What Should You Know to Write Your MBA Dissertation Productively?


It is mandatory for students to write an MBA dissertation in order to complete their MBA program and earn their degrees. Your MBA dissertation shows that you have understood the material covered in your particular courses. It basically serves as a proof that you have learned and understood the matter well.

There are various forms of MBA dissertations and you can choose any form that you like or a combination of research-based document, a case study, a business report or a business plan. So, you can do your research into an industry wide issue, your business plan should contain a strategic analysis, a case study that explains a particular event, a business report that looks at a particular issue and provide solutions.

You should conduct both quantitative and qualitative research for your dissertation. It should provide facts and ascertain validity along with examining the significance of events and conditions.

Check your university guidelines for your dissertation/thesis length. Let’s suppose the length of your dissertation is 25,000 words. You need to make sure that these 25,000 words don’t include title, appendices, references, etc. Therefore, do discuss this with your advisor.

Make sure you stay in touch with your dissertation advisor. He should provide you with valuable information and examine your work. He won’t be correcting your spelling mistakes but will let you know if you have made them. He also won’t be organizing your dissertation but provide you with valuable suggestions. It is your responsibility to make appointments with him and submit your work before your appointment in order to receive constructive criticism.

Follow the guidelines here when you are ready to write your MBA dissertation. You can now decide what steps you need to take in order to complete your MBA dissertation and finally earn your degree.

Writing a Professional Sociology Dissertation

Some students have the opinion that sociology is a very boring research area. In my opinion, this statement is not completely wrong. However, this also depends on the interest level of the student. Individuals who notice societal problems and complications show keen interest in this subject category. Like any other subject area, a research student needs to develop a certain thinking procedure and mindset to collect the related data successfully. Let’s have a look at some important steps which a sociology student has to go through.

The first task is related to the selection of an appropriate topic. As a subject, sociology has various branches and every student is not interested in each one of them. Hence, you need to pick an area which you are interested in and then choose a topic accordingly. There are some points which you need to consider. Try to choose an active societal issue. Do not research on a problem which was faced months ago. In addition to that, your topic should be related to a problem faced by masses and not one or two individuals. An example can be harassment of females. You can research on this topic and provide suitable statements to support it. In this relation, you can also communicate with females who have been facing this problem.

A sociology dissertation does not depend a lot on facts and figures.  Instead, it depends more on authentic statements and theoretical studies.  Which points should be considered by a student before finalizing a topic? You should have a high level of knowledge about the topic. Apart from that, it should have a sufficient room for research.  Some sociology dissertation topics are very narrow in terms of detail. Thus, they cannot be selected for the purpose of sociology dissertation writing. You need to pick something which can be backed by sufficient detail and related examples.

There are some reputed academic writing firms which provide dissertation writing services in limited time slots. If you are scared that you would not be able to complete your sociology dissertation with the required quality level, contacting such a professional firm is intelligent thinking.


How to Write Good Thesis or Dissertation and Download Sample Thesis

Submission of thesis or dissertation or any project work is required to be done by the students of M.Phil, MBA & Phd Courses in completion of course and to obtain a degree. There are so many other courses like MCA and M.Sc. which also demand the preparation and submission of thesis or dissertation or any project work.

The words like thesis, dissertation or the project work are not the similar but for the time being will be written as “Thesis” hereafter in this article. But will mean for all the words like thesis or dissertation or project work.

If you want to get good marks and make an impressive thesis then you should follow these instructions carefully. These instructions will lead you to make and submit an impressive thesis in a logical form.

Which type of thesis will be prepared depends upon the subject and the topic chosen by the student of the scholar. Preparation of thesis becomes difficult in case of those topics where the collection of the data is required but there is lack of sources to collect the data.

But there are so many common characteristics which should be there in each type of thesis or dissertation and does not matter what is the subject and what is topic.

Sections, Parts and Chapters

Each thesis must be divided in the sections or the parts and chapters inside for the convenience of the readers and to give it a logical touch and make it impressive. Generally a thesis must be divided in at least 3 parts.

Section – 1

Every section of the part of the thesis contains several chapters. This part of the thesis should contain the following chapters in it

Chapter – 1 – Introduction 

This chapter of part 1 contains the introduction about the topic you choose.  For example if your topic is “Effect of Inflation in the life of General Public in area… “. Then in this section you will the give the intro about the meaning of inflation and the meaning of life style, habits, earning of money and the causes of inflation etc. the demerits of inflation etc. can also be written in this section. DO NOT insert the information about the area, scope and the limitations of your study and leave if for the next chapters.

