Why GAAP Matters to You

Accredited Online Schools

Most have no idea what GAAP stands for, though they should if they are interested in an online education.  GAAP stands for Generally Accepted Accrediting Principles.  This stamp of approval is very important as it serves to delineate between the haves and have-nots.

To offer recognized accreditation under GAAP, a school in the U.S. must receive accrediting by an accrediting agency recognized either by the U.S. Department of Education and/or by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation.  There are six regional accrediting agencies and numerous national accrediting bodies.

So not only do you want to ensure your school is accredited vs. unaccredited, but you also want to make certain your school has been recognized under the Generally Accepted Accrediting Principles, which is granted when an approved accrediting agency gives its stamp of approval.

If you have questions regarding your schools accreditation credentials you can either contact the Department of Education or Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) for more details.

How to Find the Best Law School for you

You have spent your undergraduate years preparing for a career in law. Or perhaps you have only recently realized that a legal career is an appealing option. The first and one of the most important decisions you will make on the road to that legal career is choosing a law school. What steps can you take to find the perfect law school for you? Here are some ideas to consider.

One thing you will obviously want to consider is the school’s reputation. A law school with a great reputation can be the difference between a high-powered, high salaried legal position and something much less preferable. However you need to be realistic about your likelihood of getting into and successfully completing the top law programs. Find a good balance between a school with a good reputation and one you are likely to earn a law degree from.

You’ll want to consider the variety of courses offered. You may already know what branch of law you wish to practice, or you may not have the slightest idea. Choose a school which has a curriculum that matches your interests. If you’re not quite sure what those interests are yet, make sure you choose a school that will give you a wide variety of courses and disciplines to choose from.

A vital part of the law school program is the externship. This is where you will get real world legal experience. You want to make sure you are going to attend a school that will afford you the opportunity for you to get a great externship in a legal area that interests you.

Of course, you should do some research into the faculty. What are their reputations? Do they have many publications? A wide body of legal experience to draw from? Are there esteemed faculty members in your area of interest? Do these professors seem like ones you will want to learn from? A school is only as strong as its faculty, so you want to make sure you are comfortable with the faculty of the school you choose.

A good law school has a good law library. You should look into how comprehensive the law library is at the schools you are considering. A visit to the library will give you a good idea about how effectively you will be able to use it to complete your degree.

You will also have to think about physical factors such as location and cost. Are you willing to relocate to go to law school? Are you looking at law schools you can afford? When determining affordability, you also must take into account living expenses if you are going to law school away from home. Remember that even if you get student loans, you will one day be expected to pay them back with interest.

Law school is a sometimes grueling, always educational, transforming experience for most lawyers. Picking the right law school will put you in a position to have the most successful law career possible, whatever discipline of law you choose to practice.

Testing The Waters With Online Education

Testing the waterBy now most people know at least some of the benefits of online education. We know that it is convenient for working adults, it is good for the environment and students can complete online degrees at their own pace. Online education is great, but it does not have to be the end all be all. Have you ever considered testing the higher education waters with an online program? Many people have a hard time deciding if pursuing a degree is the right step for them. They sometimes sit on the fence between action and apathy for years. The beauty of online education is that you can take a class or two without making a huge commitment.

This is true for people pursuing a degree for the first time and professionals making the decision to go back to school. An online course can help a person determine if a certain field of study and degree program is what they want. After making a decision they can decide to continue on with the online degree, transfer into a full time brick-and-mortar program, or a combination of both.

If you fall into the category of the undecided it may be the perfect time to try out a few classes. Online courses and online degree programs are extremely flexible and the credits are usually very liquid so you do not have to worry about getting stuck if the water isn’t your temperature.

Do Employers Look Down on Online Degree?

