3 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism Mistakes in College Essays

Rushing through their essays may encourage students to copy from sources. However, most students are not aware that this is a serious academic offense that even violates the intellectual property rights of authors and publishing companies. Thus, it is not surprising why teachers give emphasis on the penalties students may face when they plagiarize. But the good news is students can avoid any trouble by acquainting themselves on the most common plagiarism mistakes.

Giving Credit Where It Is Due
In writing essays, students must cite sources every time they use other people’s ideas, views or hypotheses. Providing citation is one of the cardinal rules of academic writing. Whether students are doing simple book reviews on a particular author or a 15-paged term paper, keeping this basic rule at heart means students are halfway through their writing assignments.

Statistical Data Help
It’s not only “words” that get cited for plagiarism. Drawings, graphs, statistics or any fact are necessary in making essays interesting and easy to understand.  Thus, it is of great importance that students of any discipline include relevant data or figures in their writing tasks.  Also, statistics help tie up information together thereby helping the readers comprehend the writer’s overall goal or goals.

When to Use Quotation and  Paraphrasing
Quotations are beneficial in making a research paper look more credible.  A writer only needs to remember that he or she must choose the most appropriate one. Including a quote is not the only goal, but positioning the quote in the right sentences of the essays enhances the paper’s credibility in the eyes of any critical reader.

Paraphrasing is another writing technique that helps students to convey their ideas. Actually, it is advisable to paraphrase a group of words, whether they are spoken or written. But in doing so, the writer must also give credit to the people who have spoken or written them.

These are simple rules that any student can keep in mind when writing their essays. By observing these guidelines, any writing will be free from costly plagiarism mistakes. Moreover, students can also appreciate their writing assignments more as they build a strong foundation in observing copyright standards. After all, students may find themselves the victims of copyright infringement years after completing their essays in school.

Innovation and Porter’s Five Forces Theory

Innovation is the process of making advances by inventing something new. It is the introduction of a new idea, method or device. In other words, innovation is a change that improves an already existing product or idea. Besides, successful usage of new ideas can be called an innovation. A company cannot exist and develop without innovation technologies in the modern competitive world. It must innovate in order to survive. Innovation is the major factor of company’s success and growth. Innovation ‘is generally understood as the introduction of a new thing or method. Innovation is the embodiment, combination, or synthesis of knowledge in original, relevant, valued new products, processes, or services’ (Luecke and Katz 2003, p. 2). Innovation includes technical innovation (products and services) and social innovation (organizations and markets). The most successful innovation strategies are made up of both elements.

Innovation goes along with creative though these are two different notions. Innovation means action on the basis of creative ideas. All innovation begins with creative ideas. We define innovation as the successful implementation of creative ideas within an organization. In this view, creativity by individuals and teams is a starting point for innovation; the first is necessary but not sufficient condition for the second. Several years ago the innovation became an urgent necessity for companies. Since that time most companies focus their attention on this issue. In a modern world companies must continue the innovative process for keeping the brand popularity and meeting the customers’ needs via strategic planning and development of products.

A successful company should manage its brand effectiveness and popularity via developing the innovative strategies. Innovation connects the possibilities of a company with unmet customers’ needs. A company must strategically plan in what way to keep and enlarge brand effectiveness. Product and service innovation are used for achieving the result. For instance, the Apple Corporation has an effective brand popular as a customer-focused corporation. Every company provides some kind of services. These services must be improved via innovation strategies to make the client come back again and again. Innovation is the mainspring of the company’s growth and prosperity. It consists of product, service and brand innovation.

The Scientific Revolution in the Western Civilization

Despite of the Eastern Europe where the scientific thought did not exist as a notion and the notion of science was replaced by a notion of phylosophy, in the Western Europe the power of religion existed controlling all the spheres of state. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries there were the first attempts to look at the world in a different way. The word ‘philosophy’ was used of ‘science’.

At that time many people changed their way of thinking looking away from the religion. They used their logic in an attempt to find answers the the most basic questions about life and death, world and universe. In general, science is an attempt to explain the world without the connection to gods. Science looks at the world as an object trying to explain how the Earth moves, etc. Religion, on the contrary, saw the world as a godlike beginning denying all scientific developments. At that time religion united people and was one of the major tools of power. Theocracy, a power of religion, meant that the church controlled everything in the state and all the scientific thoughts were not accepted, were denied. People were punished for their scientific works and innovations. Much time has passed when science became popular and scientific thoughts were published and people cound read these books.

