Dispense a Pharmacy Career with Online Schools

The pharmacists of yesteryear stood behind a long counter and filled your prescription from a doctor’s order on a tiny paper slip. They were friendly and informative but quite busy, and stayed back among the bottles of pills and vials of liquids that they dispensed in perfect measure.
Today’s pharmacist still dispenses medications and provides informative help to your questions about prescription drugs, but they do much more than that. In the coming years, more and more pharmacists will be doing things that physicians used to handle, such as giving flu shots, vaccines, and even testing blood sugar for diabetics. Soon, experts believe pharmacists might be doing much the same work as physician’s assistants.
Earning Your Pharmacy Degree Through Online Schools
How do you get into this exciting career field? A shortage of pharmacists in recent years has led to competitive degree programs. Online schools offer the courses necessary to get your foot in the door, as well as the graduate degree programs required to become a pharmacist. Choosing online degree programs can allow you to continue working in your current job and handle family obligations as you work toward your degree.
Now is a great time to find work as a pharmacist. The position is in high demand all over the country, and you can be well-compensated for your hard work: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pharmacists made a median annual salary of $109,180 in 2009. Employment in the United States is expected to grow by 17 percent from 2008 to 2018, adding approximately 46,000 new jobs for pharmacists.
Online schools can be your way into an exciting profession that allows you to interact with people who need your skilled expertise to make their lives better and easier. Working as a pharmacist might be a great money-making proposition, but it is also a way of serving the public that can give you satisfaction deeper than that of any paycheck.

Guide to Online Business Degrees

As technology continues to advance and the global marketplace expands, how business is conducted constantly changes. Whether you’re just entering the business world or you’re looking to embark on a new career path, earning an online business degree can help you keep pace with the competition.

Which Business Degrees Can You Earn Online?
You can find online business degrees at every level, from basic diplomas and certificates to a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Your previous education as well as your career goals will dictate which online business degree program you choose.

A diploma, certificate or online business associate’s degree will provide you with the entry-level skills needed to enter into a specific area of business like accounting or bookkeeping. A bachelor of science program will help prepare you for higher-ranking positions in management as well pave the way for pursuing an advanced business degree. The most-well known advanced business degree is the MBA, which is designed to give you the leadership skills needed to succeed in areas like corporate organizational management.

If you’re looking for additional training, but not necessarily in need of a full degree, consider earning a specialized certificate. Many online degree programs offer specialized training in areas like project management or mentoring and coaching.

What You Can Study
Earning your business degree online doesn’t mean you’re limited to general areas of study. Many online business degree programs give you the option to focus on a single area of business, like management, marketing and communication, accounting, finance or administration. Additionally, you’ll find online business degree programs that focus coursework within a field or industry, including:

  • E-commerce. Online business degrees in e-commerce are often a combination of traditional business studies (accounting, finance, etc.) and specialized studies in electronic commerce law and operations, security and privacy, and management information systems.
  • Entrepreneurship. Millions of people aspire to go into business for themselves and be their own boss. Online business degrees in entrepreneurship are structured to reflect the various skills entrepreneurs need and typically cover accounting, communication, ethics, finance, human resources and sales and marketing. Real-world case studies are often used as teaching tools.
  • Health Care Management. With Baby Boomers getting closer to retirement age, the health care field is growing. There’s a need for practitioners, but there’s also a need for individuals who can manage the administration of the services and care provided, whether those originate at hospitals, government agencies, insurance or pharmaceutical companies or private-care facilities.
  • Information Technology Management. Information technology management is broadly defined as computer hardware, software and network design, including Internet applications. Essentially, how computers process and manage data and information. Online business degrees in information technology management focus heavily on programming, operations, and data management, along with finance, personnel, project management, and communications.
  • International Business. Online business degrees in international business helps managers, and thus companies, break through barriers to doing business outside their native country. Traditional business areas of study like accounting and finance show up in a curriculum that includes course work in international laws and trade and other aspects of international business like joint ventures.

Choosing a Program
Once you know what degree level you wish to pursue and the area of study you’d like to focus your online business degree, you’ll need to do some research to locate online business degree programs that offer what you need at a price you can afford.

The most important thing to consider before you commit to any program is determining first, if the school that provides the online business degree is accredited and then, if the accrediting agency for that school is reputable. Accreditation isn’t formally regulated and guidelines vary from state to state. Be sure the online business degree program you want to pursue is offered by a school whose accreditation agency is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or the Council on Higher Education.

Financing Your Degree
The cost for an online business degree varies from program to program, however, on average the cost per individual credit of coursework is between $300 and $400. Just because a school is online however, that doesn’t mean financial aid isn’t available.