Online education has become a trend and popular channel for many students and working adults to earn their degree. Online education creates a flexible and convenient environment for students to earn their degree while maintaining their preferred living style. But, many still doubt about the value of online degree, you may concern on how your potential employer will look at you during the job interview if you degree is earned through online education. Do employers look down on online degree? You may ask. This is an important question that needs to be answered because you need to ensure that your degree you going to earn through online will helps you to start your career smoothly after graduation.

According to Market Data Retrieval, a Connecticut-based firm that supplies education marketing information and services shows currently there are more than 4,700 accredited higher education institutions nationwide and nearly half of these schools offer an accredited degree, with the majority putting courses online. In fact, more and more prestige and reputable traditional universities offering online degree program that enable their students to attend online classes from remote locations. This is a good indication that online degree programs are widely acceptable in the job market else the online education will not grow so tremendously.

In fact, employers are more concern about “fake degree”. If you are earning a degree through online degree program from a reputable and properly accredited online university, your online degree has no different than those earned from “brick & mortar” universities. There are many online degree scams, most commonly known as diploma mills offering fast-track degree through their “fake” online degree programs where you can earn your degree extremely fast, some are within a few days. The degree earned from diploma mills is totally unacceptable in the job market. If you apply a job position using degree issued by diploma mills and is found out by the employer, the employer will definitely look down on your degree in concern to the “fake degree” instead of online degree.

If you have decided to pursue your degree through an online degree program, you need to spend some time to search for a right online university. There are many online universities offering the degree of you choice. What you need to do is get as many program information as you can from those online universities, then review each and every one carefully, eliminate those online degree programs that are not meeting your requirement AND those sound suspicious to be “fake” degrees. Once your short listed the degree programs that at the first glance are recognized and properly accredited, your next step is to confirm the accreditation of those online universities with the accreditation database from CHEA.org. Those legitimate and accredited online universities are listed in this database. As long as you are getting online degree from properly accredited by a recognized accreditation agency, you shouldn’t face any problem when you use this degree to start your career later.


Online degrees is compatible with on-campus degrees and it’s accepted by most of employers if your online degree is earned through a reputable online university that is properly accredited by an accredited agency that is recognized by U.S Department of Education.

Online Bachelor’s Degree

Today, the world has become very competitive and so as the importances of education. So there are many reasons why people are seeking for online bachelor’s degree. They have found that a bachelor’s degree gives them an edge over the competition and can sometimes sway a promotion or potential employer to swing their way. The online bachelor degree is making it easier than ever to obtain your degree while working or handling everyday life.

A bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate academic degree. The name bachelor was given to the degree because of the English word bachelor, meaning “young apprentice.” A bachelor’s degree is the first degree a student can receive in his or her academic career, with the exception of the associate’s degree. The bachelor’s degree is sometimes awarded after earning an associate’s degree, though it is often the first degree that is earned. Whether or not an associate’s degree can be earned first depends upon the area of study. A master’s is generally the degree that can be earned following a bachelor’s degree, which can then be followed by a doctorate degree.

One of the aspects of online education that people do not understand is how you get the hands on training that many fields require. While you may or may not need this in the bachelor-degrees that you plan to get, you will find that information about this is easy to find at the online university’s websites.

There are many programs that are offered through online bachelor-degrees. If you would like to know if any of the programs or classes that you need to take are available to you on the web, all you need to do is to log onto any of the various online schools and find out. This level of education that the bachelor-degree is one that is advanced and will require much learning.

Well, in many cases online bachelor degrees are being offered by accredited colleges that are not only online but have a physical campus as well. However, there are a growing number of institutions that are strictly online.

A bachelor’s degree is an investment in your future. While most on-campus bachelor’s degree programs take a minimum of four years, many online schools also offer accelerated studies. An education through an online university is one of the best ways to learn and to stay on the cutting-edge of technology.

The cost of obtaining an online bachelor degree is comparable to obtaining a regular bachelor degree. Though many people will find the cost of higher education outside of their budgets, online bachelor degree programs offer financial assistance.

