Testing The Waters With Online Education

Testing the waterBy now most people know at least some of the benefits of online education. We know that it is convenient for working adults, it is good for the environment and students can complete online degrees at their own pace. Online education is great, but it does not have to be the end all be all. Have you ever considered testing the higher education waters with an online program? Many people have a hard time deciding if pursuing a degree is the right step for them. They sometimes sit on the fence between action and apathy for years. The beauty of online education is that you can take a class or two without making a huge commitment.

This is true for people pursuing a degree for the first time and professionals making the decision to go back to school. An online course can help a person determine if a certain field of study and degree program is what they want. After making a decision they can decide to continue on with the online degree, transfer into a full time brick-and-mortar program, or a combination of both.

If you fall into the category of the undecided it may be the perfect time to try out a few classes. Online courses and online degree programs are extremely flexible and the credits are usually very liquid so you do not have to worry about getting stuck if the water isn’t your temperature.

Take the stress out of planning your wedding

Planning a wedding can be an incredibly stressful experience. Getting married should be a day of joy rather than a day of stress. There is one sure fire way to ensure that everything goes to plan, take a wedding planning course. This will give you the know how to be able to make a reality of the dream wedding you have in your head.

Whether you want a church wedding with all of your friends and family or a barefoot wedding on a secluded beach with only your immediate family, a wedding planning course will show you how to get there for the best possible price and with the least possible amount of stress.

Learn how to spot someone that will rip you off and learn just what will work for the specific wedding you want without having to pay for a wedding planner.

Take a course given by someone in the wedding planning industry to get the inside knowledge. If you’re thinking you don’t have the time to take a whole course just for this, don’t worry it only take about six hours, but in that six hours you will get all you need to uncover the possibilities that exist out there and how to get everything planned so well that your once in a lifetime day runs like clockwork.

Do yourself a favour and make the happiest day of your life the most stress free day possible. When you plan your own wedding you can be absolutely sure that the day will turn out exactly how you want it to.

Don’t let someone else pressure you into changing the wedding you want, this course will teach you how to get what you want so you can be sure your special day will be perfect.

When it comes to wedding planning, you will have to know that you can only learn the basics at home. You will need to keep practicing the craft so you can become a famous wedding coordinator. This is because you will need to keep yourself updated on what the current designs are for those who want a unique wedding. In addition, you need to look for new wedding suppliers that you can get stuff from.

Online Education, A Cheaters Paradise?

fem041-01Cheat cheat, never beat?

Online classes are perfect for working professionals and career beginners who want to complete or advance their education.  But are online students actually ”earning” their degree?  I’ve spoke to many undergrads who revealed to me how easy it would be to cheat on an exam, and countless others who openly admitted to cutting a few corners.

Online exams are usually timed to help combat cheating by expediting the decision making process for the student.  It is assumed that some foundation of knowledge would be required (i.e. completed assignments and reading) to score well on a timed examination.  But if the timer is set too long it can easily grant a student ample time to execute a dishonest agenda.  Additionally there are no safeguards in place to stop a student from having one of their friends, who happen to be knowledgeable on that particular subject matter, take the exam. Only a students personal code of ethics would stop them.  But the real question is why do people cheat?

I’ve heard many passionate arguments as to why students will cut those corners to make the grade.  Many rationalize their decision by saying, I’ll never need to know this information in the real world. Prime numbers, Andy Warhol, and conjugating verbs will have nothing to do with what my job consists of some day.  Others have told me they’re only taking the class because it’s a core requirement and that it really doesn’t matter much to them.  To be honest it is difficult for me to disagree.  I’ve worked for some of the biggest companies in the U.S. and have never been asked to solve for x, been quizzed about Andy Warhol’s artistic flare with a Campbell’s soup can, or been handed an essay and asked to conjugate the verbs.

