Distance Learning for all Degree Types

OnlineEducationThere are many common misconceptions about online education. One of these misconceptions is that its only purpose is to supplement a brick-and-mortar education. However, online education, or distance learning, is becoming an increasingly popular way to complete an entire degree. More people are turning to distance learning to complete associates, bachelors and masters degrees.

Associate’s Degrees

Pursuing an associate’s degree online is a great way to fit your academic life into your everyday life. With the convenience of being able to sit at home and learn whenever your schedule allows, online education is becoming an increasingly popular way to train for a career.

Obtaining a distance learning associate’s degree is a relatively simply process. There are hundreds of colleges that offer entire programs of study through distance learning. These schools can either be schools with physical campuses or completely virtual. Depending on how far you want to take your education, you may want to choose a school that offers the possibility continuing on after receiving your associate’s degree. If not, choose a school that offers job placement services after you have completed your courses.

An Associate’s degree will only be valid and applicable in certain industries, but there are many programs to choose from. Some distance learning associate’s degrees include studies in criminal justice, liberal arts, accounting, nursing, paralegal, interior design, engineering and computer technologies. While many of these degrees do not require work in the field, like an internship, before the degree can be completed, some do. Certain areas of study may require that you find a place to work and be observed in an environment where your skills can be assessed. Depending on what you are interested in, chances are there is a degree program that will fit your interests.

Bachelors Degrees

There was a time when obtaining a bachelors degree was almost impossible for some people because of the financial and time commitments. Now, with distance learning, you can even work towards a bachelor’s degree from the comfort of your own home.

A distance learning bachelor’s degree is just as valid as a bachelor’s degree from a traditional college. Obtaining a bachelors degree through online education can save you money. Getting a Bachelors degree through distance learning is much more affordable than brick and mortar colleges for several reasons:

1. There are usually no application fees
2. The software you need is often included with your tuition
3. There are no high cost parking fees for campus
4. You will not have to spend any money on gas to get to campus
5. You can continue to work while you earn your degree

With any online degree make sure the school you choose is accredited. This means that the classes you take are recognized by national standards of excellence in education and the school is recognized by non-government accreditation agencies located in the United States.

Masters Degrees

If you have been thinking about kicking your career up to the next level then an online masters degree might be something to consider. Like associate’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees, obtaining a master’s degree through an online school is more convenient and less expensive. With an online master’s degree program you can take your classes from anywhere in the world. All you need to complete a master’s degree through distance learning is a computer and the desire to learn. It used to be that anybody who wanted to pursue their master’s degree had to put their life on hold because of the time they had to dedicate to it. With distance learning programs, you take your classes online, so you can virtually do it from anywhere. Additionally, you will not break the bank getting your master’s degree. Online master’s degree programs are economical for the same reasons online bachelor’s degrees are.

By earning your Masters degree through distance learning, you are able to continue working full time. No more taking out thousands of dollars in loans to cover the cost of tuition and living expenses. Getting your Masters degree through a distance learning program has never been easier.

The scope of distance learning is expanding every day and revolutionizing the way that people engage in higher education. Online classes are no longer just a way to brush up on skills or learn new material; they are a way to earn a legitimate degree.

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Benefits of an Online Engineering Degree

Learn from Home

Online education degrees are becoming widely available in almost every subject and degree level. Online engineering degrees in particular are becoming very attractive to those looking to earn more. Engineering majors on average get the highest paying jobs after graduation. The average starting salary for a Mechanical Engineer is $58,648 and for a Chemical Engineering is $65,466, making Engineering one of the highest paying degrees in the US. While the salary for an engineer does vary base on the specialty, as mentioned, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median annual income for an engineer is between $68,730 to $108,020.