The scientific revolution started in 1543 when Nicolas Copernicus published his ‘De revolutionibus orbium coelestium’ (On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres). The publication of this book was followed by Andreas Vesalius’s ‘De humani corporis fabrica’(On the Fabric of the Human body). The scientific revolution influenced the development of philosophical and religious thought in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It had a great influence on the life of educated people of the Western World. The discoveries and scientific works of Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo Galilei, Rene Descartes, Francis Bacon, Albert Einstein, Grace Hopper and Newton became a real innovation at that time.

The scientific revolution was a solely Western phenomenon. It took lasted about 150 years and entirely changed the previous ways of thinking. This revolution is associated with natural science and a change in technology. However, scientific revolution was not just one change, but a number of changes in the way of thinking of people in the Western Europe. These changes influenced every aspect of people’s live: sculpture, painting, architecture.

In the Middle Ages there were taken the first attempts for understanding the physical world in the medieval universities. The philosophy began from the works of a well-known ancient philosopher Aristotle that had a great influence on people dominating in the Western Civilization (p.541). Besides, scientific revolution caused changes in two main disciplines – astronomy and biology. At that time biology meant the fundamental rules of anatomy and astronomy studies the solar system. The contemporary world and all its innovations appeared owing to the scientific revolution and as a result, the discoveries. Science became a fundamental source of knowledge, the major feature of the contemporary world.

College essays argumentative topics

Essays writing are a part of every school, college and university that can’t be skipped or escaped from. No matter how bad you are with essay writing, you can’t do anything but to write your essays by hook or crook. However I have seen many students who just keep overlooking or delaying the essay writing process which eventually cost them their academic degrees or least; the grades of their academic courses. Another factor that is mostly overlooked or not given a lot of attention is the essays topics. Essay topics hold a lot of wroth in the field of writing and it’s the very essay topics that make the essays strong enough for the readers to be pursued. One of the best essay types are argumentative essays so I am presenting top drawer argumentative essay topics below that will clear up your confusion about which topic you should go with.

  1. Essays about; should mercy killing be made legal?
  2. Is using animals for scientific experiments right?
  3. Should sex education be started at a very young age?
  4. Essays about; should gay marriages be legalized?
  5. Do video games have a negative effect on children’s behavior? College essays.
  6. What is the effect of competition on school children? College essays.
  7. At what age should teenagers start dating? College essays.
  8. Have women found equivalent status in the world which is more often than not termed as a male dominated one?
  9. Essays about; Does making uniforms compulsory in schools have any benefits?
  10. What is the effect of sensationalism of news by the media on the general public?
  11. What is the appropriate age for dating?
  12. Can human beings be completely held responsible for global warming? College essays.
  13. Essays about; Does student involvement in extramural activities assure that they would not indulge in unsociable or indecent behavior?
  14. Essays about; what is the effect of media on young children?
  15. Is exposure to the Internet at an early age a good idea? College essays.
  16. Are human beings becoming dependent on technology?
  17. Have cell phones become a nuisance at public places? essays.
  18. Should people be given capital punishment for rape? essays.
  19. Has cases of domestic violence decreased in the current century?
  20. Essays about; Should cigarette smoking become illegal like drugs?
  21. What is the purpose of beauty pageants?
  22. Is there a link between the age of couples and their relationship?

Once you select a topic from the above given ones, now the time comes for you to do the research work for your essays which part is definitely one of the most complex ones. For the reason that an argumentative essay is the one that holds all the facts and figures that give weight to the argumentation and logical details, you have to make sure that the data you should collect from any sources of your choice should be precise. Whenever you need to back up your claims with proper support of quotations of proves, you will need to provide the in text citations. In text citations are those necessary elements of an essay that make it believable yet verifiable. After this you are all set to submit your paper.

Causes of Scientific Revolution

The Scientific Revolution became a real break in the development of science. It influenced the development of philosophical and religious thought being the major contradiction and innovation in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and had a great influence on the life of educated people of the Western World. This article is devoted to the scientific revolution in the Western Civilization. In the paper special attention is paid to philosophical and religious thoughts in the connection to scientific thought.

The expansion of trade. Merchants undertook sea voyages and had navigational problems. These problems had to be solved and, as a result, there appeared scientific thought and research for finding possible solutions.