Chapter – 2 – Objective or Need of the Study

This chapter will be dedicated to the objective of your study. What is the need and why this study is being made or for which purpose this research is being done should be described in detail in this chapter.This is the crucial chapter of your study and the objectives do not come to the mind easily. Let us explain some of the common objectives which may fit easily in almost every type of thesis and study:

1.     A specific problem which needs a solution.

2.     No previous study has been made.

3.     Study was made but very much time has passed & changes have occurred and it needs a fresh study now.

4.     It will lead to the common welfare of the general public or may be helpful for the government agencies for the improvements and the developments for the country.

5.     To find out the reasons or the causes why fact(s) about anything were accepted or rejected at a point of time previously or are being accepted or rejected currently.

There may be many other objectives for your study this was just to ignite your minds.

Chapter – 3 -  Scope and limitations of this study

This chapter will describe the scope of the study and the limitation which it has. Scope may be further sub divided into the following parts for example:

Regarding Respondents (Their age, caste, only to male or female etc.)

Regarding Area

Regarding brand/product etc.

If we talk about the limitations then the limitations of the study may be due to the time availability and the cost etc.

Chapter – 4 – Review of the literature

If there is any research done or the study was made previously then that data will be useful for the current study. In this chapter you will describe what kind of literature was available and reviewed by you while making or initializing the study. So many books, articles and the other study material can be described in this chapter which was ready by you as the literature. Study of the literature will guide you about the extent of the work which has been done and which is pending to do.

Chapter – 5 – Methodology of the research

Researches are of many types i.e. descriptive, applied & exploratory etc. which kind of research it is and what kind of methodology has been used will be described in this chapter.  With the end of this chapter, section -1 of the report also ends. You may have more than 5 chapters and can provide these suitable names, depending upon the type of research but these 5 chapters must be there in any type of research.

Section – 2

As the section -1 was introductory & was providing information about the objective, scope and the methodology of the research, the section – 2 is the main part of the research report. It also contains the different chapters.

         Now there are the variations regarding the chapters & their names in this section. There are the different types of researches and different types of workings are required. You may add the following chapters in this section

Chapter – 1 – Data Analysis & Interpretation

Chapter – 2 – Case Studies

Chapter – 3 – Processing data with hypothesis for acceptance and rejection.

As it’s a common problem among the scholars that they do not know how to use the statistical tools to analyse the data so most of them just try to mould the data to prove those facts which are almost known. So you are required not to do and are expecting to make genuine only.

Further, there is a whim among the students who do not know the meaning of hypothesis and assume that the formulation & the existence of hypothesis is a necessary part. So there is an advice for those that if you are not sure that which kind of hypothesis should be there in your report then please do not choose.

Formulation of a hypothesis is not necessary to complete a research report. Each and every report needs not to contain a hypothesis.

Section – 3

This is the last point of research report and contains the following chapters in it.

Chapter – 1 – Summary, Major Findings & Suggestions

This chapter will describe in short, what did you do & found while making the study. You will insert a conclusion at this point. What according to you is the result of your study can be shown in this part. Making a sub part for the major findings you may tell the readers about those things which were unnoticed or has been changed or are new as compare to the old ones. The major findings will be written in the technical language and must be included in this chapter by making a sub part.

Chapter – 2 – Suggestions & Contribution by the study.

You might have found some of the good and the new things which according to you might be improved with the help of the suggestions. Suggestions must be in the non technical manners so that the layman can also understand it.

Contribution of the study towards the progress or to the existing literature can be shown in this chapter by making a sub chapter.

The whole section – 3 should be finished by adding a chapter namely “Scope for the further study.”

Chapter – 3 – Scope for the further study

In this chapter you may describe what were the limitations & the scope of your study and how an enhanced study can be made. For example you may describe in which area the study was made and how the study can be made in the other areas too.

Bibliography – It’s that part of the research report in which you will write the names of those sources which were used during the process of preparation of report & completion of the projects. It will include the names of the books, articles, newspapers and magazines which you used and gone through during the process of your research. The names of websites can also be mentioned here.