If you’re working already, be sure to check whether your company offers tuition reimbursement as a benefit and if online business degrees are included in the tuitions covered.

You’ll also want to see if the online business degree program you’ve chosen is offered by a school approved for federal student loans or offers other financial assistance packages to students. Most do, but some don’t. Online schools aren’t considered by banks to be any different than on-campus schools, so don’t rule out a traditional student loan if other sources of financing don’t pan out.

Planning for Success
Even the best online business degree programs won’t further your education or career unless you’re committed to doing the work. Online business degrees are flexible by nature, but that doesn’t mean you can forget about time management. Making and sticking to a schedule to complete your course work is essential to succeeding in your online business degree program.

Other tools and tactics that will help you succeed in your online business degree program include establishing communication with your instructors and classmates over e-mail or using chat rooms and discussion boards.

Strong Internet and library research skills are also essential. Finally, if you live in a remote area where high-speed Internet service isn’t available, limit your online business degree program options to those with an Internet connection minimum of dial up to ensure you’ll always have access to the materials you need to download and can submit your course work on time.

Get Your Construction Degree and Build a Career!

Think about the most beautiful building you have ever seen. Got that picture in your head? Though it was designed by an architect, someone had to actually put hammer to nail and build the structure from the ground up. That’s what a degree in construction can enable you to do.
Get a Construction Degree Through Online Schools
Earning your construction degree opens up broad horizons within the world of building design, architecture, construction management, engineering, and others. If it has anything to do with erecting a building, a construction degree can unlock the door to it.
Online degree programs in construction often include courses in computer-aided drafting, home inspection, building inspection, construction technology, construction management, and mathematics. Some choose to pursue an associate’s degree while getting hands-on training in the construction field, while others might choose a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree in the construction specialization of their choice.
Go Even Further with Your Online Degree Programs in Construction
What can you do with that degree? There are several options. Here are just a few, including their average annual salary information, courtesy of the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers.

  • Construction and Building Inspectors: $51,530
  • Construction Managers: $82,330
  • Carpenters: $39,470
  • Civil Engineers: $76,590
  • Construction Equipment Operators: $39,770

Keep in mind that most construction professions require a license to work in the state or local area. Depending upon your specific career goals, other licenses and certifications might be required.
A high percentage of those who earn a degree in construction work on a self-employed basis. Whether you choose to work with a large firm or strike out on your own, earning your construction degree through online schools can get your foot in the door to higher pay and better job security. There’s never been a better time to design that building or pick up that hammer!

Online Bachelor Degree Courses – How to Find the Best Online Bachelor Degree Courses

When you are working on improving your life, one of the best things that you can do is get a college education. Getting a bachelor degree is very important to your future because without one you are going to be unable to find the highest paying jobs, or advance as far as possible in your career.

A bachelors degree can help you solidify your place in your work environment, and achieve all that is possible for you. However, it can be tough to find that time it takes to drop everything and go back to school which is why online bachelor degree programs are so popular.

Online bachelor degree courses enable you to earn your degree via the internet. You take your courses online, and work independently on the course work. Your classes, assignments and exams are all located on your online site, which offers the opportunity to earn your entire degree without ever having to go to a physical college or university.

This works for many reasons. It allows you to work at your own pace, and to take classes as you have the time and money for them. It also allows you to continue working at your current job, take care of your family responsibilities, and continue doing all of the other things that you need to do in order to enjoy your life.

Another great feature of some online degree programs is that you can also complete them in less time than is possible with a conventional college degree program. Some online schools offer specially designed accelerated online degree programs that make it possible to complete your online degree in two years or less.

Finding the Best Online Bachelor Degree Course For You

Finding the best online bachelor degree courses can be hard, so there are a few things that you will want to do to make sure that you are able to get exactly what you are looking for. First of all, think about the type of program you would like pursue for your online degree courses, and the type of degree you would like to get. Then, research the best online bachelor degree programs that offer that type of degree. After you have completed that, you need to check several things.

Firstly, make sure that the online college or institution you are going to look in to is accredited. An accredited online university or college will give you a degree that will transfer well and be recognized and respected no matter what situation you are in.

Secondly, make sure that they have financial aid available if you choose to use it.

Thirdly, look at the way that the online college operates and see if it meets your needs. For instance, are there online forums, or is it all through email? Are there specific online places you have to be at a specific date and time, like online forums or classes, or can you do all of the work whenever it suits you? What other types of online media technology is being used to facilitate the education process by that particular online college. Do they offer accelerated degree programs?