Popular Online Engineering Degrees

Today online engineering degrees can be found at many of the top online schools such as Strayer University and Kaplan University, and cover a variety of specialties. To note, Walden University offers a distance learning Ph.D. in Engineering Management. Walden’s program is one of the only distance-learning doctoral programs in this field. This specialization allows either practicing engineers who plan a move into management or engineers who are already managers to learn the social and behavioral aspects of management. Learn more…

Strayer University offers degrees in software engineering including an online MS degree and an online engineering certificate. The Executive Graduate Certificate program is designed for individuals seeking career opportunities in the Information Systems field specifically mid to senior level managers, professional and technical specialists. The online graduate program encompasses the knowledge and skills needed in professional software engineering. Interested persons should possess at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Learn more…

If you are interested in an online associate degree in engineering, Kaplan University offers an Engineering Drafting with CAD associate’s degree program online. This program is designed to help students grow professionally by providing you with education and experience. Learn more…

About Getting An Online Engineering Degree

Online degrees can be comparable in price to some campus schools, but in contrast, the online program makes it easier for those working full time to achieve higher education in the growing and profitable field of engineering. The additional savings on transportation, food and other expenses associated with attending a brick and mortar school like room and board, are also eliminated. This makes online learning a very affordable means of obtaining your higher education and career goals.

An online degree is a great option for some people, but not everyone. Before you begin an online degree program, make sure you are up to the challenges. Obtaining your degree in engineering online requires self-discipline and dedication, as there are no teachers or other students present to motivate you. If you do decide to further your education with online schooling for engineering, stay focused and motivated.

An online engineering degree is a great way to begin a new career, or further your current one, inexpensively. The online aspect allows for busy students to work according to their schedule, going to class when it is convenient, not when it is scheduled. Engineering degrees are highly marketable and an excellent way to boost your income and get into a great field.

Online Application Deadlines

Shocked woman with hands on faceIf you are thinking about applying to an online university, there are some things you should know about the application process. Depending on the school, the process for applying can be a little different. Some online schools have “online terms” just as a traditional university would. This means you’ll have to pay attention to application deadlines and make sure you get all of the required paperwork in on time. However, other online schools have rolling admission, meaning you can apply at anytime. A school representative will contact you at each step of the online school admissions process to request the required documentation for your application to be approved.

Keep in mind when you are choosing an online degree program that schools may have varying start dates depending on which program you are enrolled in. Since some programs take longer to complete or have more requirements, terms or semesters may be changed to reflect this. If you are looking into a specific program, make sure you look into any term deadlines specified to your field or contact an admissions representative from your potential school.

To help you in your process, the following is a list of a few online schools and their enrollment information:

American Sentinel University
American Sentinel University has enrollment periods beginning once every month. This means, no matter when you want to begin your education, there will be plenty of opportunities to apply. For a list of program start dates, request more information from American Sentinel University.

University of Phoenix Online
The University of Phoenix Online offers continuous enrollment, so you don’t have to apply by any particular date. Your application will be processed when all of the sections are received. Start dates vary and are based on program or course of interest, modality, and campus location. Request information from the University of Phoenix Online.

Devry University
There is no deadline to apply to DeVry University. Prospective students have the opportunity to enroll six times per year with their 15 week semester format. Year-round classes mean you can earn an associate degree in just over one year, or a bachelor’s degree in as few as three years. Request information.

Upcoming semesters:
2011 Summer Semester: July 4, 2011 – October 23, 2011
2011 Fall Semester: October 24, 2011 - February 26, 2012

Contact the university for more detailed application information or to find the cost of online degrees.

Everest University Online
Everest University Online offers continuous enrollment so there are no deadlines. Terms are scheduled as a traditional university would, offering full semester courses rather than 4 week courses that are sometimes options at online schools. Request more information from Everest University Online.

Common Application Requirements

Before you apply, it’s a good idea to have your documents and information together. Though application processes and requirements vary by university, here is a general list of items you may be asked to supply:

  • Official transcripts
  • Completed online degree application
  • Any online degree admission tests
  • Applicable college transfer credits
  • An updated resume
  • Money for the application fee

And be prepared for an interview!

Applying to an online university can be a lot easier than applying to a traditional school. With the rolling admission option and numerous deadlines, the application process has been improved to provide a time-friendly enrollment, getting you “in the classroom” much sooner.

Before you enroll, make sure you know all of your options for financial aid for online degrees. Visit FafsaOnline to learn more about federal aid and how to apply.

Independent Learning allows students to work at own pace off campus

The Internet is giving students more access to learning than ever before. And now, many universities are offering students the option of taking courses and earning degrees online.

USC provides a distance education program through the Independent Learning office, offering courses from history to music. Independent learning courses are self-paced, independent study classes that students may take for academic credit.