Appendix – This must be the last part of the research repot & will include the format & the types of the documents & forms which were used for the collection of the data or some information while making study e.g. questionnaire etc.

For making a wonderful thesis a sample thesis or an example of a thesis can work fairly well.

Sometimes, it is very hard to find out the sample thesis or dissertation of the subject on which you want to prepare your own thesis or dissertation. In that case, you can download the sample thesis or dissertation of the other subject. Because a sample thesis or dissertation which is although not of your subject can provide you basic information about making a thesis or dissertation like:

  • Parts of a thesis or dissertation
  • Language to be used.
  • Grammar
  • Length of a thesis or dissertation.
  • How to compose a thesis or dissertation etc.

There are so many websites which are providing a complete thesis guidance packages these days which also includes a sample thesis. These types of complete thesis guidance packages contain a lot of information about making a good thesis or dissertation. You may visit any trustworthy website to download such kind of complete thesis guidance package. However I like www.thesisplus.com personally because this website is an old one and is having thousands of visitors monthly and there are a great no. of downloads of its thesis guidance packages. These kinds of thesis packages are too much helpful if you are new in this field. Because those packages contain a sample thesis, a lot of tips, information about common mistakes you can make and a lot of other stuff etc.

Now, you have a sample thesis, it does not matter whether you have a sample thesis or dissertation of your subject or of any other subject. Your work is half done, because you have already a ready format and you need to enter only the collected information in the ready made chapters of a sample thesis. When you read a sample thesis or dissertation then you come to know how you can prepare your own thesis or dissertation. It will not only guide you but will also answer your lot of questions that you can not ask from your supervisor again and again. It will help in making a strong and impressive thesis or dissertation.


Model Dissertation Structure

Whether you are studying in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada or Australia, the structure of an academic dissertation is standard.  Academic institutions agree upon how a dissertation should be structure although, of course, each may have more specific guidelines particular to their institution.  A standard dissertation format is presented at the end of this article.

While it is advisable that the dissertation writer adhere to the standard and popularly accepted dissertation structure, they need to incorporate both their university’s specific guidelines and the dictates of their particular topic into the structure.  In other words, the standard structure should be regarded as the starting point from which to compose a customised structure, consistent with both the university’s and the topic’s requirements.

Composing a customised dissertation structure, as stipulated and explain above, could be a rather time-consuming and complicated tasks.  It is, however, one which cannot be ignored because the acceptance or rejection of the study is partially predicated on the extent of adherence to a customised dissertation structure which satisfies the requirements of the standard structure, the topic and the university.  Hence, as complicated and as time-consuming as this step may be, not doing it may prove a disastrous waste of your time since the consequences could be your having to rewrite the entire study.

Any student who confronts difficulties in adhering to the model dissertation structure or in creating a customised structure, needs to know that thessayist.com is here to help them.  Whether you need help in the writing and researching of your entire study, in the composition of your ideal structure or general dissertation research assistance, a member of our Write Right team will be happy to assist you.  With thessayist.com, you can always count on experts to help you out and extend you a service which will exceed your expectations.

Table of Contents 

List of Figures 

List of Tables

Statements and Declaration



Chapter 1 – Introduction and Overview

1.1: Introduction

1.2: Importance of Topic

1.3: State of the Field

1.4: Field Research Problems

1.5: Dissertation Outline

1.6: Summary 

Chapter 2 – Review of the Literature

Subsections to be determined by topic

Chapter 3 – Research Methodology

3.1: Introduction

3.2: Research Background

3.2.1    Research Hypotheses

3.2.2    Research Questions

32.3     Research Objectives

3.3: Research Design and Research Methodology

3.3  Research Purpose

3.3.1    Exploratory

3.3.2    Descriptive

3.3.3    Explanatory

3.3.4    Prescriptive

3.4: Research Approach

3.4.1    The Deductive versus the Inductive Approach?

3.4.2    The Qualitative versus the Quantitative Approach

3.5: Research Strategy

3.5.1    Qualitative Sampling 

3.5.2    Qualitative Data Collection

3.5.3    Qualitative Data Handling

3.6: Credibility and Quality of Research Findings

3.6.1    Reliability

3.6.2    Validity 

3.6.3    Quality

3.7: Summary

Chapter 4- Results and Discussion

Subsections to be determined by topic

Chapter 5 – Conclusion

5.1: Contributions of the Research

5.2: Implications of the Research

  1. 5.2.1    Implications for Theory
  2. 5.2.2    Implications for xxx
  3. 5.2.3    Implications for Future Research