Medieval Universities. The philosophical talks and ancient philosophers’ studies, such as Aristotle and William Ockham, aroused interest and caused the thought.

The Renaissance was a period of great cultural development in Western Europe. It started in the 14th century. Leonardo da Vinci and Plato were interested in Mathematics. Thus, people became interested in this discipline too, because of the influence of great masters.

In general, the scientific revolution had several main aspects. They are the following:

• experimental method development;

• Mathematics and nature connection;

• scientific knowledge in practice;

• scientific institutions; development.

Scientific revolution did not appear at once. It developed for some period of time. Even though scientific revolution lasted for too long, it revolutionary changed the way people were thinking. The most significant changes occurred in biology (blood circulation study), astronomy (invention of a new universe model), chemistry (discovery elements of nature) and physics (invention of laws of gravitation and motion).

Thus, occurring in the period of the religious thought and power, scientific revolution brought significant changes to Europe and the whole world. The achievement and discoveries of that period of time formed the basis for the present world and all its innovations. However, the religious thoughts did not lost its importance and influence on people remaining a necessary force in the lives of European people. The article briefly analyzes scientific revolution in the Western Civilization and its causes. Besides, the paper examines philosophical and religious thoughts in the connection to scientific thought.

Great essays topics to get great marks and grades

Deciding an essay topic is not as easy as it seems no matter if it is the school or college essays. However, you always need a guideline to follow so here it is. I have gathered various essays topics for you about different spheres that you can utilize in your term papers:

School essays:

  • Examination day often makes many pupils worry. Do you agree?
  • Why examinations are important (uncategorized)
  • The first day at school which might have been much affected on your life.
  • Give an account of the end of the term.
  • School life is the most complicated time in life but it also brings many joys to us. Do you agree?
  • Do you think that homework should be abolished? Discuss its value.
  • Should teachers give pupils too much homework? Discuss.
  • The importance of examinations (uncategorized)
  • Talk about the subject you consider most important
  • What subject you like best in school?
  • The subject I enjoy learning (uncategorized)
  • Describe the first day of your school

Society and its problems essays:

  • Liberty – freedom (uncategorized)
  • The role of the police force in society (uncategorized)
  • Flood in a town (uncategorized)
  • “Money is the root of all evil”. Give your opinion.
  • What are your thoughts about the opinion polls?
  • How may people protect and maintain the natural assets?
  • Life in the city
  • Living in a multiracial community
  • Why is agriculture important in the world of today?
  • Talk about crimes in society

People or personal characteristics essays:

  • How do you spend your time after school? (uncategorized)
  • Describe the things you enjoy doing (uncategorized)
  • About yourself (introduce yourself) (uncategorized)
  • Talk about the person you hate most.
  • Talk about the habit of smoking cigarettes
  • Talk about A heroic deed.
  • Talk about your favorite author (uncategorized)
  • My best friend (uncategorized)
  • Give a comment about the uses of the hobby.
  • Tell about your hobby in free time.
  • Talk about the hobbies of your two close friends.
  • How do Hearing-Impaired people talk? Discuss.
  • Talk about good manners (uncategorized)
  • Why should we have good manners? (uncategorized)
  • Talk about the things you like most. (uncategorized)
  • Human and courage (uncategorized)
  • My favorite game (sport) – football (uncategorized)

Entertainment essays:

  • Give an account of a visit to a book exhibition.
  • An interesting program which you heard on the radio.
  • Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the cinema
  • Discuss the appeal of a science fiction
  • Tell about one of the activities you like to do in your free time
  • Talk about the film you like best.
  • Talk about the value of music in the happiness of man

Career essays:

  • What should we do to make a good impression at a job interview?
  • What career would you like to pursue after leaving school? (Teacher)
  • Journalism as a career (uncategorized)
  • What is the job of a human resources manager?
  • What in your opinion are the qualities of a good judge? (uncategorized)
  • The work of a farmer (uncategorized)

After going through with this list, I don’t think you will be worried about your essay topics anymore, are you?

College Essay on injuries in sports

If you are a sports lover and want to write something about it in your college essays, this is the best place you have landed to. For the reason that you can not write about the sports itself but you will need to go closer to a particular subject or topic within the boundary of sports. A great and diverse topic about the sport is the essays on injuries during the sports. You can write a lot about this in your college essays and earn great rewards from your testers.