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Top 8 Careers With a Computer Science Degree

If you enjoy working with computers, learning new programs or testing out the latest computer software products, earning a computer science degree is necessary if you want to find a well paying job in the computer or IT field. Popular hot jobs you can apply for after you graduate include:

  • Database administrator
  • Software Support
  • Software engineer
  • Computer engineer
  • Interface designer
  • Systems analyst
  • Computer programmer
  • Network Administrator

Each of these careers is rewarding and necessary as more and more companies are in need of those who can use this technology to further their businesses.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-09 Edition, over half of all computer programmers have at least a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field. This means that earning a computer science degree online will increase your chances of finding your dream job.

What will you learn through an Online Computer Degree Program?

A computer science online degree will prepare you for a career in IT, Computer Security or any of the above positions in the same way as a traditional classroom degree. But instead of having to go to class, rearrange your work schedule, or disturb other areas of your life, you can take classes online, study at your convenience and not have to worry about the added costs of parking or leaving work early to attend classes.

When you take online courses, you can expect to learn any of the following and more:

  • Hardware and software design
  • Software development
  • Troubleshooting
  • Networking
  • Data Security
  • Database management
  • Web design
  • Develop security plans

Because most companies use technology systems to carry out business processes and communicate with employees, customers, vendors and others, more and more companies are creating IT departments that employ those who understand how networks function and how to keep them secure. Computer systems and manufacturing companies are also looking for talented individuals to create new software and hardware for consumers.

While you earn your degree, you will be able to explore different fields to find one that suits your personality and interests.

Choosing an Online Computer Degree Program

When looking for an online degree program, it’s important to determine which direction you want to move toward in terms of your career. While some areas of computer science, such as computer programming, have seen a slow decline in the number of open positions since 2006, other areas such as computer support and information security have seen an increase.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-09 Edition, over the next few years, computer support positions are expected to increase by 13%. This means that you should choose a program that allows you to easily find employment immediately upon graduation. A computer degree online that focuses on a certain area within computer science is best if you have a particular talent in that area. You can also choose to become a generalist that specializes in a number of areas. Another pointer is to ensure you choose a computer science or IT program from an online college that is accredited.


Earning a degree in computer science or one of the many disciplines listed above can help you advance your career in one of the hottest fields today. There are many opportunities for employment once you graduate. While some fields as not a plentiful as others, your chances of finding employment are increased if you have a college degree in Computer Science or IT.

Online Degrees – What To Look For When Choosing An Online Degree Program

Online educations are becoming more popular each and every year. More people continue to go back to finish a degree program that they started, and more people also continue to start programs from the beginning. These days, many of the best universities around the world offer an online degree program. This means that you have plenty of options to turn to when you’re ready to continue your education. Learn what you should look for from a high quality program and you’ll be able to make a smart choice.

At the forefront of everyone’s mind has to be accreditation. People are concerned that online schools do not have full accreditation. While it’s true that some don’t, the vast majority are now fully accredited. Just remember to double check before you get started, because you don’t want to waste any time or money with an institution that can’t provide you with a top tier degree.

In addition to accreditation, when you go to school most people are interested in going to an institution that has a strong reputation. When a prospective employer or a job interviewer sees that university on your resume, or hears you mention it, you’ll instantly gain more respect and help yourself stand out from the crowd. Today, some of the oldest and most respected colleges around the world offer great online classes, so even online students can enjoy this respect and credibility with the right program.

When people think about an online degree program, they also tend to consider accelerated online degree programs. When taking an accelerated program you can complete your whole Bachelors degree in less than 2 years. You can do this by keeping a busy schedule and by avoiding long breaks in between classes. If you’re interested in this you should know that this is available with many online programs, but not with all of them.

Of course, one of the key reasons people turn to online schools is the flexibility and convenience that they provide. You can work from home and you can complete your work at anytime, making your education fit into your life. Therefore, be sure that your potential school offers these flexible and convenient qualities before beginning.

Finally, you will find that an online education will be significantly cheaper than an education from an on-campus university. This is generally because the expenses are so much less. However, you’ll find that from program to program costs will be different. So be sure to look into your program and find how much your degree will cost you totally, as well as on a per credit basis.

Students today have more options than ever for where they are going to school, what they want to study and how they want to accomplish their program. An online degree comes with many different benefits and advantages, just be sure to find one that satisfies your individual needs and preferences.