5.3: Limitations of Study

5.4: Final Conclusion 


College essays argumentative topics

Essays writing are a part of every school, college and university that can’t be skipped or escaped from. No matter how bad you are with essay writing, you can’t do anything but to write your essays by hook or crook. However I have seen many students who just keep overlooking or delaying the essay writing process which eventually cost them their academic degrees or least; the grades of their academic courses. Another factor that is mostly overlooked or not given a lot of attention is the essays topics. Essay topics hold a lot of wroth in the field of writing and it’s the very essay topics that make the essays strong enough for the readers to be pursued. One of the best essay types are argumentative essays so I am presenting top drawer argumentative essay topics below that will clear up your confusion about which topic you should go with.

  1. Essays about; should mercy killing be made legal?
  2. Is using animals for scientific experiments right?
  3. Should sex education be started at a very young age?
  4. Essays about; should gay marriages be legalized?
  5. Do video games have a negative effect on children’s behavior? College essays.
  6. What is the effect of competition on school children? College essays.
  7. At what age should teenagers start dating? College essays.
  8. Have women found equivalent status in the world which is more often than not termed as a male dominated one?
  9. Essays about; Does making uniforms compulsory in schools have any benefits?
  10. What is the effect of sensationalism of news by the media on the general public?
  11. What is the appropriate age for dating?
  12. Can human beings be completely held responsible for global warming? College essays.
  13. Essays about; Does student involvement in extramural activities assure that they would not indulge in unsociable or indecent behavior?
  14. Essays about; what is the effect of media on young children?
  15. Is exposure to the Internet at an early age a good idea? College essays.
  16. Are human beings becoming dependent on technology?
  17. Have cell phones become a nuisance at public places? essays.
  18. Should people be given capital punishment for rape? essays.
  19. Has cases of domestic violence decreased in the current century?
  20. Essays about; Should cigarette smoking become illegal like drugs?
  21. What is the purpose of beauty pageants?
  22. Is there a link between the age of couples and their relationship?

Once you select a topic from the above given ones, now the time comes for you to do the research work for your essays which part is definitely one of the most complex ones. For the reason that an argumentative essay is the one that holds all the facts and figures that give weight to the argumentation and logical details, you have to make sure that the data you should collect from any sources of your choice should be precise. Whenever you need to back up your claims with proper support of quotations of proves, you will need to provide the in text citations. In text citations are those necessary elements of an essay that make it believable yet verifiable. After this you are all set to submit your paper.

How to Fail Your Dissertation

For many students completing a dissertation is no easy task and there are always certain guidelines which should be followed while writing dissertations and unless these guidelines are not adhered to the dissertation assignment is bound to fail.


Failing dissertations is seems to be a not so easy task, but if the students try really hard they can fail a dissertation by ignoring all the good advice that they have received from their supervisor. There are certain ways through which they can fail dissertations. Firstly if a student writes a poor dissertation introduction it would leave an overall bad impression on the supervisor and would pave the way for a dissertation to fail. Secondly many academic assignments And dissertations require that the student should have time management skills and if the student doesn’t have these skills the dissertation can be a total failure virtually.


Most students who fail in dissertations generally doesn’t know How to do a dissertation in the first place. Such students also don’t know how they can prepare a proper dissertation structure or they have no idea about dissertation writing styles or formatting methods.


The trend of dissertation failures is a lot common in the UK. As compared to a US dissertation attempting a UK dissertation is a more difficult task and generally the ratio of students failing dissertations is high in the UK.



Generally students who write dissertations for the first time and especially if they are attempting an online dissertation have no knowledge of how to download dissertation and even don’t know which dissertation to download. Such students also bother online writing and consulting services a lot because of their own academic inadequacies.


In sum we can say that the answer to the question how to fail a dissertation lies in the academic capabilities of a student and if the student lacks the skills required to prepare a dissertation properly, no matter which ways or means the student utilize the dissertation would be a complete failure in the long run.

The Important Parts of Dissertation Proposal

Your thesis/dissertation proposal provides an overview of your proposed plan of work, including the general scope of your project, your basic research questions, research methodology, and the overall significance of your study. In short, your dissertation proposal explains what you want to study, how you will study this topic, why this topic needs to be studied, and (generally) when you intend to do this work. (Occasionally, you may also need to explain where your study will take place.) Here are the major parts for writing a dissertation proposal.


