks and photo shoots are not the only places you’ll find fashion designers these days. The business of aesthetics has branched out into many other areas thanks to globalization, mobile technology, and rising consumer demand. The iMac, iPod, and iPhone are perfect examples of how sleek exteriors, “caressability,” and beauty have become every bit as important as functionality and pricing. As the IT world becomes even more accessible, opportunities for those with fashion design training may become varied and plentiful. Fashion Design in the IT World
In the business world, computer science degree holders and fashion degree holders rarely ever cross paths. At least, that’s how things used to be. But in today’s trendy world of IT gadgets, portable devices, sleek designs, and constant innovation, fashion degree holders and computer whizzes are discovering they have more in common than they used to. Companies like Motorola are now paying as much attention to external polish as they traditionally did to internal beta testing–proof of the growing relationship between form and function. Making the Most of Your Fashion Design Degree
If you are a current or aspiring fashion designer, you might consider supplementing your fashion degree with extra coursework in graphic design, computer science, computer programming, Web design, information technology, and manufacturing (you can take convenient courses through an online college if you don’t have a school in your area). It’s possible that smart phones, sleek computers, and sexy handhelds are just a passing fad, but in all likelihood, the iPod is a sign of things to come. When you consider the traditional fashion design industry will be growing more slowly than the national average for most other job sectors, it’s easy to see why combining your education with IT training could make your career prospects more secure. About the Author
A freelance writer, Stanley Rubenti currently lives in Bangkok where he writes columns for a variety of publications. Stanley holds a B.A. in history.

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