When choosing an online bachelor degree program you want to find one that matches your needs. Make sure that the institution is accredited in your state to ensure that you degree will be valid to all future employers. The area of study and method of learning, whether obtaining an online bachelor degree or earning it in a traditional classroom, are all personal choices that must fit with your professional and personal goals, schedule and budget.

Benefits of an Online Engineering Degree

Learn from Home

Online education degrees are becoming widely available in almost every subject and degree level. Online engineering degrees in particular are becoming very attractive to those looking to earn more. Engineering majors on average get the highest paying jobs after graduation. The average starting salary for a Mechanical Engineer is $58,648 and for a Chemical Engineering is $65,466, making Engineering one of the highest paying degrees in the US. While the salary for an engineer does vary base on the specialty, as mentioned, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median annual income for an engineer is between $68,730 to $108,020.

Popular Online Engineering Degrees

Today online engineering degrees can be found at many of the top online schools such as Strayer University and Kaplan University, and cover a variety of specialties. To note, Walden University offers a distance learning Ph.D. in Engineering Management. Walden’s program is one of the only distance-learning doctoral programs in this field. This specialization allows either practicing engineers who plan a move into management or engineers who are already managers to learn the social and behavioral aspects of management. Learn more…

Strayer University offers degrees in software engineering including an online MS degree and an online engineering certificate. The Executive Graduate Certificate program is designed for individuals seeking career opportunities in the Information Systems field specifically mid to senior level managers, professional and technical specialists. The online graduate program encompasses the knowledge and skills needed in professional software engineering. Interested persons should possess at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Learn more…

If you are interested in an online associate degree in engineering, Kaplan University offers an Engineering Drafting with CAD associate’s degree program online. This program is designed to help students grow professionally by providing you with education and experience. Learn more…

About Getting An Online Engineering Degree

Online degrees can be comparable in price to some campus schools, but in contrast, the online program makes it easier for those working full time to achieve higher education in the growing and profitable field of engineering. The additional savings on transportation, food and other expenses associated with attending a brick and mortar school like room and board, are also eliminated. This makes online learning a very affordable means of obtaining your higher education and career goals.

An online degree is a great option for some people, but not everyone. Before you begin an online degree program, make sure you are up to the challenges. Obtaining your degree in engineering online requires self-discipline and dedication, as there are no teachers or other students present to motivate you. If you do decide to further your education with online schooling for engineering, stay focused and motivated.

An online engineering degree is a great way to begin a new career, or further your current one, inexpensively. The online aspect allows for busy students to work according to their schedule, going to class when it is convenient, not when it is scheduled. Engineering degrees are highly marketable and an excellent way to boost your income and get into a great field.

Is there a shortage of financial aid? How to Afford a High Paying Degree

Many are touting that there is a shortage in financial aid ahead, and predicting that there will be few options for many students through 2012.  In a US News article by Kim Clark  she states that, “only about 50 percent of college students are expected to receive free money in 2011 and 2012.” So how can the other 50% afford a college degree?

Finding Free Money

The best strategy for obtaining, “finding” money for college is applying for financial aid and scholarships early, finding schools recruiting in your area, making top grades, saving and cutting expenses. Scholarships are the best source for “free money” and although it may be tough to find the right scholarship, we recommend searching on StudentScholarshipSearch.com to find one that will help you, and joining ScholarshipPoints.com which requires no essay or test scores to qualify*.  But before you go on the hunt for scholarships, there are money saving decisions you should consider from the start, such as: is the cost of the program worth it?

Find a Program That Works for YOU

Finding the right education program is the clearest path towards earning more, but it has to make sense.  The most important feature that should influence your enrollment decision is the program offered – not the price, but the reality is that if you are investing in an education program you should research if and when you will be able to pay back loans and college expenses after graduating. The numbers are out there, all you have to do is a bit of research to find the highest paying degrees and the starting salary in a variety of fields.