Create a title that conveys the idea of your investigation

Orient your readers to the topic you will research.

Indicate the type of study you will conduct.


Provide a brief (100-350 word) overview of the dissertation proposal that gives a basic understanding.

Classify it as informative or descriptive abstract.

Summarize Introduction, Statement of the Problem, Background of the Study, Research Questions or Hypotheses, and Methods and Procedures.


Establish the general territory (real world or research) in which the research is placed.

Describe the broad foundations of your study, including some references to existing literature and/or empirically observable situations. In other words, the introduction needs to provide sufficient background for readers to understand where your study is coming from for your dissertation research proposal.

Indicate the general scope of your project.

Statement of the Problem

State the problem clearly early in a paragraph.

Limit the variables you address in stating your problem or question

Research Questions/Purpose

Describe the research questions and/or hypotheses of the study.

Explain the goals and research objectives of the study

Show the original contributions of your study

State limitations of the research while writing a Dissertation proposal

Review of Literature

It situates the current study within a wider disciplinary conversation.

It illustrates the uniqueness, importance of and need for your particular project

It justifies methodological choices.

It demonstrates your familiarity with the topic and appropriate approaches to studying it.


Introduce the overall methodological approach for each problem or question.

Indicate how the approach fits the overall research design.

Describe the specific dissertation help methods of data collection you are going to use

Explain how you intend to analyze and interpret your results.

Address potential limitations

Great essays topics to get great marks and grades

Deciding an essay topic is not as easy as it seems no matter if it is the school or college essays. However, you always need a guideline to follow so here it is. I have gathered various essays topics for you about different spheres that you can utilize in your term papers:

School essays:

  • Examination day often makes many pupils worry. Do you agree?
  • Why examinations are important (uncategorized)
  • The first day at school which might have been much affected on your life.
  • Give an account of the end of the term.
  • School life is the most complicated time in life but it also brings many joys to us. Do you agree?
  • Do you think that homework should be abolished? Discuss its value.
  • Should teachers give pupils too much homework? Discuss.
  • The importance of examinations (uncategorized)
  • Talk about the subject you consider most important
  • What subject you like best in school?
  • The subject I enjoy learning (uncategorized)
  • Describe the first day of your school

Society and its problems essays:

  • Liberty – freedom (uncategorized)
  • The role of the police force in society (uncategorized)
  • Flood in a town (uncategorized)
  • “Money is the root of all evil”. Give your opinion.
  • What are your thoughts about the opinion polls?
  • How may people protect and maintain the natural assets?
  • Life in the city
  • Living in a multiracial community
  • Why is agriculture important in the world of today?
  • Talk about crimes in society

People or personal characteristics essays:

  • How do you spend your time after school? (uncategorized)
  • Describe the things you enjoy doing (uncategorized)
  • About yourself (introduce yourself) (uncategorized)
  • Talk about the person you hate most.
  • Talk about the habit of smoking cigarettes
  • Talk about A heroic deed.
  • Talk about your favorite author (uncategorized)
  • My best friend (uncategorized)
  • Give a comment about the uses of the hobby.
  • Tell about your hobby in free time.
  • Talk about the hobbies of your two close friends.
  • How do Hearing-Impaired people talk? Discuss.
  • Talk about good manners (uncategorized)
  • Why should we have good manners? (uncategorized)
  • Talk about the things you like most. (uncategorized)
  • Human and courage (uncategorized)
  • My favorite game (sport) – football (uncategorized)

Entertainment essays:

  • Give an account of a visit to a book exhibition.
  • An interesting program which you heard on the radio.
  • Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the cinema
  • Discuss the appeal of a science fiction
  • Tell about one of the activities you like to do in your free time
  • Talk about the film you like best.
  • Talk about the value of music in the happiness of man

Career essays:

  • What should we do to make a good impression at a job interview?
  • What career would you like to pursue after leaving school? (Teacher)
  • Journalism as a career (uncategorized)
  • What is the job of a human resources manager?
  • What in your opinion are the qualities of a good judge? (uncategorized)
  • The work of a farmer (uncategorized)

After going through with this list, I don’t think you will be worried about your essay topics anymore, are you?