Don’t get me wrong I do not endorse cheating, I simply understand the viewpoint behind why some people do.  But earning your degree in this fashion would be no different than going to a Degree Mill and purchasing a piece of paper saying you hold a BA in this or an MBA in that.  You will only be cheating yourself today, while setting yourself up for failure tomorrow.

Have you ever cheated on a test – either online or in a classroom?  Sound off!

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4 Tips to Students Considering Online Education

Many students choose to pursue online degree without evaluating their learning style and personality whether they will be successful as online students. Survey results show that many online students failed to complete their degree program mainly due to student’s personality issues. Earning a degree through online education may not be a right decision for all students. Here are 4 important tips to evaluate yourself to ensure you are a right candidate to success with online learning style.

Evaluation #1: Are your education success mainly depend on face-to-face interaction with instructors and classmates?

In online learning environment, most learning materials and communications are in text format, you need to adapt yourself to this type of learning environment if you want to success in this type of study. Many students who failed in their online study find themselves learn better in the courses that conducted in classroom-based. They prefer direct interaction with lecturer and face-to-face communication with their classmates.

If you education success or failure really depend of how the courses being conducted and you are not ready to change your learning style, then considering online education may not be your best option.

Evaluation #2: Do you often get things done ahead of time or you prefer to wait until the last minutes?

Self-motivation is very important in online learning because most of the courses and assignments are in self-paced form. You plan your own time that best fit into your schedule to logon to classes, do and submit your assignments. If you are the kind of person who always put on-hold your tasks to last minutes of dead line, then online education may not be your best choice.

Evaluation #3: Do you always need assistance when you are given written directions for an assignment by an instructor?

If you do, then you might have problem to understand instruction in text format. Most communications for online education such chatting, discussion board, email and downloadable materials are in text format. Although there are helps available if you need any assistance, most of your questions will be answered in email or posted text on the online discussion board. Hence, you need to be able to under text instructions if you want to benefits from the advantages of online education.

Evaluation #4: Are you good in time management & able to divide your time between your work, family and online study?

If you are a working individual who want to get a degree online without giving up your career, online education is good choice because the benefits in term of flexibility and self-paced learning style enable you to achieve both your career and education goal. But, for people who are not good in time management, they tend to lose their focus on their study if they are too busy with their career and family. That’s why many online students who are not able to allocate their time for study tend to quit without completing their online study program.

If the results of the above evaluation reveal a strong self-motivation and preference for a more independent learning environment, you may be an ideal candidate to take your degree online.

Give back to the community by becoming a teacher's aide

The children of our society are the most important resource that we have and the most essential thing we can give them is a good education. Online Courses offer teachers aide courses.

If you’ve ever thought about getting involved in the education system a great way that will really make a difference is by becoming a teachers aide. This will help everyone, it will take pressure off the teacher, give the kids another person to help them and give you the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a difference in the world.

The best way to become a teacher’s aide is to take a course to get the qualifications needed. Of course these qualifications are not just for a teacher’s aide, they can also put you into the career of student support officer, teacher support officer, disability support officer, principal’s assistant, technology assistant and many more rewarding essential careers within a school.

What if there is nowhere close to where you live that offers this qualification? Don’t worry you can always complete the course online, giving you the freedom to choose your own study hours, making the course fit around your life rather than the other way around.

The education system is screaming out for qualified enthusiastic staff who really want to make a difference; this course will give you the skills to be able to turn your desire to help children with their education into a reality.

Take the first step today and enrol in an online course to gain the skills to really make a difference and give something back to your community.

Qualifications offered by Online Courses Australia in the field of Education cover workers in a range of educational settings, including public and independent schools, community educational settings and roles that provide assistance and support to teachers and students under broad-based supervision.

Are you a parent who yearns to work child-flexible hours? Did you always imagine yourself working at your old school when you grew up?

Communicate with students, assist teachers, relish educational diversity and make a difference in the lives of young people with a Nationally Recognised Certificate in Education Support.