What is Continuing Education?

Continuing education in general is quite similar to adult education since it is also intended for adult learners, especially those adults who are beyond traditional undergraduate college or university age. However, it is wrong to club continuing education with other educational programs such as vocational training. As its name suggests, it is a continuation of education. The student of continuing education already has an education prior to taking up continuing education.

Continuing education in the simplest term is a form of post-secondary learning activities and programs. Some of the programs under continuing education may include non-degree career training, degree credit courses by non-traditional students, formal personal enrichment courses, workforce training, experiential learning, and self-directed learning which is done through online interest clubs and groups or personal research activities.

Many universities and colleges in the US cater to continuing education programs. Often there is either a division or a school of continuing education, which is also at times given names such as university extension or extension school. Continuing education involves both credit-granting courses as well as non-credit-granting courses. Such non-credit-granting courses are often taken for personal, non-vocational enrichment. There are many community colleges in the US that cater to such programs.

It is not only students who need continuing education, but also professionals who need it to update their knowledge and skill set. In fact, it is a compulsory for people practicing certain professions. Licensing authorities in a number of fields make continuing education compulsory on members who hold licenses to practice within a particular profession. The licenses to practice their profession are issued for a fixed term and are to be renewed after the expiry of this term. If they fail to update themselves through continuing education, their licenses are not renewed. This is done to encourage professionals to expand their knowledge base and keep pace with new developments. This may be achieved through college or university coursework, extension courses or conferences and seminars attendance.

The method and format of delivering continuing education includes conventional classroom lectures as well as distance learning. Students who enroll for continuing education in a college or university often opt for classroom and laboratory classes. However, much weight is given to distance learning as maximum of those who opt for continuing education are working people who have little or no time to attend classroom lectures.

In such distance learning, education is imparted through CD-ROM material, videotapes, and broadcast programming. Education online is also one area that has seen fast development in recent years. Material for study is delivered over the Internet. In fact online degrees are pursued by many students and professional who finds them very convenient. Students can earn some extra pocket money working part time and professional can pursue an online degree that will help them in career growth.

Other than CD-ROM material, videotapes, and broadcast programming, continuing education is also delivered through independent study and use of conference-type group study. Again the Internet plays a big role here. These groups with similar interests meet together online and discuss and exchanges ideas and knowledge. These online communities are very effective in sharing knowledge and new findings.

Another way of facilitating continuing education is through seminars and workshops. A combination of traditional or conventional, distance, and conference-type study, or two of these three types, may be used for a particular continuing education course or program.

Changes in Online Education Over the Last 5 Years

Considering an online degree? The time is right to go for it. Online education, though a comparatively new system of delivering education, has come a long way to be recognized and taken seriously. More and more colleges and universities have started adding online courses as well as other forms of distance learning. The e-learning industry has come of age and all these years it has witnessed many changes, especially over the last five years. The cost of implementing e-learning tools has fallen over these years. Education online has a bright future.

From academic institutions, online education has found inroads into business organizations as well. Many companies the world over have started integrating e-learning into their infrastructure. Though this type of learning is quite different from pursuing a degree online, it is a welcome deviation of online education. The emphasis on e-learning is done to allow employees to learn at their desks and in smaller chunks. It also encourages them to participate in more training programs.

It is not only business houses that adopt e-learning modules, but also learning institutions and governments as well. Shared research and development expenses, lower costs, and fast deployment have added to its popularity. Many organizations have started encouraging their employees to attain college online and pursue online degree to keep themselves updated.

Another change in education online is that many new courses are added catering to the need of working professionals. These professionals need to constantly update themselves with latest development in their respective fields. This is very true of professionals like medical practitioners. They need to keep pace with the latest technology, latest research and development and so on. They go through the process of continuing education in order stay updated. Since they cannot attain classroom lectures, continuing education is delivered online and through other means such as workshop and independent learning.

Other working professionals also require online degrees to update their skills and increase their career growth potential. Online degree programs, online certificate programs, and online courses offered by traditional and online colleges & universities cater to such requirements.

Education online has become comprehensive covering more and more areas of studies. Whether you seek an online associate, bachelors, masters, or PhD degree in business, technology, healthcare, or education these online universities will cater to your diverse needs.