College Essay on injuries in sports

If you are a sports lover and want to write something about it in your college essays, this is the best place you have landed to. For the reason that you can not write about the sports itself but you will need to go closer to a particular subject or topic within the boundary of sports. A great and diverse topic about the sport is the essays on injuries during the sports. You can write a lot about this in your college essays and earn great rewards from your testers.

Injuries are a part of life but when you are an athlete, it is something that you can even have when you are not expecting them at all. Whether it’s boxing, football, wrestling, hockey or any other collision sport the injuries can occur any time and can cost the player many days, months and even years at times. This is not all; some injuries can end a player’s career or even his life. History tells so many instances when some great athletes die in the sport arenas or wrestling rings. As a wrestling fan, I myself remember the blackest day in the WWE sports entertainment when oven hart fell from high above the ground right onto the wrestling ring. He fell off because his safety chain broke which he used to come in to the ring from the top of the arena. He died on the spot. Instances like these happens time to time when in boxing rings player willingly or unwilling hut each other or injure.

You can talk about different aspects in your college essays that cause injuries in the sporting events such as athletic violence or spectator violence. Spectator violence mostly occur when the crowed in drunk and the athlete violence can occur due to their over usage of steroids. Another factor is the push from the sporting team coaches to win in any means necessary. It pushes the players to do anything to win and in this they get violent and even don’t hesitate in hitting the opponents and even sometimes their own team mates.

If we specifically look at the major injuries we will see that the knee injuries are the most occurring injury in the sports as the knee is a complex joint and many injuries can occur during the gameplay. Most predominant type of injury to the knees is those which are done to the Meniscus and ligaments and there are 2 areas of ligaments that are mostly affected. 1; the Cruciate ligaments and 2; the collateral ligaments. By jotting down this information you have to make your search further on so you can give strength to your college essays with proper evidences and backup references. You would be required to keep adding the in-text citations every time when you take some information from any internet or book source.

College essays on injuries in sportscan play a significant role in your academics to show and prove that you are understanding your subject in the best manner and paying enough attention. This way you would be able to impress your testers and class mates and thus get good grades in the end.

Political term papers topics

Political tem papers are on of those papers that get the highest attention of the masses. For the reason that in order to write political term papers, one needs a lot of information and knowledge about the political issues and the current problems that are faced in the state or the world politically, political term papers writers are looked upon as much esteemed individuals. For this reason, you should make a decision to write your term papers on the political issues. One of the most complex hurdles in the world of political term papers writing is their term paper’s titles and you should select such topics for your term papers that would give you the result you want. Here are some fantabulous political term paper topics for you to choose from.

  • Analyze what the federalism actually means and also define the reasons that can be there to be adopted as the core structure of a state. Tell what issues the federalism solves and what issues the federalism itself pose to a political structure. You should add practical examples in your federalism term papers following with proper in text citations of the sources used.
  • Democracy is a wide-ranging concept for a governing course but can have different demonstrations. Scrutinize the different forms democracy makes. Is there a center to its main concept? To what degree is the democratic precept inherently limited by the practical realities of any political arrangement?
  • Write a comparing and contrasting term paper in a way that it discusses the main ideologies which are; socialism, liberalism, conservatism and other. Also tell if these have changed from their origins to the contemporary or not. To what level has this ideology transmuted itself?
  • Discourse what the word `ideology’ in the political system that differentiates the uses and abuses to which it may be put in a form of government. To what degree can ideology serve as a blueprint for governmental actions and to what level does a ruler’s ideology practically function as a public reasoning for conclusions reached for other, less-noble causes?
  • Why are ‘interest groups’ existent and what are their core functioning? Also analyze and explain the positive and negatives of their operation processes. Deeply describe how the interest groups compliment and undermine the institutional channels and political parties for the political decisions-making.
  • Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing a proportional representation electoral system by discoursing the basics of electoral system and how it should be designed to achieve success. You should utilize the examples so you can back up all of your claims that you used through out your term papers. In the conclusion part, tell your audiences why a state should utilize one electoral system by giving it preference on another.
  • Write your term papers about what are the different roles of violence in the political structure. Tell about both the maintaining of a particular political order and in the upbringing of the political change. Furthermore tell when the violence can take place and how it can be stopped.

I am sure these political term paper topics will help you out in writing your term papers.