In order to select the best of the online bachelor degree programs you are considering, you need to make sure that you have looked into the course program and delivery methods and you like what you see. Then, you will feel comfortable knowing that you are happy with the program in general.

It is important not to put off or postpone your research into online bachelor degree programs as the right selection is critical to your success. The sooner you start reading up on the various courses and how they work, the sooner you will have the knowledge required to select and enroll into the online program best suited to you and start your online learning experience. And of course the earlier you get started, the earlier you will graduate and have the qualifications you need to build a successful career in your chosen profession.

Raise your Dat Score – 4 Ways to Do it

Some people learn better in traditional classroom settings surrounded by their peers and face-to-face with their teachers. Others prefer a more self-directed approach like taking an online course or studying from a book. There are still others who require personal one-on-one interaction with a tutor or teacher. If you have already taken the DAT exam but you didn’t like your test scores, then you are probably searching for a method to raise your test scores the next time you take the exam.

Again, it is important to know yourself and by what method you learn the best. Here are some ways that you can prepare to retake your DAT and get a higher score.

Take A Refresher Course

If there is a particular area that you are struggling with on during your DAT preparation, you may want to consider taking a refresher course in that particular area. For example, if you seem to have frozen up on biology questions when you took the DAT the first time, and you are still struggling with those questions on the practice tests then you may need to take a biology class again. If you don’t want to take the class over again, then try picking up your old biology textbook and taking a crash refresher course of your own.

Test Preparation Classroom Courses:

These courses are made for those who prefer the face-to-face interaction with a teacher. They may be visual learners that need someone to talk them through and point them through the process. DAT classroom courses tend to be kept small, maybe 8-10 students, so that the teacher can spend more individual time with those that need it. With a live teacher students can ask questions and have them immediately answered. Other students learn from the questions that are asked even if they hadn’t thought to ask the question for themselves.

DAT class instructors tend to have taught this course over and over again. They have statistics on how their students scored and they teach you little tips and tricks to conquer the DAT and raise your score. They provide extensive practice materials to pinpoint the areas that you may need to work a little extra on in order to raise your score. Also, these types of classroom style courses often provide you with a satisfaction guaranteed, meaning you may get a reimbursement or get to take the course over again for free if a certain score is not achieved.

Test Preparation Online Courses:

Another way that you can increase your DAT score is by taking an online course. Online courses allow you to prepare for your DAT when and where you choose. Online courses provide lessons and drills that are all self-directed. You can skip around to work on the lessons and drills that you need rather than having to learn the lesson that has been prepared by the teacher. Many of these online classes offer an online chat service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for help, assistance or to answer your questions. These types of courses are better for those that self-motivated and do not need interaction with their peers and with their teachers.

Private Tutoring:

Private tutors are best for those individuals that need one-on-one attention or for those that get distracted easily by other students. Private tutors are usually more expensive than the classroom or online courses. Tutors can usually accommodate your schedule so that it is convenient for you to fit learning into your daily routine. Money back guarantees are usually also available through private tutors. And with private tutors, they are able to identify the areas that the individual student is weak in and concentrate on teaching in those areas.

You can raise your DAT score by working very diligently at any of the 4 options. Which option is best really is determined by your learning style and what your needs are. Cost may also be a factor in determining which method you choose. If you work hard and focus your efforts you can take the DAT a second time and raise your score.

5 Key Functions of Online Business Degree

It is important for you to get enter into the most competitive age. You must have to look at the scope of the business degree in USA.

It is important for you to join the specific degree programs to look at the carrier opportunities. You must have to see the scope and try to get the benefits of the taking the degree in the field of earning online degree programs.

1. It is important for you to see the scope in the business to take the advantage of getting the degree in the specific field. The online degree in the business offers business planning, marketing, finance, international business, and e-business and information technology.

2. Online business programs available at online. You can earn the online degree programs with 24/7 services. It is one of the most important tasks for you to get the advantage of taking the degree via online.

3. The online business degree programs offer you degree for 6 -8 weeks time. It is important for you to complete the programs while joining the degree programs. It is most essential for you to complete the work as per schedule.

4. You need to look at the details like course structure, time period and fees structure as well as funding and grants provided by the online business degree colleges.

5. It is important for you to get the business degree programs from the college where you can find best support and environment.

It is important for you to look at the accreditation available online. It is one of the most important tasks for you to complete the degree in business once you join the degree program online.

Various Levels of Online Teaching Degree Programs

Teaching profession is highly rewarding and challenging for people who enjoy working with others, sharing new insights and training the leaders of tomorrow. Usually, to serve as a teacher, licenses is mandatory, you should hold a bachelor’s degree and complete an approved teacher training course and are expected to do supervised practice teaching.