Thanks to online schools education options are expanding and more students have access to higher education. Current students fill credits on summer and winter breaks by taking an online class specific to their major, and others are opting for the 100% online route to save on cash and time.  It is no longer just the well known and established online programs at University of Phoenix, DeVry University or Cappella University, many established campus schools such as Boston University and Quinnipiac University offer successful online options too.  Learning online means learning at your own pace, online education, however, is not right for everyone.

Just like a traditional program, online colleges are no walk in the park! You have to commit time to learning and be self motivated, to make the grades, but when financial aid is not available this is a viable path towards successfully getting your degree and starting a career.  Online programs can range in costs, but offer additional savings in travel and parking and the ability to keep a current job. A benefit of working while earning your degree online is tuition reimbursement.  Many employers will compensate an employee for their education efforts by increasing pay, or through tuition assistance and reimbursement programs.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask For Help

If you are having trouble securing scholarships and financial aid in 2011 do not give up on ways to earn your degree. Ask your employer, get in touch with financial aid experts and scholarship foundations. Education is a very valuable asset that can help you achieve personal as well as professional goals.  If you are struggling with a financial situation and have tough financial aid question visit www.financialaidforum.com to find resources, and get answers from financial aid experts.

4 Tips to Students Considering Online Education

Many students choose to pursue online degree without evaluating their learning style and personality whether they will be successful as online students. Survey results show that many online students failed to complete their degree program mainly due to student’s personality issues. Earning a degree through online education may not be a right decision for all students. Here are 4 important tips to evaluate yourself to ensure you are a right candidate to success with online learning style.

Evaluation #1: Are your education success mainly depend on face-to-face interaction with instructors and classmates?

In online learning environment, most learning materials and communications are in text format, you need to adapt yourself to this type of learning environment if you want to success in this type of study. Many students who failed in their online study find themselves learn better in the courses that conducted in classroom-based. They prefer direct interaction with lecturer and face-to-face communication with their classmates.

If you education success or failure really depend of how the courses being conducted and you are not ready to change your learning style, then considering online education may not be your best option.

Evaluation #2: Do you often get things done ahead of time or you prefer to wait until the last minutes?

Self-motivation is very important in online learning because most of the courses and assignments are in self-paced form. You plan your own time that best fit into your schedule to logon to classes, do and submit your assignments. If you are the kind of person who always put on-hold your tasks to last minutes of dead line, then online education may not be your best choice.

Evaluation #3: Do you always need assistance when you are given written directions for an assignment by an instructor?

If you do, then you might have problem to understand instruction in text format. Most communications for online education such chatting, discussion board, email and downloadable materials are in text format. Although there are helps available if you need any assistance, most of your questions will be answered in email or posted text on the online discussion board. Hence, you need to be able to under text instructions if you want to benefits from the advantages of online education.

Evaluation #4: Are you good in time management & able to divide your time between your work, family and online study?

If you are a working individual who want to get a degree online without giving up your career, online education is good choice because the benefits in term of flexibility and self-paced learning style enable you to achieve both your career and education goal. But, for people who are not good in time management, they tend to lose their focus on their study if they are too busy with their career and family. That’s why many online students who are not able to allocate their time for study tend to quit without completing their online study program.

If the results of the above evaluation reveal a strong self-motivation and preference for a more independent learning environment, you may be an ideal candidate to take your degree online.

How to Successfully Complete your Online Degree Program

Online education has become so popular especially among working adults to earn as many degrees as they like to help bringing their career to next higher level without the need to quit their current job or interrupting their current lifestyle. The advantages of online education have made it the best option for you to pursue your career related degree online, but the question is: are you the right candidate to be an online student? Before you even consider pursuing your degree online, this is the first question you need to consider and here are some guides to help you find your answer.

