Online College Degrees: Are They For You?

Online college degrees are becoming a popular trend. First there were only a few small schools out there and now there seems to be tons that offer you a chance to earn you’re a college degree online. Are online college degrees right for you though? Do all schools hold the same standards? Which schools are the best and which schools could be scams? All these questions can be running through your mind when deciding if you want to get a degree online. Let’s look at the pros and cons for online college degrees, as well as some top schools.


Getting your college degree online is the latest fad. The idea behind earning a degree online is giving people that did not think they could ever go back to college let alone afford to a chance to earn their college degree. For people who thought their lives were too busy getting your college degree online can be fast and easy and you can make it work with your busy life schedule. Also it more affordable than enrolling into an actual college and you save a lot of gas not having to drive to school. You can take your course online when you want to it is that easy.


The internet is vast and there are so many advertisements for online schools and earning your degree online it can be a bit intimidating. The hype of getting your degree online is everywhere and they make it sound so easy, and also many boast you can get it fast. Which can be misleading? Even choosing to go to college online needs to be a well thought out decision. You still need to check out each school and see their system and figure out can you really fit this into your life. Sadly scams are everywhere too even in the education field.  Choosing the right school and making sure they are a legit school can be a major con and very off putting to some to not even bother. Another con is not all online schools may offer the course you want to take to get your degree in.

Top Schools

Some websites make it a little easier for you in picking your online school. As said there are scam schools out there so here are some top online school that have been selected.

* Kaplan University
* University of Phoenix
* American Intercontinental University Online
* Ashford University
* Liberty University

So is online college degrees right for you?

Online Career IT Education in India

In areas such as higher education the role of our markets and labour laws, Indian politicians and voters alike have held some specific and stubborn beliefs. This has created a deadlock on arguably the most critical issues by affecting our ability to balance fairness and competition meritocracy and egalitarianism, and the included versus the excluded in our economy.

We are battling growing shortages in higher education as we face a crunch of skilled workers. Our battles for better ideas require to vanquish a monster with many heads-old ideology, deep-rooted caste groups and the many temptation of short term populism. As a member of the National Knowledge Commission (NKC), I am also concerned that there is resistance to new ideas, transparency and accountability due to rigid organizational structures. This is true of india education system in general and IT education is no exception. A focus on analytical problem solving, learning principles underlying the design, Idea communication and the like are missing. The situation is compounded by the unattractiveness of the academic profession.

Today, we are a vibrant economy hungry for human capital. The Indian workers has real bargaining power in this market. However, our higher education systems are creating thousands of graduates every years who cannot string a coherent paragraph together-‘educated illiterates’ whose online mba degree are literally not worth the paper they were printed on.

Tracing the birth and growth of IT education, it is important to understand the way demand was seen and action taken by the government. Computers were originally invented for scientific computing, to address engineering and science problems that could not be solved analytically, and were born in university labs. The subject was referred to as computer science; it was more in science than engineering. The unbundling of hardware and software created the view that software is a distinct component that could be created by knowledgeable people with access to computers. There were no degree programmes for IT separately in the country even in the early 1980s it was all about learning a few things about computer programming and algorithms.

It was sometime in the late 1980s that university engineering college started programmes offering BE degree in CSE or online it degree. It was also incorporated in the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) curriculum. All these degree programmes essentially focused on programming skills and some aspects of software engineering. How ever, the fact that an IT professional needs a lot more skills than just the knowledge of a few programming language and some database or tools has been messed out in the education roadmap. Concepts of software design, maintainability, and project management are not even part of the curriculum or instruction.

Online Education Classes

Online Education Classes
Picking up how to take on fresh qualifications online in an online education class, presents a challenge for a lot of folks. Generally, online education classes are easy to take and handle. A little thought into how to fulfill your life agenda with your online school schedule, a trifle effort to learn some current computer technology and a little time to acquaint yourself with the online class system, is really all that is called for. Once someone enrolls in an online class, they are generally impressed by the relief and freedom online education class offer to academically occupied students.

