Distance Learning for all Degree Types

OnlineEducationThere are many common misconceptions about online education. One of these misconceptions is that its only purpose is to supplement a brick-and-mortar education. However, online education, or distance learning, is becoming an increasingly popular way to complete an entire degree. More people are turning to distance learning to complete associates, bachelors and masters degrees.

Associate’s Degrees

Pursuing an associate’s degree online is a great way to fit your academic life into your everyday life. With the convenience of being able to sit at home and learn whenever your schedule allows, online education is becoming an increasingly popular way to train for a career.

Obtaining a distance learning associate’s degree is a relatively simply process. There are hundreds of colleges that offer entire programs of study through distance learning. These schools can either be schools with physical campuses or completely virtual. Depending on how far you want to take your education, you may want to choose a school that offers the possibility continuing on after receiving your associate’s degree. If not, choose a school that offers job placement services after you have completed your courses.

An Associate’s degree will only be valid and applicable in certain industries, but there are many programs to choose from. Some distance learning associate’s degrees include studies in criminal justice, liberal arts, accounting, nursing, paralegal, interior design, engineering and computer technologies. While many of these degrees do not require work in the field, like an internship, before the degree can be completed, some do. Certain areas of study may require that you find a place to work and be observed in an environment where your skills can be assessed. Depending on what you are interested in, chances are there is a degree program that will fit your interests.

Bachelors Degrees

There was a time when obtaining a bachelors degree was almost impossible for some people because of the financial and time commitments. Now, with distance learning, you can even work towards a bachelor’s degree from the comfort of your own home.

A distance learning bachelor’s degree is just as valid as a bachelor’s degree from a traditional college. Obtaining a bachelors degree through online education can save you money. Getting a Bachelors degree through distance learning is much more affordable than brick and mortar colleges for several reasons:

1. There are usually no application fees
2. The software you need is often included with your tuition
3. There are no high cost parking fees for campus
4. You will not have to spend any money on gas to get to campus
5. You can continue to work while you earn your degree

With any online degree make sure the school you choose is accredited. This means that the classes you take are recognized by national standards of excellence in education and the school is recognized by non-government accreditation agencies located in the United States.

Masters Degrees

If you have been thinking about kicking your career up to the next level then an online masters degree might be something to consider. Like associate’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees, obtaining a master’s degree through an online school is more convenient and less expensive. With an online master’s degree program you can take your classes from anywhere in the world. All you need to complete a master’s degree through distance learning is a computer and the desire to learn. It used to be that anybody who wanted to pursue their master’s degree had to put their life on hold because of the time they had to dedicate to it. With distance learning programs, you take your classes online, so you can virtually do it from anywhere. Additionally, you will not break the bank getting your master’s degree. Online master’s degree programs are economical for the same reasons online bachelor’s degrees are.

By earning your Masters degree through distance learning, you are able to continue working full time. No more taking out thousands of dollars in loans to cover the cost of tuition and living expenses. Getting your Masters degree through a distance learning program has never been easier.

The scope of distance learning is expanding every day and revolutionizing the way that people engage in higher education. Online classes are no longer just a way to brush up on skills or learn new material; they are a way to earn a legitimate degree.

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How to Find the Best Law School for you

You have spent your undergraduate years preparing for a career in law. Or perhaps you have only recently realized that a legal career is an appealing option. The first and one of the most important decisions you will make on the road to that legal career is choosing a law school. What steps can you take to find the perfect law school for you? Here are some ideas to consider.

One thing you will obviously want to consider is the school’s reputation. A law school with a great reputation can be the difference between a high-powered, high salaried legal position and something much less preferable. However you need to be realistic about your likelihood of getting into and successfully completing the top law programs. Find a good balance between a school with a good reputation and one you are likely to earn a law degree from.

You’ll want to consider the variety of courses offered. You may already know what branch of law you wish to practice, or you may not have the slightest idea. Choose a school which has a curriculum that matches your interests. If you’re not quite sure what those interests are yet, make sure you choose a school that will give you a wide variety of courses and disciplines to choose from.

A vital part of the law school program is the externship. This is where you will get real world legal experience. You want to make sure you are going to attend a school that will afford you the opportunity for you to get a great externship in a legal area that interests you.