Online teaching degree is a degree acquired under the control of a central computer accessible through a computer network. Online teaching degree programs enable you to have flexibility of study from anywhere in the world at convenient hours. You will be able to gain the knowledge in psychology of learning and appropriate use of latest tools that aid in teaching curriculum requirements and design. Thus the online teaching degree enables you to enter into the growing field of education quickly.

The various levels of online teaching degrees are Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and online certificate in teaching and Online Diploma in Teaching.

Bachelor’s degree: The bachelor’s teaching degree program is a program leading to teacher licensure which provides students with the skill and knowledge to make them a competent and effective elementary school educators.

Master’s degree: The Master’s degree program is designed such that it enhances and refines the skills of teachers, counselors, administrators and trainers. This advanced degree program enables students to have an educational framework that supports the advancement, application, and integration of relevant theory and concept. It also provides an in-depth examination of content, skills and knowledge to cater to the specific needs of educators. The Teacher Education specialization programs develop elementary or secondary teachers who facilitate the development of students who are the prospective citizens in a changing society and satisfy the developmental process of teaching and learning in a diverse society.

Online Teaching certificate: This consists of a four graduate level courses each comprising a five-week course. The students will examine theories of learning psychology in relation to online courses and present them using a wide range of models from highly interactive instruction to independent study. They are also free to choose the class size, teaching environment and approach. Online teaching certification program offers flexibility that fits into the schedule for the candidate, and developed and taught by recognized faculty. It also has a lot of interactivity, practicality and is highly innovative.

Since a teaching degree gives the foundation for pursuing a long term career in teaching at different levels of schooling, after obtaining teacher certification, the graduated persons can pursue a career in preschools, high schools colleges or universities and advanced degrees enable them to pursue research and education at higher levels such as PhD and graduate programs.

Good teachers are those who not only know their subjects thoroughly but also have an excellent communication and interpersonal skills .The teachers should also be able to motivate the students, inspire a confidence in them, and also cater to their educational and emotional needs. Taking a teaching degree online will shape a person to be such a teacher.

10 Things to Include in your Personal Statement – Undergraduate, Graduate & Beyond

Whether you are applying to enter undergraduate school, graduate school, or applying for a job, you may be asked to include a personal statement with your application. A personal statement is a supplement to your application that allows you to elaborate on your skills, experience, etc. Some personal statements ask you to respond to a very specific question, while other personal statements may ask a general question, which gives you a little more leeway on what should be included.

Writing your personal statement is your opportunity to shine. It is your opportunity to describe yourself, list the reasons you are interested in becoming part of the institution you are applying for, and the goals that you have set for yourself to achieve. The personal statement is also your platform for elaborating on the abilities that you possess that are not reflected in the standard form questions that you complete on an application. Finally, by completing your personal statement, you are showing the review board that you have the ability to organize your thoughts and that you can write clearly and effectively.

10 Things you should include in a personal statement:

1. List and thoroughly explain your personal experiences and qualifications. Be as specific as possible. Your experiences may be related to school, extracurricular activities, community service, or work experience.

2. Explain what makes you special, unique or impressive. Set yourself apart from your competition. Explain why you should be chosen over the other applicants that are volleying for your position in the institution.

3. List and fully explain the specific reasons that you are interested in attending this institution. It may be that they offer a course of study that no other institution does. It may be that they have the top medical school in the country and you want to me the top brain surgeon in the country. Also include how you came to know of the institution and/or field of study that you are interested in pursuing.

4. Explain and describe any work experience that you may have as it applies to your interest in your course of study. Relevant work experience may be what sparked your interest in pursuing this line of study or the line of work that you would eventually like to take on as a career. For example, maybe you volunteered in a battered women’s shelter and this has sparked your interest in becoming a social worker. You feel that studying social work will prepare you for a career in social work, which will allow you to help try and change or better certain aspects of society.

5. Describe your career goals. Be as specific as possible. For example, don’t just say that you want to be a doctor, when what you really want to be is a pediatric researcher. Explain the rationale behind you choosing to set these career goals for yourself. Maybe what sparked your goal was that your baby cousin died of a rare disease and you want to be able to conduct medical research, specifically for children, to try and find new and innovative cures for certain diseases that affect kids.

6. List the skills and achievements that you have accomplished. Provide supporting evidence as to how you accomplished the achievements or why you received the awards that you have listed.

7. Describe your most prominent characteristics and attributes. Again, provide supporting evidence to show how these attributes are beneficial to your growth and to their organization.

8. Fully describe some responsibilities that have you taken on and what you learned from them.

9. Describe some difficulties in life that you managed to overcome. Describe how you were able to overcome these difficulties and what you learned from these difficult times or incidents.