Want To Have A Better Post At Your Office

Online Management courses are a wide preferred option for those who could not attend the regular classes. These courses have come as a boon for those who stay in far away places. Often due to employment obligations an individual may not attend regular classes. They have removed the hindrance of traveling from one place to the other. With the high end communications system like video conferencing and internet one may sit in the comfort of home and participate in the educational program.

Some of the institutes which offer courses like this are Indian Institute of Management, Institute of Management Technology in Ghaziabad and Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management.

The online courses in India offer programs at both undergraduate and post graduate level. PDH Level and High School level programs are also offered online. These courses cover all the required field of management like Human Resource & Organizational Behavior, Operations Management, Information Technology and Entrepreneurship.

The online management courses are offered by a number of institutes in India. Some of these institutes offer video conference set up for the classroom sessions to make it more interactive. The candidate may always clear up the doubts through these interactions. It also gives the platform to interact with others who are participating in the course. This facilitates in exchange of views, opinions and experience.  The study materials are usually sent through post. The eligibility would depend on the discretion of the institute and also on the level of the program.

The degree and the diploma received on completion of the course often help a candidate in extending his career. Promotion, better job opportunity and value addition in educational qualification are some of the benefits one gets through Online Education. This online management course is quite popular among the working professional. These online management courses in India are generally held in the evening and as such the individual finds it easy to make the necessary adjustments in the work schedule.

Some of the Indian and International Institutes offering such course:

  1. Indian Institute of Management
  2. Institute of Management Technology in Ghaziabad
  3. Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management
  4. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management
  5. Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneshwar
  6. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies

Is an Online Degree in Information Technology Right for Me?

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In our modern world of rapidly developing technology, an online degree in information technology provides qualifications in an industry with a strong future. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ projections, there will be over two million new jobs in information services between now and 2018–with fields such as network systems and data communication analysts experiencing as much as 53% growth during that time frame. Furthermore, the average annual salary for information services is over $80,000.

A degree in information technology can be obtained online for any level, from a certification to a Master’s Degree. Consequently, online degree programs not only allow high school graduates to begin a career, but also create an opportunity for experienced professionals to update their credentials. The convenience of distance learning, given that it allows you to work and study simultaneously, also provides a chance for professionals in other fields to change careers entirely.

An online degree program makes even greater use of many relevant applications than traditional colleges or universities, by nature of the fact that it is almost entirely computer-based. And, when considering this computer- and internet-intensive career path for which information technology degrees prepare, extra familiarity provides a competitive edge.

However, there are many details you must take into consideration when choosing a specific degree program. Here are some tips:

* Make sure the school is an accredited institution. Only schools accredited by certain regional or national accreditation agencies are valid.

* Be wary of degree programs which seem “too good to be true”. Schools that offer degrees which can be completed abnormally quickly, require little or no effort, or are priced by degree (instead of credit-hours) may be diploma mills rather than providers of a good online education.

* Research the faculty. Find out how much experience and what education the instructors for the program have had. Make sure they are up to date with the online technology–a good place to check this is in the curriculum. Courses which use more interactive web applications tend to teach you more.

* Think about time constraints. Does the program allow you to take courses part time? Is there a limit to how long it can take you to complete the degree?

* Check if courses are fully online. Some schools offer “blended” programs which require some time to be spent on a campus, while others offer a purely online education.

* Do they offer the specific degree for which you are searching?

* How much does tuition cost? Will you need to get financial aid? If so, there are resources to help: consider applying for scholarships, grants, and student loans to defray costs.

When considering all of the aspects that affect a decision about pursing an online degree in information technology, it may help to have a comparison tool to keep all of the details straight. Choose carefully, as undertaking an online education is a large investment–but do not lose sight of the rewards of an exciting new career!


Reasons Why You Should Take Short Courses

With today’s user speed lifestyle, it doesn’t surprise anybody of the different opportunities that are available. Starting with the different developments that are available anywhere, there seems to be an unlimited supply of talent for those who come up with new ways to make the world a better and smaller place. I say this because I have found a number of short courses that can be taken online now.