Tuition fees and equipment are often the primary considerations for online education classes. Before you join  the class, probe  and the requirements listed on most online classes’ main page. You may consider upgrading your computer, or purchasing basic tools such as speakers or a microphone, if the online class requires it. Most students can participate in the class with just their ordinary computer.

Once registered, browse around the class site to acquaint yourself with the setup. Many online education classes run  on WebCT and Blackboard. Professors and instructors might use these  programs to position syllabus requirements and even answers to assignments or tests. Students also take advantage of these applications to send assignments and queries. Some professors utilize discussion boards as part of their class engagement. For example, pupils may be asked to post at least one comment for each issue on the board. Contingent on the course, there may be a requisite that every student must start at least one matter for discussion. Email, chat boards and telephone calls if required, are other forms of conveying information.

Be mindful that your social security number may be used by a few online education classes as your student I.D. This is the number your grades and teacher commentaries will be posted under and gives you some amount of confidentiality. Others may give away  an assigned password or name for posting, presenting and checking scores. Examinations and quizzes are done online and a few may be timed. Open book exams generally give you enough time to finish up as long as you know the bulk of the course work.

If you sense that you must rehearse with computer equipment  before signing on to online education classes, there are some courses of study and  programs that many online classes employ. First, you should to be able to use a word processing app. This includes awareness of  how to email saved text files, zipping files, altering margins and fonts and adding together charts and tables and some classes may call for you to be acquainted with spreadsheets or slideshows.

Online PhD Courses – Are all of them Created Equal?

Most people think of an associate or a bachelor degree when they hear of an online degree. This is understandable because online PhD degree is the last one to be introduced. Most persons contemplating  to take PhD degrees are older, with established careers and  life commitments of their own. Finishing a PhD degree takes a lot of time and can be more difficult academically and intellectually.

The main advantage of an online study is its convenience. It can be completed right in your own residence. No more traffic, no more boring lectures. The instructions are flexible but well organized. You can complete a recognized level of education while being a parent and the breadwinner of the family. It allows you to go on with your life outside the study halls.

Taking your doctorate degree online costs about the same as going to an on-campus program. Some people think that it should cost less but it is almost the same for a variety of reasons. First you are now looked upon as an expert in your field of specialization. Quality education naturally costs more.. Next, there  are volumes of materials to study to earn your online degree. Those materials are expensive whether you are reading them online or sitting in the classroom or the school library. Lastly, a  PhD degree is a PhD degree. Unless you got it from an unaccredited institution, there is little difference where you earned your PhD. You are referred to as a “Doctor” and  accorded the same preferential treatment  as other PhD graduates.

Finishing an online doctorate degree can be more mentally and physically draining because of the volume of  learning materials that must be read.  Most reputable schools do require  actual classroom attendance for easier student evaluation. PhD candidates also have to complete one year of residency, fieldwork and clinical studies in their own respective fields.. These activities albeit difficult are what set them apart from other online degrees.  Their rigorous schedules help prepare them to the realities of their  respective fields.

Many colleges and Universities have  followed suit since the University of Phoenix have pioneered the distance education program. This is a conclusive proof that the program works and gaining wider acceptance from both the students and the institutions alike. Now more than ever, people  dissatisfied with the structured programs of traditional institutions or simply being prevented by distance and personal restrictions are taking online PhD courses. But the question remains: Are all PhD programs created equal or are some programs more equal than others?

Earning a Online Doctoral Programs

If you are in the position were you have a masters degree, you may also want to consider doing online doctoral programs. Doing online doctoral programs is great for someone who may feel that they don’t have the time or have to many obligations to go to a school or University to complete their degree. Even though they may be a bit more expensive, the online doctoral programs are a great market to get into for busy professionals.