10. Make sure that you have written a complete personal statement that includes a strong and attention grabbing opening paragraph. This should be followed by the main section of your personal statement, spelling out all of the details that are listed above. Finally, you should have a strong conclusion which ties the entire essay together. Also be sure to reiterate your interest on becoming part of their institution.

Remember that having to write a personal statement is your opportunity to shine like the sun. Be sure to include these 10 items to ensure that you submit a complete personal statement. And most importantly, be sure to put a positive spin on everything that is on your list to include. You are painting a picture of yourself with words and you need them to impress the reader enough to see you in the positive light that you are standing in!

How to Make the Most Money With your College Degree

Drop in at the Career Services Center Early And Often

Drop in as soon as you can to the Career Services Center. During your first visit, make an appointment to visit with a career counselor in a few days. After you’ve made your appointment, explore the resources available to you. To make sure you get the most out of your upcoming meeting with the career counselor, give yourself a few hours at least to familiarize yourself with the Career Service Center’s reference materials.

What you should do during that first visit is to take any career assessment tests the center might offer. These tests will ask you about what you’re good at, and what you want from a career. From the list of possible careers that the test suggests to you, see which of them appeal to you the most.

When you have your meeting with your career counselor, ask him or her about the path you’re considering pursuing. Ask your career counselor how to land a job in the field or fields of your choice. The answer you get may help you determine the course of study you take in your classes. In addition, you should ask your career counselor to give you contact information for alumni who are now working in the fields you wish to work in after graduation. Also, ask about internship opportunities that will help you get a leg up on a high-paying career.

Do Internships

Internships, while often unpaid, sometimes offer course credit. The most useful thing about internships, though, is that they offer you an opportunity to build relationships with people working in the profession you’ve chosen for yourself. Another advantage of internships, of course, is that they provide you with some real-world experience that you can use to enhance your resume as well as your candidacy for jobs in the future. And though internship don’t always work this way, sometimes a company will like what an intern does so much that they end up hiring him or her permanently.

Reach Out To Successful Alumni

Don’t ask them for a job. Send an e-mail and explain they are doing what you would like to do one day. Ask if it would be all right to call or have lunch at some point so that you can find out how this person got to be in the position you’d like to be in one day. And who knows, if a job is open at his or her company when you’ve graduated, since you’ve already established the connection, your resume could move to the top of the pile.

The Advantages of Online Degree Programs

Today, more than 75% of America’s colleges and universities provide their students with online degree programs that are of the same caliber as their traditional, on-campus counterparts. Not surprisingly, these programs appeal to those whose work schedule and other responsibilities prevent them from obtaining a degree in any other way.

Here are some of the benefits online students enjoy:

They can earn their degree at a pace that is affordable because they are able to pay on a per-course basis. Housing is not an issue, and all of the required reading material is available on the Internet, which makes studying online less expensive. In addition, the time and expense involved in commuting back and forth to attend classes is also eliminated.

Whether they are taking care of a family or holding down a full-time job, students can complete their courses at a pace that is comfortable for them because it complements their particular lifestyle. This means that they can participate in a class at any time, wherever they may be.

Since course material is always available, students are able to read and re-read classroom lectures, explanations, comments and discussions, which provides valuable reinforcement of the subject matter related to the course.

Because students attend class, do research and communicate with each other by using the Internet, they also develop technological skills that are essential in the 21st century’s global work environment.

With an online course, students’ attendance in class only becomes apparent when they join in a classroom discussion. This encourages their interaction and acceptance of diverse opinions, and everyone has a unique opportunity for self-expression.

The chat rooms that online schools have to offer are a means by which students can engage in informal conversation and bond with one another. Along with newsgroups, they enhance team learning as a means of conducting meetings and working on projects together.

Students also find that their instructors are approachable because they can communicate with the faculty online, rather than relying on established office hours that may conflict with their daily schedule.

Since there are no geographic barriers to the Internet, an online student has access to a vast array of content found in the school’s library. Using their home computer, for example, they can look for e-books, articles and texts without worrying that the item they need is unavailable because someone else has checked it out.


Contrary to various myths that have existed for many years, those who enroll in an accredited online degree program and begin taking courses are also eligible for scholarships, as long as they meet the requirements. With a bit of research, you may be able to find one that is appropriate for you, and some scholarship awards may even be intended for those who are taking distance-learning courses.

In many cases, students who are working full time while earning college credits are able to pay their tuition upfront, and they are spared the burden of accumulating debt and paying off loans long after they receive their degree.

For more information on online degree programs, visit http://onlineitprogram.com.