Of course, you should do some research into the faculty. What are their reputations? Do they have many publications? A wide body of legal experience to draw from? Are there esteemed faculty members in your area of interest? Do these professors seem like ones you will want to learn from? A school is only as strong as its faculty, so you want to make sure you are comfortable with the faculty of the school you choose.

A good law school has a good law library. You should look into how comprehensive the law library is at the schools you are considering. A visit to the library will give you a good idea about how effectively you will be able to use it to complete your degree.

You will also have to think about physical factors such as location and cost. Are you willing to relocate to go to law school? Are you looking at law schools you can afford? When determining affordability, you also must take into account living expenses if you are going to law school away from home. Remember that even if you get student loans, you will one day be expected to pay them back with interest.

Law school is a sometimes grueling, always educational, transforming experience for most lawyers. Picking the right law school will put you in a position to have the most successful law career possible, whatever discipline of law you choose to practice.

Are There Any Benefits of Online Courses?

In 2006, more than 3.2 million U.S. college and university students enrolled in at least one online course, an increase of 850,000 from the year before. For the last several years, enrollment in distance learning education has been increasing at a phenomenal rate each year, and there appears to be no let up in sight. With interest in distance learning education at an all-time high, one might wonder just what all the fuss is about. Are there any significant benefits of online courses and if so, what are they? To answer that question, here is a short list of benefits that are attractive to students seeking an e-learning solution for their educational goals.

- Many online schools offer year-round enrollment. There’s no need to wait until the fall or spring semester, online students can begin class throughout the year.

- Online courses often feature condensed curricular modules that accelerate the learning process by removing extraneous material and focusing on core content.

- Online courses are convenient. Students can attend classes from practically anywhere, and at any time, 24/7, as long as there is an available computer and access to the internet. This flexibility allows students to continue their current lifestyle with minimal disruption, if any. Students can work full or part time, spend time with family and friends, participate in regular daily activities, and still be able to study at a convenient time and location that fits right into their schedule.

- Students can study at their own pace. Online courses don’t usually have "scheduled" meetings, so students can work on assignments according to their own schedule and learning method. However, it’s important that students remember that assignments and exams are regularly scheduled events. All due dates for course assignments must be adhered to, just as in traditional college classes.

- For many students, there is reduced expense, as e-learning courses can be less expensive overall than traditional campus-based courses. While the online class, textbooks, and other material may actually cost as much as in a traditional classroom, the savings come from a significant reduction of expenses in other areas. Students can save on such things as travel or automobile expense, on-campus housing costs, child-care, and loss of earnings if the student can’t work or works less while attending school.

- E-learning programs provide equal learning environment for students, regardless of physical appearance, age, health, gender, personality traits, religious, social or economic status. Students that might otherwise feel intimidated or overwhelmed by more talkative students are on the same footing in an online classroom. With more time to formulate a response to the instructor’s lectures and questions, even the most word-shy student has an equal chance to be heard in the threaded classroom discussions. Furthermore, there is improved communication with classmates and the instructors through instant messaging, email, chat rooms, threaded discussions, phone or fax. The lines of communication are wide open in the online classroom.

- Accredited online programs qualify for financial aid. Eligible students may qualify for grants, scholarships, and student loans, just as traditional campus-based college students would.

Arguably, there are some compelling reasons for students considering online distance learning courses. If you are looking to continue your own education but you just don’t see how you can do it with a traditional program, online courses may very well provide the right e-learning solution for you.

Enrich your HR Skills with Human Resources MBA

As days are passing, businesses are diversifying in numbers and types. As a result, employers are compelled to hire business executives and managers to run their respective organizations with flexibility. Therefore, career enthusiasts are dying to earn management degrees so that they can match up to the demands of the top rated employers. Educational demands are soaring day by day and students are not contented with just a mere graduation but heading on to earn higher degrees. Therefore, earning an MBA degree in Human Resources is a must for all career enthusiasts who have been yearning to grab prestigious positions in top corporate houses. A human resources MBA professional plays an integral part in determining the company’s growth as well as that of the concerned business.

In a company, the HR manager is considered to be a precious asset. In fact, a company can be subject to perils without hiring human resources MBA personnel. They are hired for undertaking several functions within a company. For instance, they recruit fresh personnel, ensure employee progress, process documents regarding terminations, determines safety at work places and also look after official matters related to holidays, pensions and wages of workers. Needless to say, they hold one of the topmost positions in a company and entitled to a hefty salary at the end of each month.