I must say I have gotten a fondness for this opportunity because I always love to learn new things. But because I have a busy and hectic schedule, I do not have the luxury of time to enroll myself in the different courses that are available. With these online courses, I get to find a good way to explore my talent and grow in it. This new opportunity allows me to grow as an individual and in my chosen career.

Like me, many people have also discovered the beauty behind these online short courses. They have seen just how beneficial these courses are and how easy it is to enroll in them. For this reason alone, I have been able to invite a number of people to join me in this new adventure. But I feel it is best to identify who the other people are who can benefit from this.

For self-discovery

I believe that with these short courses, people get a new chance to rediscover themselves. This is because with these courses, you can develop your individuality and potential to excel in the field. With this new learning, you will be able to gain the acceptance that you need to grow as a mature person.

For career growth

Another reason why I believe that people should take these courses is that they can give way to enhance one’s career. The reason why I say this is because managers are always looking for a way to make their business operations much easier. This is why new tools and trends are being developed on a daily basis. But because these tools require a complex understanding, it is necessary for individuals to take such steps.

There are still more reasons why I believe online short courses should be taken. The above mentioned are only two of the reasons why these can help an individual. With the many reasons why these courses are good, it is your turn to decide if you want to take that huge step or not. But I would really suggest that you take this initiative so you can turn yourself into a better individual. This will give you the learning that you need in order to become more skilled in the craft you have taken a course to study in.

The Difference Between Online Courses And Traditional Courses

If you want to know which form of educational model is best for you, then you need to know the difference between online courses and traditional college courses.  Today, there is an ongoing debate if online education can match and supplant traditional classroom learning.  You have to understand that online delivery of education is a relatively new method.  So it is just reasonable to investigate how online education works and how does it compare with traditional mode of teaching.  So here is a basic outline of the differences between the online and traditional learning.   

First, traditional schools require their students to be physically present in a classroom environment.  You can only earn your degree if you religiously attend your class in person at a predetermined time and location. Online colleges do not require the physical presence of students to a classroom.  That is because online courses are primarily delivered through virtual class environments.  By using modern Internet technologies, students and professors interact and exchange ideas through the cyber space.  So the physical boundaries of time and space are non-issues with online education.  You can earn your degree wherever you are.  And you can attend classes without going physically to a classroom environment.  

The virtual nature of online education will enable you to pursue your career while taking full time online courses.  No one can prevent you from attending your classes because all you need to do is to log in to your student’s account to access the virtual classroom environment.  Proponents of traditional education contend that virtual learning takes away the vibrant and proactive nature of classroom discussions.  In some aspects this is true because when you study online, you will only interact with your virtual professor.  Student to student interactions in an online setting is minimal.  But with the increasing use of video conferencing and state of the art real time virtual classrooms, vibrant online discussion can become a reality.  The key therefore is technology and online colleges are already implementing this type of technology.  

A traditional course is strictly bound by time.  That is because a class should strictly adhere to a specific predefined schedule.  This forces the students to cram and subjects them to a lot of pressure.  This is a non-issue with online courses.  Online colleges set flexible time for students to meet their requirements.  Lessons are delivered through modules which you can study at home.  You will only be required to submit the requirements of the course after you set your own schedule.  Of course, there is also time discipline with online education.  You can not take the course forever.  But the schedules are more relaxed and not too restrictive compared to traditional education.  

Because of the flexibility of online courses, you will be able to finish your degree without sacrificing your day job.  But you have to take note that online learning requires a different kind of discipline.  You need to develop the right motivation and dedication in order to avoid distractions so you can earn your degree in the fastest possible time.