Look into online schools that will provide you with online doctoral programs. Some of the more popular and well known Universities include, the University of Phoenix, Argosy University, and Walden University. Ensure that the school that you are looking into is accredited. This will ensure you, that the doctrine that you have received will actually be accepted by your company.

You will then need to decide what online doctoral programs you would like to look into. As you are searching for online doctoral programs, you may notice that there are quite a few, but the ones that are popular are Business, Public Health, and Education. If you want to look for an online program that is specialized then looking for that degree online maybe a bit difficult.

Once you know what your online doctoral programs are, you can apply to the college or colleges of your choice. Like many other schools there are some applications that may have fee. There are some schools that you may need to do some sort of test, or have a certain GPA, you may also need a certain level of experience in the required field, or any personal recommendations. When you do get accepted, you may have to pay for the first term or even the first years tuition. There are some schools that may offer you financial aid, and there are some that don’t. These aids may come in, grants or loans. There are very few universities either online or offline that gives the complete scholarship.

Now you just need to start your program. The college will determine if you have to complete any residency programs, within your state during one of the summers of your program. There are some schools that will allow you to complete your projects in the real world doing some sort of research or a form of observation. Depending on your course load, the entire course may take up to either five years or less to complete.

How to Conquer the Mcat – Tips on How to Succeed

Almost all American medical schools require that you to take the MCAT exam before applying to medical school. Some schools place an even weight on your MCAT score and your GPA, so it is important that you do well on the MCAT as well as having a high GPA. In order to best prepare for the MCAT material you will need to have completed introductory biology, chemistry, physics, and organic chemistry courses. You will be tested on your ability to interpret and apply what you know rather than to just know facts.

First of all, it is important for you to know what will be on the test, so that you know what to expect and can properly prepare for the exam. The MCAT is composed of 4 main sections. The first section of the MCAT is the physical science. This section is made up of 77 multiple-choice questions that you will have 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete. These questions are designed to test your science knowledge and problem solving ability in the areas of physics and general chemistry.

The second section is the verbal reasoning section, which is designed to measure performance comprehension, evaluation, application, and incorporation. You will have 1 hour and 25 minutes to complete 60 questions.

The third section is the writing sample. You will have 1 hour to complete 2 essays. The experimental section of the MCAT must be completed in 35 minutes and the number of questions depends on the test that you are given.

The final section of the MCAT is the biological sciences, which you will have 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete 77 multiple-choice questions. This section covers questions on the concepts of biology and organic chemistry.

Now that you have an idea of what is included on the exam, you will need to take the necessary steps to prepare for the exam. Since everyone prepares for major tests and exams differently, you will need to follow a course of action that will allow you to best prepare for the exam.

#1 Make a plan. Whether you need to take a MCAT preparation course or you can study on your own with a MCAT practice exam book, choose the way that you are going to go about studying for the exam.

#2 Create a schedule. You will need to start studying for the MCAT 3 to 12 months before you take it, so create a schedule based on this timeframe.

#3 Practice, practice, and then practice some more. Set up simulated practice test sessions. Use practice tests from books or online. Go back to the areas that you still need to work on and review, practice and study until you have mastered those areas as well.

So now you know the format of the test, what is going to be on the test, and how to study for the test. Now you need to know what to do while you are actually taking the test to totally conquer it.

#1 Read the questions carefully. Do not rush through the exam because you think that you know it like the back of your hand.

#2 Do not leave answers blank. On the MCAT you are graded on the number of correct answers you give. If you do not know the answer to a question, then use the process of elimination to narrow down the choices given as much as possible.

If you do not know the answer and cannot make an educated guess then randomly fill it in. The odds are better for you to answer those questions that you cannot figure out at random than it is to leave them completely blank.

#3 Manage your time. Since each section of the test is timed, you will need to be able to manage your time effectively so that you have enough time to complete each question on the exam. Don’t spend too much time on any one question that will cause you to not have enough time to answer the remaining questions.