The company which you are running might either be capital or labor intensive. However, it cannot stand upright till you hire labors and most importantly, a human resources MBA professional. A proficient individual having an MBA degree in human resources will be ideal to handle the labor related issues. They also need to primarily manage the human capital. Negligence in this field might shatter your company’s reputation. So, if you are the business owner, make sure you hire a human resources MBA professional to fetch better results.

For those who are craving to pursue human resources MBA can enroll either for the regular or distance learning mode. Well, if you have already completed your graduation, enroll for the Master’s degree program in human resources MBA. It can not only lead you to promote yourself as one of the superiors of the company but help you progress in your present job. The human resources MBA course is designed to let you equip you with high-level skills that can always assist you in tackling tight situations which your company might encounter at any point of time.

Nowadays, pursuing the HR MBA course through distance learning has become the most preferred option for thousands. The majority of working individuals find impossible to make time for regular class hours and at the same time desire to study to snatch a better position in a company. Therefore, the only option is distance learning that can help you study and work at the same time. Well, authentication is certainly not a factor since the relevance of distance learning degree courses are equivalent to that of a regular one. To know more, visit the sites.

Distance Learning – Advantages and Disadvantages

There are advantages and disadvantages to distance learning. The advantages of distance learning are making this online alternative very popular. But, before you decide to choose distance learning over traditional learning, you should be aware of the disadvantages, too.

Advantages of Distance Learning

Convenience: In this economy, it is difficult to take time away from work to further an education towards a more secure future. An advantage of distance learning is that it makes it possible for you to maintain employment without a conflict in schedule. Distance learning allows students to attend class anytime day or night.

Availability: Another advantage of distance learning is that you are not limited to only courses offered by local colleges. With personal responsibilities already in place, attending schools at a greater distance away from home is not always an option. Distance learning makes it possible to take almost any course from any higher learning institution.

Increased Resources: Distance learning not only provides advantages of broadening the courses and programs available at your convenience, it also provides more opportunities for feedback and interaction with instructors and fellow students. Since email and forums are integral components of distance learning, interaction can all be done as needed – not limited to class or campus time or playing phone tag and voicemail.

Disadvantages of Distance Learning

Deadlines: As with any course, there are deadlines to be met. Because you aren’t attending a scheduled class, deadlines may get away from you. This can be a disadvantage of distance learning if you aren’t good with time management.

Studying: It may be difficult to find enough online time without interruption since you’ll be attending class at home. Instructors provide a syllabus so you should be able to create a schedule around the course schedule. You may need to make arrangements with a sitter or spouse to watch the kids plus remember to turn off the TV and the phone.

Testing: Testing may need to be supervised or timed online to keep you honest, especially for the final exam. Your instructor will make arrangements with local educators or provide you with timed online tests so you can’t rely on using your text book to pass. If you live close to the school, you may be required to take the exam at the testing center. You’ll need to be sure to spend as much time studying as you would learning in the traditional way, but there may be more distractions.

Interaction: Discussion board posts and replies are usually included in the course requirements. Sometimes, you must interact in a forum discussion during a set time so you may interact with your instructor in real time. Again, you need to be able to manage your time to be available without distractions.

Learning Style: Another disadvantage to distance learning is that the course may not include instruction for the auditory or visual learner. If there are lecture and supplemental videos included, then it may work for your learning style. Be sure to check the instructor’s style to teaching before you decide on the course. The course may be offered by more than one instructor – each of whom may have different teaching styles.

Successful Distance Learning

To be successful as a distance learner, you must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning. For your first time as a distance learner, enroll in just one course that you will enjoy…and see how it goes.

Distance Learning – The Ladder to Success and Prosperity

We have finally reached the 21st century where schools no more act like the old conventional rooms suffused with chatterboxes and an angry man of rules in the form of a teacher. Today, schools resemble no less than a corporate organization. As days are progressing, the majority of nations are trying to improve the educational standards in schools, colleges and universities. Keeping in mind the impacts of the changing scenario of the developing communities, traditional schools are gradually diminishing and consequently giving rise to ultra-modern learning institutions with super advanced facilities. One such technological innovation that has shaken the world of education is none other than distance learning.