Try to evaluate yourself whether you have mindsets or behaviors below:

1. You think pursuing a degree online is easy

Online education has advantages of flexibility to plan your learning schedule and convenient because you can attend the online classes from your comfort home. But, it does not as easy as you think because your need to manage your time between your work, family and study. In many time, you may lose focus on your study if you are too busy with your works or you are unable to mange your time probably to allocate enough time for your study. If you are in this situation, your priority on work and family may cause you to drop or delay your degree program.

If you decide to pursue your degree online, you must be prepared to face the challenge during the online learning process and be consistent to stay in focus on your online learning.

2. You have less self-motivation

Online education allows you to study at your own pace, which means that you must be self-motivated to plan your learning schedule and push yourself until your complete the whole program. If you are a kind of person that prefers motivation from other persons to push you to complete a certain task, then, you might be at risk of potentially unable to complete your online degree program.

If online degree program is your ultimate option, then your need to change your behavior meet online student characteristics, or you can get help from your family members especially your spouse as your mentor to motivate you along your online learning process.

3. You Prefer To Listen to the Lecture

In the traditional campus-based classes, when a lecturer is teaching, you are listening to it. If you are comfort to this learning environment, then you might have problem to adapt to new online learning media. Although, there are material in audio or video format, but most of online learning materials are still in text formats which require you to read it instead of listen to it. You must adapt to this learning environment if you want to success in your online learning.

4. You Prefer Face-To-Face Communication

Online chats and discussion forums are the key communication media for online learning. If you are not comfortable to discuss or ask questions through these media, then, you might have difficulties to convey your questions if you face any problem during online learning process. Although, there are some learning and discussion sessions may involve video conferencing, but you still need to familiarize and adapt yourself with the key communication channels which are mainly text format.


If you find yourself have thinking and behavior above, you may face problem in becoming a success online student to complete your online degree program. What you can do if you are deciding to earn your degree through online education is change your behaviors and mindset so that you are integrated with the success characteristics of an online student and earn your degree finally.

Influence of online education on students

          Internet has changed the world the way goes about doing things. It is one more point in a long continuum of inventions that is set to revolutionize life styles. Internet usage opens the entire world of information & communication to students. Students can access libraries from any city of the world anytime any day or night. The internet has a more pervasive effect than other electronic media and is the modern engine of progress; it is the new form of thinking that will show a fresh approach to online education.

          The internet is making large amounts of information available at unprecedented speed. When this revolution makes itself fully felt in schools, teachers & students will have virtually instantaneous access to vast amounts of information & a wide range of learning tools. If we guide the information revolution wisely, these resources will be available not only to affluent suburban schools but also to rural school districts & inner-city schools used well; this transforming technology can play a major role in school reform.

          Web resources are excellent tools for researches. The internet is an incredible information resource & a powerful communication tool. The ability to use new technologies is becoming a more important factor in career options & the future success of today’s student will be more affected by their understanding of and ability to access and use electronic information. The increased use of online services in the home by children adds to the impetus for schools to make a more active role in family education regarding their use.

           Internet is really a boon for the students. Students get all the necessary materials at their finger tips that is starting from tutors to syllabus books, reference books etc. There are so many websites where student can get all these facilities. For example- www.literaturetutor.webs.com & www.schoolsuccess.webs.com etc. Along with the facility of online tutors, students are finding it easier to understand even the difficult subject. There are so many expert tutors, who can make the students understand the subject in a simpler way especially topics in Literature where students find it very difficult to understand. Here are the email addresses of some tutors:  [email protected]

                         Education is a fundamental human process; it’s a matter of values & action. The cluster of technologies called the Internet has the ability to compliment, to reinforce & to enhance the educational process. It will take the focus of education from institution to the student. The Internet has come to befriend, dwell with & live beyond, both the teacher & the student. African Wisdom says, “It takes an entire village to raise a child”.

       Ensuring equity & excellence must be at the core of systematic reform efforts in education as a whole. If educators assume responsibility for helping students master the use of technology & educating them about potential risks, students will become more empowered to make intelligent choices.