Online Courses and Online Classes

Online courses and online classes are amongst some of the most sought after searches these days for job seekers. Those who have been out of work are quickly finding that education/re-education and online career training or retraining are vital to be competitive in today’s changing market that has been hit hard by the current spiraling recession. Online vocational training has never been in such high demand as now. Free online courses, free courses and free online training are also highly sought after, given the cost of education and online education — however, free online courses, free courses and free online career training are unheard of and what do exist, are not free online certificate training programs or free online courses with certificates. As they say, you get what you pay for. There tends to be no credibility with online courses, online classes, online career training and online training of any sort that are free online courses, free courses and free online career training — with or without being free online career certificate training, free online courses with certificates or free college courses with certificates. The credibility factor is just not there with free courses. And in a competitive world, credible education is a given.

Another factor weighing heavy on education today is convenience. People have to take whatever work available AND sandwich education in their lives as well. Online courses, online classes, online college courses, online graduate courses, online undergraduate courses, online degree programs, online vocational training programs rank amongst the most desirable forms of education presently. However, there is a great dilemma between online courses, online classes, online career training, online college courses, online college graduate courses being affordable compared to those free online courses, free online career training, free online training, free online college courses, free online college graduate courses and free online degree programs. Nothing when it comes to convenience and credibility is free.

The squeeze from the ends of cost, credibility and convenience when it comes to education is making online courses, online classes, online career training, online vocational training the best option for those job seekers wanting to improve their chances of surviving and thriving a down economy. Online education is definitely convenient, as online courses, online classes, online training, online career training is self-paced, available anytime and anywhere if you have a Blackberry, cell phone with internet, an iPad or other internet capable/wireless tablet, or a laptop or pc with an internet connection. And there are so many online courses, online classes, online career training, online vocational training sources available and many options for accredited resources these days that it has made online graduate programs, online vocational programs, online career programs, online degree programs and online undergraduate programs much more affordable than in the past. Although these are not free online courses, free online classes, free online vocational training, free online career training or free college classes, free college degree programs, free online college graduate programs or free online college degree programs, they are still very much affordable in serving their purpose.

No one knows how long the current recession will continue, however it is very possible that online college courses, online courses, online classes, online career training programs, online vocational courses and even those wanting free college courses, free online college courses, free courses, free classes, free online graduate degree programs, free online graduate courses, free online training, free online career training will continue to be highly sought after as cost, convenience and credibility have become issues of living in modern times; although for certain, recessionary times have made these factors especially and particularly vital to those being forced to seek new lines of work and additional occupational skills.

The recession has shown us that online education in the form of online courses, online classes, online training, online career training and online vocational training has timeless value and unwavering application no matter what economic condition our country is in, and that the only really good free college courses, free courses, free online training, free online classes, free online career training and free online vocational training are those that someone else pays for. Today, there are many ways online education can be paid for: government workforce funding, student grants and loans, corporate and employer paid programs, military programs, rehabilitation programs, social security system funding for the disabled, non-profit organizational funding, civic funding, and a variety of scholarship programs. And yes, that is for online education. There is a little known programs for those out of work called the WIA program. WIA stands for Workforce Investment Act. Funding is granted for online courses, online classes, online job training, online career training and online vocational training programs. If you are disabled, check with your rehabilitation counselor or social security disability counselor about their programs to pay for your education. Ask your employer if you have one, what programs they may have to help assist you with a free online college degree program or free online career training program or free online vocational program. You might be surprised at the options out there. And try applying for student grants, loans and scholarships. People often think that scholarships are just for those with good grades, but today many types of niche scholarships and grants exist. You might even find that your local civic groups such as the Elks club, Masons, Endowment for the Arts group have connections with local philanthropists and wealthy folks needing tax write-offs and wanting to help those in their community. If someone is willing to help pay for your education, just think, maybe there is a such thing as free courses, free online courses, free college degree programs, free online degree programs, free job training, free online job training, free online career training, free graduate programs, free graduate degree programs, and free online graduate degree programs and free online undergraduate degree programs. With that said, maybe there really is that free lunch. And in these times, who would turn that down?