Compared to those old sickly study environments, the present education system gives sharp focus on improving standards of children. Owing to the advent of high-end technology, the management section in each and every learning center is coming up with new ideas that can not only better the levels of education but inculcate everyone with interest and love for their respective lessons. If we just date back to a decade, there was hardly any initiative in providing education to those who were not able to study by attending regular classes. Therefore, distance learning has made it possible and students can now pursue education in the comfort of their home.

In the recent years, the impacts of computers have been massive that has unlocked gateways of earning degrees. In fact, if you have dreamed to bag a degree, you can do it in the comfort of your home. No need to respond to teachers when calling out your name or doing regular homework in order to avoid punishments. Working individuals benefit the most from these distance learning courses. Slogging for almost the entire day in front of the computers absolutely saps all your concentration powers to grab your respective lessons. Therefore, distance learning can prove best in this context.

Distance learning comes with a huge number of advantages compared to the regular ones. First, you are not required to book tickets and travel all the way to your desired location. Instead, just switch on your PC, go online, connect to the relevant site and get going. In fact, if you wish to take some classes, you can contact the faculties online and arrange schedules accordingly. Diverse subjects are offered in distance learning ranging from arts, commerce, science to computer applications. As far as the authentication of these distance learning courses are concerned, they are absolutely worthwhile similar to the regular courses.

For receiving materials, you are not required to pay any postal charges like the way it used to be. Today, everything is online and so you can download all your required materials then and there. Nowadays, the online university courses are drawing huge number of candidates from various corners of the globe. In fact, working employees are opting more for these online university courses to polish their career. So, there is no need to worry if you are not able to travel to your campus class. Arrange a video conferencing session through online if you wish to get into a group discussion with your classmates and instructors regarding any of the online university courses.

How to Conquer the Mcat – Tips on How to Succeed

Almost all American medical schools require that you to take the MCAT exam before applying to medical school. Some schools place an even weight on your MCAT score and your GPA, so it is important that you do well on the MCAT as well as having a high GPA. In order to best prepare for the MCAT material you will need to have completed introductory biology, chemistry, physics, and organic chemistry courses. You will be tested on your ability to interpret and apply what you know rather than to just know facts.

First of all, it is important for you to know what will be on the test, so that you know what to expect and can properly prepare for the exam. The MCAT is composed of 4 main sections. The first section of the MCAT is the physical science. This section is made up of 77 multiple-choice questions that you will have 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete. These questions are designed to test your science knowledge and problem solving ability in the areas of physics and general chemistry.

The second section is the verbal reasoning section, which is designed to measure performance comprehension, evaluation, application, and incorporation. You will have 1 hour and 25 minutes to complete 60 questions.

The third section is the writing sample. You will have 1 hour to complete 2 essays. The experimental section of the MCAT must be completed in 35 minutes and the number of questions depends on the test that you are given.

The final section of the MCAT is the biological sciences, which you will have 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete 77 multiple-choice questions. This section covers questions on the concepts of biology and organic chemistry.

Now that you have an idea of what is included on the exam, you will need to take the necessary steps to prepare for the exam. Since everyone prepares for major tests and exams differently, you will need to follow a course of action that will allow you to best prepare for the exam.

#1 Make a plan. Whether you need to take a MCAT preparation course or you can study on your own with a MCAT practice exam book, choose the way that you are going to go about studying for the exam.

#2 Create a schedule. You will need to start studying for the MCAT 3 to 12 months before you take it, so create a schedule based on this timeframe.

#3 Practice, practice, and then practice some more. Set up simulated practice test sessions. Use practice tests from books or online. Go back to the areas that you still need to work on and review, practice and study until you have mastered those areas as well.

So now you know the format of the test, what is going to be on the test, and how to study for the test. Now you need to know what to do while you are actually taking the test to totally conquer it.

#1 Read the questions carefully. Do not rush through the exam because you think that you know it like the back of your hand.

#2 Do not leave answers blank. On the MCAT you are graded on the number of correct answers you give. If you do not know the answer to a question, then use the process of elimination to narrow down the choices given as much as possible.

If you do not know the answer and cannot make an educated guess then randomly fill it in. The odds are better for you to answer those questions that you cannot figure out at random than it is to leave them completely blank.

#3 Manage your time. Since each section of the test is timed, you will need to be able to manage your time effectively so that you have enough time to complete each question on the exam. Don’t spend too much time on any one question that will cause you to not have enough time to answer the remaining questions.