#4 Check your work. When you have completed a section and you have time left before the end of that portion of the exam, go back and check your answers. First, make sure that you have answered all of the questions. Revisit the questions that you were having trouble with and recheck your answer choice now that you have a few more minutes to spend on it.

Relax, take a deep breath, and prepare for your MCAT exam. The MCAT is not really a test of academic knowledge where you memorize facts. The MCAT tests your ability to take what you learned in biology, physics, chemistry and organic chemistry, interpret it and apply it to different scenarios. When you are studying, you are not really studying to learn new material. You are really making sure that you understand concepts so that you can then take these concepts and apply them to different situations. By taking the necessary steps to prepare for the exam, you will have everything you need to conquer the MCAT.

Raise your Lsat Score – Ways to Do it

Some people learn better in traditional classroom settings surrounded by their peers and face-to-face with their teachers. Others prefer a more self-directed approach like taking an online course or studying from a book. There are still others who require personal one-on-one interaction with a tutor or teacher. If you have already taken the LSAT exam but you didn’t like your test scores, then you are probably searching for a method to raise your test scores the next time you take the exam.

Again, it is important to know yourself and by what method you learn the best. Here are some ways that you can prepare to retake your LSAT and get a higher score.

Time Management:

The truth is that most students score low on the LSAT because they feel rushed to complete all of the questions before time runs out. If it were not a timed test, the majority of the students would be able to answer the questions correctly. Unfortunately, it is a timed test so you need to learn how to manage the time allotted to take each part of the exam. One way that you can learn to manage your test taking time is to simulate the testing experience when you are taking your practice exams.

Set a timer for the amount of time you are allowed for each section. Take the test like it counts and see how well you do. The goal is to answer correctly as many of the questions that you can in the allotted time. This also means that you cannot spend too much time on any one question. If you get stuck on a question, try to make an educated guess or randomly choose an answer and then move on to the next question.

If you are still having trouble passing your practice exams, then you may want to consider one of the following 3 options as an alternative method to help you raise your test score the next time you take the LSAT.

Test Preparation Classroom Courses:

These courses are made for those who prefer the face-to-face interaction with a teacher. They may be visual learners that need someone to talk them through and point them through the process. LSAT classroom courses tend to be kept small, maybe 8-10 students, so that the teacher can spend more individual time with those that need it. With a live teacher students can ask questions and have them immediately answered.

LSAT class instructors tend to have taught this course over and over again. They have statistics on how their students scored and they teach you little tips and tricks to conquer the LSAT and raise your score. They provide extensive practice materials to pinpoint the areas that you may need to work a little extra on in order to raise your score.

Test Preparation Online Courses:

Another way that you can increase your LSAT score is by taking an online course. Online courses allow you to prepare for your LSAT when and where you choose. Online courses provide lessons and drills that are all self-directed. You can skip around to work on the lessons and drills that you need rather than having to learn the lesson that has been prepared by the teacher. Many of these online classes offer an online chat service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for help, assistance or to answer your questions. These types of courses are better for those that self-motivated and do not need interaction with their peers and with their teachers.

Private Tutoring:

Private tutors are best for those individuals that need one-on-one attention or for those that get distracted easily by other students. Private tutors are usually more expensive than the classroom or online courses. Tutors can usually accommodate your schedule so that it is convenient for you to fit learning into your daily routine. Money back guarantees are usually also available through private tutors. And with private tutors, they are able to identify the areas that the individual student is weak in and concentrate on teaching in those areas.

You can raise your LSAT score by working very diligently at any of these options. Which option is best really is determined by your learning style and what your needs are. Cost may also be a factor in determining which method you choose. If you work hard and focus your efforts you can take the LSAT a second time and raise your score.

Why You Should Take an Online IT Degree

Information technology, or IT, is the study of computer based information systems and is one of the fastest and most exciting industries growing today.  Just think of Silicon Valley, Bill Gates and Amazon and you get the picture.