Injuries are a part of life but when you are an athlete, it is something that you can even have when you are not expecting them at all. Whether it’s boxing, football, wrestling, hockey or any other collision sport the injuries can occur any time and can cost the player many days, months and even years at times. This is not all; some injuries can end a player’s career or even his life. History tells so many instances when some great athletes die in the sport arenas or wrestling rings. As a wrestling fan, I myself remember the blackest day in the WWE sports entertainment when oven hart fell from high above the ground right onto the wrestling ring. He fell off because his safety chain broke which he used to come in to the ring from the top of the arena. He died on the spot. Instances like these happens time to time when in boxing rings player willingly or unwilling hut each other or injure.

You can talk about different aspects in your college essays that cause injuries in the sporting events such as athletic violence or spectator violence. Spectator violence mostly occur when the crowed in drunk and the athlete violence can occur due to their over usage of steroids. Another factor is the push from the sporting team coaches to win in any means necessary. It pushes the players to do anything to win and in this they get violent and even don’t hesitate in hitting the opponents and even sometimes their own team mates.

If we specifically look at the major injuries we will see that the knee injuries are the most occurring injury in the sports as the knee is a complex joint and many injuries can occur during the gameplay. Most predominant type of injury to the knees is those which are done to the Meniscus and ligaments and there are 2 areas of ligaments that are mostly affected. 1; the Cruciate ligaments and 2; the collateral ligaments. By jotting down this information you have to make your search further on so you can give strength to your college essays with proper evidences and backup references. You would be required to keep adding the in-text citations every time when you take some information from any internet or book source.

College essays on injuries in sportscan play a significant role in your academics to show and prove that you are understanding your subject in the best manner and paying enough attention. This way you would be able to impress your testers and class mates and thus get good grades in the end.

Political term papers topics

Political tem papers are on of those papers that get the highest attention of the masses. For the reason that in order to write political term papers, one needs a lot of information and knowledge about the political issues and the current problems that are faced in the state or the world politically, political term papers writers are looked upon as much esteemed individuals. For this reason, you should make a decision to write your term papers on the political issues. One of the most complex hurdles in the world of political term papers writing is their term paper’s titles and you should select such topics for your term papers that would give you the result you want. Here are some fantabulous political term paper topics for you to choose from.

  • Analyze what the federalism actually means and also define the reasons that can be there to be adopted as the core structure of a state. Tell what issues the federalism solves and what issues the federalism itself pose to a political structure. You should add practical examples in your federalism term papers following with proper in text citations of the sources used.
  • Democracy is a wide-ranging concept for a governing course but can have different demonstrations. Scrutinize the different forms democracy makes. Is there a center to its main concept? To what degree is the democratic precept inherently limited by the practical realities of any political arrangement?
  • Write a comparing and contrasting term paper in a way that it discusses the main ideologies which are; socialism, liberalism, conservatism and other. Also tell if these have changed from their origins to the contemporary or not. To what level has this ideology transmuted itself?
  • Discourse what the word `ideology’ in the political system that differentiates the uses and abuses to which it may be put in a form of government. To what degree can ideology serve as a blueprint for governmental actions and to what level does a ruler’s ideology practically function as a public reasoning for conclusions reached for other, less-noble causes?
  • Why are ‘interest groups’ existent and what are their core functioning? Also analyze and explain the positive and negatives of their operation processes. Deeply describe how the interest groups compliment and undermine the institutional channels and political parties for the political decisions-making.
  • Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing a proportional representation electoral system by discoursing the basics of electoral system and how it should be designed to achieve success. You should utilize the examples so you can back up all of your claims that you used through out your term papers. In the conclusion part, tell your audiences why a state should utilize one electoral system by giving it preference on another.
  • Write your term papers about what are the different roles of violence in the political structure. Tell about both the maintaining of a particular political order and in the upbringing of the political change. Furthermore tell when the violence can take place and how it can be stopped.

I am sure these political term paper topics will help you out in writing your term papers.

Scientific College essays topics


Writing scientific essays is not a piece of cake or some child’s play. Instead, it’s something that can kill the sleep of your nights and the harmony of your life. When you are writing scientific essays, it is not only that the essays itself are complex enough to make you tap out but scientific essay’s topic, title and issues upbringing are the other parts that can make the essay writing part even harder. So if you want to write your scientific essays with ease, you would need to put a lot of efforts. However, to get you started, below I am gathering a list of scientific essays topics that will give you a lot to think about and thus you wouldn’t just get a topic for yourself but also you will get some great title ideas as well which will go in accordance with your scientific essay’s topics.