#4 Check your work. When you have completed a section and you have time left before the end of that portion of the exam, go back and check your answers. First, make sure that you have answered all of the questions. Revisit the questions that you were having trouble with and recheck your answer choice now that you have a few more minutes to spend on it.

Relax, take a deep breath, and prepare for your MCAT exam. The MCAT is not really a test of academic knowledge where you memorize facts. The MCAT tests your ability to take what you learned in biology, physics, chemistry and organic chemistry, interpret it and apply it to different scenarios. When you are studying, you are not really studying to learn new material. You are really making sure that you understand concepts so that you can then take these concepts and apply them to different situations. By taking the necessary steps to prepare for the exam, you will have everything you need to conquer the MCAT.

Raise your Lsat Score – Ways to Do it

Some people learn better in traditional classroom settings surrounded by their peers and face-to-face with their teachers. Others prefer a more self-directed approach like taking an online course or studying from a book. There are still others who require personal one-on-one interaction with a tutor or teacher. If you have already taken the LSAT exam but you didn’t like your test scores, then you are probably searching for a method to raise your test scores the next time you take the exam.

Again, it is important to know yourself and by what method you learn the best. Here are some ways that you can prepare to retake your LSAT and get a higher score.

Time Management:

The truth is that most students score low on the LSAT because they feel rushed to complete all of the questions before time runs out. If it were not a timed test, the majority of the students would be able to answer the questions correctly. Unfortunately, it is a timed test so you need to learn how to manage the time allotted to take each part of the exam. One way that you can learn to manage your test taking time is to simulate the testing experience when you are taking your practice exams.

Set a timer for the amount of time you are allowed for each section. Take the test like it counts and see how well you do. The goal is to answer correctly as many of the questions that you can in the allotted time. This also means that you cannot spend too much time on any one question. If you get stuck on a question, try to make an educated guess or randomly choose an answer and then move on to the next question.

If you are still having trouble passing your practice exams, then you may want to consider one of the following 3 options as an alternative method to help you raise your test score the next time you take the LSAT.

Test Preparation Classroom Courses:

These courses are made for those who prefer the face-to-face interaction with a teacher. They may be visual learners that need someone to talk them through and point them through the process. LSAT classroom courses tend to be kept small, maybe 8-10 students, so that the teacher can spend more individual time with those that need it. With a live teacher students can ask questions and have them immediately answered.

LSAT class instructors tend to have taught this course over and over again. They have statistics on how their students scored and they teach you little tips and tricks to conquer the LSAT and raise your score. They provide extensive practice materials to pinpoint the areas that you may need to work a little extra on in order to raise your score.

Test Preparation Online Courses:

Another way that you can increase your LSAT score is by taking an online course. Online courses allow you to prepare for your LSAT when and where you choose. Online courses provide lessons and drills that are all self-directed. You can skip around to work on the lessons and drills that you need rather than having to learn the lesson that has been prepared by the teacher. Many of these online classes offer an online chat service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for help, assistance or to answer your questions. These types of courses are better for those that self-motivated and do not need interaction with their peers and with their teachers.

Private Tutoring:

Private tutors are best for those individuals that need one-on-one attention or for those that get distracted easily by other students. Private tutors are usually more expensive than the classroom or online courses. Tutors can usually accommodate your schedule so that it is convenient for you to fit learning into your daily routine. Money back guarantees are usually also available through private tutors. And with private tutors, they are able to identify the areas that the individual student is weak in and concentrate on teaching in those areas.

You can raise your LSAT score by working very diligently at any of these options. Which option is best really is determined by your learning style and what your needs are. Cost may also be a factor in determining which method you choose. If you work hard and focus your efforts you can take the LSAT a second time and raise your score.

Online Application Deadlines

Shocked woman with hands on faceIf you are thinking about applying to an online university, there are some things you should know about the application process. Depending on the school, the process for applying can be a little different. Some online schools have “online terms” just as a traditional university would. This means you’ll have to pay attention to application deadlines and make sure you get all of the required paperwork in on time. However, other online schools have rolling admission, meaning you can apply at anytime. A school representative will contact you at each step of the online school admissions process to request the required documentation for your application to be approved.