IT is always moving and changing and people who are in this industry must always be able to compete and learn new things quickly. It is no wonder that a growing number of people want to earn IT degrees and become part of this booming industry.  The good news is that you can earn your IT degree online.  But is taking an online IT course better than studying in an actual school? And is IT the ideal course for you?

First and foremost, you should ask yourself if IT is really the field of choice you want to study.  Are you interested in everything about the internet and computers?  Do you enjoy finding solutions for complex problems and continuously learn new techniques in the field of computers?  Do you understand about web-based applications and how to create and manage it?  If you’re answer is a quick and eager yes, then IT is definitely the course for you.

Now that you are certain that IT is what you want, ask yourself if studying for your IT degree online right for you?  Undeniably, earning an online IT degree has a lot of advantages.  Studying online means that you can take classes at the comfort of your very own home.  All you need is a computer; internet access and basic computer know how to be able to study for an online IT degree.  Your class time will also be more flexible and you can work at your own pace, especially when you also have a daytime job to attend to.  You will also be able to save on gas and money spent travelling to and from a university campus.

Deciding on what type of online IT degree you want is another question you should ponder on.  Do you want an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree or a doctorate degree?  The answer surely will depend on your qualifications.  If you already have your associate’s degree, then it is wise to proceed to a bachelor’s degree.  Doing so will definitely increase your salary potential.  Needless to say, there are many advantages in obtaining an online IT degree.

Online law programs can change your life

Is your dead end job preventing you from pursuing the law career of your dreams?  It doesn’t have to be that way.  The technology of today is opening new doors and allowing people new opportunities.  You can continue to work at your current job, live in your own neighborhood, pay your bills, be involved with your family, and still have time to get that legal job you always wanted by taking advantage of the many online law programs available on the internet.

The world is changing as many traditional universities are teaming up with online programs like University Alliance to provide certifications and degrees in almost every field.  The legal field is no exception.  You can earn degrees in criminal justice, paralegal, legal studies, legal office administration and even juris doctorate by enrolling in one of many online law programs.

Typically, students in online law programs are linked together through the latest technology.  They can communicate with each other as well as instructors through chat rooms and message boards.  Lectures are viewed through online streaming video.  You can participate in the hours that best fit your schedule.  The degree you earn is as valid as the same degree from a institution made of brick.  Use online law programs to help you advance out of your dead end position, and on to a successful life.

Online Bachelor Degrees – Find One For You

A university degree is a prerequisite for most jobs in the private and public sectors. If there is a vacancy for a superior position in an organization, the worker with a college education is chosen over his colleague without a degree. If this has happened to you, your first thought would be to get a university qualification. Your second thought would be to get an online bachelor degree because this would enable you to continue supporting your family.

Before surfing the net and investigating online bachelor degrees, however, you should think carefully about the degree you should take. If your job involves administrative duties you should choose a degree course in Business Administration. This would enable you to carry out your duties more efficiently and, in time, you could be the one chosen to go up the ladder.

There are other career options, however, and they all can help you in your possibilities for promotion. There are online degree courses in Accountancy, Management, and in a host of other related fields. They can all be studied in the comfort of your home without any disruption in your daily job.

If your job is in the technology field, however, you would have to go about things differently. A degree in technology involves much hands-on study and the only way you can benefit fully from any tuition is by working with the actual equipment you would use in the field.

This is why some universities offer technology courses with a residency requirement. You would have to attend classes like a normal student for a certain period of time, usually from a semester to a year, while you can earn the rest of the necessary credits online. This would be an ideal arrangement for those students who need to work for financial reasons. They could begin their online bachelor degree course as soon as they complete the residency requirement.  Since a person studying for an online bachelor degree does not have to take time off for vacations each year, it is possible that they could earn their degree even before their former fellow students.

Before you settle on a course of study you should carefully examine your present situation. You should also be aware that for the next two or three years you would have to dedicate much time to your studies. When you finally earn your online bachelor degree, however, you would experience the feelings of satisfaction that winners always feel.