Scientific college essays set ‘A’:

1.      The significance of effective communication in the growth of scientific advancements

2.      Why is Learning Science Important?

3.      Uses of Science

4.      Science and Education Is the Key to Modernization

5.      Social theories of Science

6.      Forensic Science: The Application of Evidence

7.      Religion & Science

8.      Why science is failing?

9.      “Science and Humanity in the Twenty – First Century”

10.  Science vs. Wisdom

11.  Nobility and Science

12.  Consciousness and the Sciences

13.  Sciences vs. Arts

14.  How far should medical sciences be permitted to go in giving people an option to have children by artificial means?

15.  Fuel cells will annihilate the requirement of large electricity dispersion networks.

16.  Meteorologists: What do they do?

17.  Catalytic decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide

Scientific college essays set ‘B’:

1.      History and causes of tragedies in space travel

2.      Frankenstein’s Relation to Science and Society

3.      The Effects of the Scientific Revolution

4.      The Role of Science in Today’s World

5.      Christian Science: A Reason to Die?

6.      Video games and Computer Science

7.      What is the purpose of the 4 ways of knowing in human science?

8.      The Influence of Mechanism on the Science of Psychology

9.      Scientific developments in the 1800′s

10.  Is Scientific Progress Always For The Good?

11.  Scientific management and our culture

12.  The consequences of substitute health care on scientific medicine.

13.  Why water expands when frozen?

14.  Marine biodiversity and adaptation of species to ocean and sea

15.  Artificial intelligence, Can it help us?

16.  well-organized use of earth moving tools in construction sites

17.  Thermal decomposition of metal carbonates

Thus, the above given scientific topics lists will help you in coming up with new ideas while you can also merge two topics into one if they are going in accordance with each other. The majority of science students write the scientific essays as argumentative and expository, however the analytical scientific essay type is the most recommended one and can get you great results. So, you can pick a topic from the above lists and can start writing your analytical scientific essays now. Do not forget to check for the referencing requirements because they hold great worth in the scientific essays as much as they hold in any other essays.

Essay writing made easy like never before

If you are one of those confused students who are unable to find enough courage to write your college essays, you have fortunately come to the right place where you will learn something that will help you for sure. Essay writing is an art which everybody knows, but how to excel this art; it is something that fewer people know about. There are plenty of essay guides and tutorials available across the world of internet from which some are free and some are paid, but none of them is a complete package. By using the words ‘complete package’ I meant that no particular article or guide tells you everything you want to know about the essay writing. Instead, some articles tell you how to write an college essays introduction while some tell how to raise an issue in the college essays, but none of them actually covers all of the college essays essentials in one place. So, for the reason that essay essentials are divided into different segments it has become real difficult for the students to learn the art of essay writing.

College essays are definitely different from the school essays, which is a very sure thing but why and how it is; this is something everybody doesn’t know. What separates the college essays from the school essays is that school essays don’t require any examples, citations or quoting while the college essays are totally unacceptable without these 2 elements. Furthermore, if somebody fails to cite the sources which were used in the college essays, he is more likely to get failed, or will get a marks penalty because then it falls in the category of plagiarism.

The plagiarism is a major issue in the academic writing world. Sometime back there were no proper sources to check whether an essay is copied or original (specially when the essays were written on the paper in the hand writing), but now thanks to the unbelievable plagiarism checking tools teachers can track the plagiarism within seconds. The plagiarism doesn’t only describe itself as copying some lines or phrases from someone else’s work, but if someone even takes someone else’s ideas or thoughts it is considered plagiarism. Hence, no matter who written what, if you will take someone else’s ideas, viewpoints or words and make it a part of your college essays it will be considered plagiarism and plagiarism is considered a serious crime in the world of academic writing.

Another issue in the essay writing is about where to find the material that is needed to write the college essays. For the reason that all the utilized links and sources of the material have to be verifiable, it is a must that you pick the sources that are trusted enough to be used as your main sources. You can use Google books, pdf books and related material such as online libraries which are sometimes free and sometimes paid. By paying a little amount of money you can make sure of your college essays success.