With the low cost of online education, and its increasing popularity, even Ivy League institutions like the University of Pennsylvania has recognized and appreciated education online. Premier business schools in the state like Wharton School of Business have also recognized its potential. Today there are several colleges and universities offering online degrees. Most of them are credited online colleges.

Online education has also made education more cosmopolitan and global. It connects students from one part of the world to another part and from rural communities to urban population, and vice versa. In fact, this trend will become more visible in the years to come and more new courses are likely to be added keeping in mind the diverse needs. This has further led to a development of online study groups and communities with similar interest. Sharing and dissemination of knowledge and ideas have become easier this way.

Tips for Choosing a Career

Choosing a career is probably one of the most important decisions of a lifetime. Whether you are fresh out of school or in college or enrolled in online degree, it is vitally important that you seriously consider your personality and interests before making career decisions.

Choosing a career is a vital decision all of us have to take. Utmost care has to be taken while choosing a career because once you have chosen a career, It is very difficult to take backtrack or take a u-turn. Before you take this one major decision, there are so many things that you have to consider.

Plan your career as early as possible. Planning early, you will be on the right track once you in college. This means to say that you should start planning while you are at the high school. Once you have the right frame of mind, you can pursue a program that will lead you to your desired career path.

Even if you have not decided on the career path you want to take, once at college you will be able to get an idea of what career will suit you. It is here that you get exposed to new people, new avenues, and new opportunities. You can make full use of the college environment as testing ground of your skills and talents and decide accordingly on the career path of your choice. Also try to make contacts as many contacts as possible. You can also make full use of the college counseling center to decide on a career path.

Before deciding for a career, do not look out for jobs. In other words, job opportunities should not influence your decision in choosing a career. It is the line of work on which you must decide and not the job opportunities. If you chose a career, keeping in mind the job avenues, you may end up taking the wrong decision. And when you have realized your folly, it will be too late to reverse the decision. A career is should be completely independent of any company or corporation. Jobs will automatically come to you once you have completed your career course. So you need not worry about jobs while choosing a career.

One important thing you must do before deciding your career is assessing yourself. Perhaps you can take a piece of paper jot down some questions – Who am I already? ; What would I like to be better at than anyone else? ; Is there something in the world that I believe needs to be done? These questions will get you thinking and will allow you to articulate your thoughts. As you write your answers down, you are committing yourself to considering these questions. These questions help to find out more about yourself, your commitment, your confidence level to take on a challenge.

You can also take up career tests that are available at on-campus career centers. You can discuss the result with the counselor and perhaps he/ she will offer you useful tips.

If all these do not suffice, you can also take professional help from outside your college. There are numerous career-counseling centers and better still, you can visit the portals offering career counseling. Here you will find expert career advice and you can also take up career tests.

Accredited Distance Learning

87734522Distance learning is a wonderful new way of earning your degree without the hassle and added expense of traditional schools. You can earn all kinds of degrees and certifications through the different accredited distance learning programs that are out there.

How Does Distance Learning Work

When you apply to an accredited distance learning program you will be offered classes online.  When you earn your degree through an accredited distance learning program, it is just as valid as any brick and mortar school is, but with the added benefit of ease and convenience.  You can be taking a class while you are on your lunch break at work or while you are cooking dinner.  The ease and simplicity of distance learning cannot be beat.  You don’t need to meet any rigorous requirements to get into an accredited distance learning program.

Requirements for Distance Learning

All that you need in order to get an accredited distance learning degree is a high school diploma, or GED, and a computer.  It is really that simple.  Accredited distance learning programs are easier to apply to and get in then traditional schools because you are not competing with the valuable class room space.  Distance learning can accommodate anybody who wants to attend.  All it takes to take classes from an accredited distant learning program is a little extra time spent on the computer.  But, that is not a problem because we all seem to be so attached to them nowadays anyway.  You can save money earning your degree through an accredited distance learning program.

Save Money through Accredited Distance Learning

Because you can still work full time while getting your degree, you are saving a large amount of money. You will also be saving money on gas and parking as well. Many accredited distance learning programs waive application fees, which is very beneficial when you are applying to several different distance learning programs. Many accredited distance learning programs also provide all the software with the price of tuition, so you will also be saving money on your school supplies. Apply to an accredited distance learning program today and prepare for a better tomorrow!

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