Keep in mind when you are choosing an online degree program that schools may have varying start dates depending on which program you are enrolled in. Since some programs take longer to complete or have more requirements, terms or semesters may be changed to reflect this. If you are looking into a specific program, make sure you look into any term deadlines specified to your field or contact an admissions representative from your potential school.

To help you in your process, the following is a list of a few online schools and their enrollment information:

American Sentinel University
American Sentinel University has enrollment periods beginning once every month. This means, no matter when you want to begin your education, there will be plenty of opportunities to apply. For a list of program start dates, request more information from American Sentinel University.

University of Phoenix Online
The University of Phoenix Online offers continuous enrollment, so you don’t have to apply by any particular date. Your application will be processed when all of the sections are received. Start dates vary and are based on program or course of interest, modality, and campus location. Request information from the University of Phoenix Online.

Devry University
There is no deadline to apply to DeVry University. Prospective students have the opportunity to enroll six times per year with their 15 week semester format. Year-round classes mean you can earn an associate degree in just over one year, or a bachelor’s degree in as few as three years. Request information.

Upcoming semesters:
2011 Summer Semester: July 4, 2011 – October 23, 2011
2011 Fall Semester: October 24, 2011 - February 26, 2012

Contact the university for more detailed application information or to find the cost of online degrees.

Everest University Online
Everest University Online offers continuous enrollment so there are no deadlines. Terms are scheduled as a traditional university would, offering full semester courses rather than 4 week courses that are sometimes options at online schools. Request more information from Everest University Online.

Common Application Requirements

Before you apply, it’s a good idea to have your documents and information together. Though application processes and requirements vary by university, here is a general list of items you may be asked to supply:

  • Official transcripts
  • Completed online degree application
  • Any online degree admission tests
  • Applicable college transfer credits
  • An updated resume
  • Money for the application fee

And be prepared for an interview!

Applying to an online university can be a lot easier than applying to a traditional school. With the rolling admission option and numerous deadlines, the application process has been improved to provide a time-friendly enrollment, getting you “in the classroom” much sooner.

Before you enroll, make sure you know all of your options for financial aid for online degrees. Visit FafsaOnline to learn more about federal aid and how to apply.

Is an Online Degree in Information Technology Right for Me?

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In our modern world of rapidly developing technology, an online degree in information technology provides qualifications in an industry with a strong future. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ projections, there will be over two million new jobs in information services between now and 2018–with fields such as network systems and data communication analysts experiencing as much as 53% growth during that time frame. Furthermore, the average annual salary for information services is over $80,000.

A degree in information technology can be obtained online for any level, from a certification to a Master’s Degree. Consequently, online degree programs not only allow high school graduates to begin a career, but also create an opportunity for experienced professionals to update their credentials. The convenience of distance learning, given that it allows you to work and study simultaneously, also provides a chance for professionals in other fields to change careers entirely.

An online degree program makes even greater use of many relevant applications than traditional colleges or universities, by nature of the fact that it is almost entirely computer-based. And, when considering this computer- and internet-intensive career path for which information technology degrees prepare, extra familiarity provides a competitive edge.

However, there are many details you must take into consideration when choosing a specific degree program. Here are some tips:

* Make sure the school is an accredited institution. Only schools accredited by certain regional or national accreditation agencies are valid.

* Be wary of degree programs which seem “too good to be true”. Schools that offer degrees which can be completed abnormally quickly, require little or no effort, or are priced by degree (instead of credit-hours) may be diploma mills rather than providers of a good online education.

* Research the faculty. Find out how much experience and what education the instructors for the program have had. Make sure they are up to date with the online technology–a good place to check this is in the curriculum. Courses which use more interactive web applications tend to teach you more.

* Think about time constraints. Does the program allow you to take courses part time? Is there a limit to how long it can take you to complete the degree?

* Check if courses are fully online. Some schools offer “blended” programs which require some time to be spent on a campus, while others offer a purely online education.

* Do they offer the specific degree for which you are searching?

* How much does tuition cost? Will you need to get financial aid? If so, there are resources to help: consider applying for scholarships, grants, and student loans to defray costs.

When considering all of the aspects that affect a decision about pursing an online degree in information technology, it may help to have a comparison tool to keep all of the details straight. Choose carefully, as undertaking an online education is a large investment–but do not lose sight of the rewards of an exciting new career!