A Guide to Online Degrees – Advantages of Earning a Degree Online

The online degree’s unique features have made it a popular learning mode for busy professions to earn their degree for career advancement. The online degree programs are growth rapidly and is a today’s learning trends and the best alternatives for traditional class-based learning. What are these features that bring the advantages that made online degree program a choice for many online students?

Let review some key advantages of earning a degree online:

1. Study Anywhere

The online degree programs allow the student to study from home or any place they like as long as they have access to internet. This is the key advantages that many online students see it and decide to go for online degree program than the traditional college program.

Many people after starting their working life have many commitments to take care: job, family, children education, home mortgage, car loan repayment & etc. It gets harder to go back to school to get our University degrees as quitting our current job is almost impossible and holding your current life style just to go ahead with a college degree is another "No-No" decision. Online degree programs which enable us to study from anywhere match perfectly with our need of getting a degree without giving up our job and lifestyle. That’s why many busy people like us choose to pursue our degree online.

2. Flexibility

Your busy working schedule sometimes makes you hard to fit a regular schedule for certain routine. In addition, your job may require you to frequently travel to other locations or countries. This means attending regular classes like what is needed in traditional college learning will be your road block to stop you from go ahead with your degree earning. Flexibility of online degree program that allow you to plan your learning schedule at your own pace is one of key decision for busy working people to go for knowledge enhancement and getting their degree for career advancement.

3. Saving Money

You have the ability to study from home and you don’t have to commute. Since you don’t have to commute you save money on gas, which is become a huge issue now that gas prices are soaring. Most of learning materials are supplied in electronic texts which will save you some money needed to buy the printed text books. Comparatively, online degree program’s tuition fees are lower as compare to traditional degree courses.

4. Earn More Than One Degree At The Same Time

If you can manage your time properly, you can earn more than one degree offer by difference universities through their online degree programs. If you have a degree on your career related field, you are at a better position when goes for career advancement or job promotion as compare to your other colleagues. And if you have more than one degree on the related knowledge that needed for your moves, you will have a better chance to success when come to educational background assessment by the employers or bosses.

In summary, study online gives your many advantages over a traditional college program and it is designed especially for busy working professions to earn their degrees using the enhance internet technology. But, the fact is, not all online students successfully complete their online degree program. There are some characteristics that you need to have in order to success in online study. Check out whether an online degree program is right for you in our next article, "A Guide To Online Degrees – How to be A Success Online Student".

4 Tips to Success in your Online Degree Program

Earning a degree through an online degree program has become a trend for many students. Online education provides you with flexible and convenient leaning environment where you can attend classes from your computer at home wearing your pajamas. The online degree program can provides the same learning quality and degrees that are mostly acceptable in the job market.

The bad news is there are many online students fail to complete their online degree program. Online degrees are not for every student, unless you can adapt to the online environment and create regular study habits, you may be dropped off half way through your online study and waste your time and money. If online education is your option, here are the 4 tips for you to success in your online degree program.

Tip #1: Degree Program That In Line With Your Career Goal

Most of students choose to earn a degree are for their career planning to a brighter future. Hence, you need to choose an online degree program that can help in your career path. For example, if you want to become a marketing manager, you should choose online marketing degree or online business degree with marketing as specialization instead of online music degree. There are many online degree programs with the same degree title but there are difference courses offered in the program from one school to another. Hence, you should request the program details from the online schools and carefully review their courses to ensure the courses are in line with the requirement to achieve your career goal.

Tip #2: Choose a Properly Accredited Online Degree Program

The online degree program offered by your selected online school should be property accredited by an accreditation agency that is recognized by US Department of Education. Always double to check the accreditation mentioned by the school with CHEA.org to ensure that the online degree program of your choice is accredited by a recognized accreditation agency.

Tip #3: Make sure Your Love Online Study

If you plan to take you degree online, you must be good in learning in text format because most of learning materials are in text format. You should also like to search for information from internet, attend online chat sessions, able communicate through discussion forums and love to stay online; these are the key factors of a success online student. People who like to learn by listen to lecture in a class room should follow traditional way of education.

Tip #4: You Must Be Able To Self Motivated

Although you still have peers in an online class, physically you are alone accessing online material from home or any locations away from your other online peers. Hence, you must be able to motivate yourself to move along your online study progress. An online degree program gives you the flexibility of plan your own schedule for self pace study; the flexibility may cause you to stay out of focus if you do not have self-motivated and discipline to fix and fit your study into your schedule.


Earning a degree online is a good option because it gives you the flexibility and convenient learning environment. If you choose this online education option, you must adapt to the online environment and create regular study habits to ensure you will success in your online degree program.

A Guide to Online Degrees-how to Select a Online Degree Program

Once your have decided to earn your degree online, selecting a program is usually the first critical decision you make. There are so many types of degrees available online, which one to choose, how to select, sometimes may make you confuse and hard to decide one. This article will gives you some guideline to get you started.

Decide An Area of Interest

There are a few ways to get a start in selecting an online degree program. You could look within a traditional discipline such as history, art, literature or psychology; or within a professional/occupational area such as engineering, nursing, or education; or simply related to an area of general interest like family studies, the culture of Italy, or environmental issues.

Most online degree programs offered by colleges or universities are having their catalogs customarily organized by department, division, or school. Hence, once you have decided an area of interest, you could start looking and asking for the related online degree programs from these colleges.

Type Of Degree To Earn

What is your educational goal? Are you looking for an associate or bachelor degree, a master or doctorate degree? Each type of degree which associate to the online degree program has it own pre-requirement in admission. An online master degree program may require you to have a bachelor degree to qualify for the program and an online doctorate degree may ask for a master degree for qualification. Some universities do give credit for life experience so that you can waive for certain pre-requirement. Whether you are looking for an associate, bachelor, master or PhD, you can check the pre requirement to your selected online degree program from the school’s admission department.

Go for Specialization In Your Study

For many people, it may be helpful to think of the specialization and then create an appropriate field of study around it. You should feel free to make contact with academic advisors at the schools you are considering and seek answers to all your questions. For your own benefit, it is important to ensure that your school is committed to explaining these elements completely and the schools understand your need to fully comprehend the curriculum development.

The Ability to Transfer Courses

Another point to consider in your decision in select an online degree program is the ability to transfer courses or larger program segments from one institution to another. Not all universities will allow you to transfer all of your credits into their program. Often there are ceilings-six credits or two courses are typical at the graduate level. For undergraduates the allowances are more liberal and can be as much as 75 percent of a bachelor’s degree program. You may want to go for an online degree program that can accept the most on your credits transfer so that you can accelerate or complete you degree faster and save some money because less credits are need to complete the program.

In Summary

Select an online degree program is your most critical decision to make, spend your time to understand your purposes of earning a degree and considering in other factors such as your interest, your career goal and your education budget. These will help you to narrow down your scope and finally choose an online degree program to enroll in.

A Guide to Online Degrees – Considering Online Degree Pricing

The same online degree program offered by different online universities may vary in pricing; the difference may due to a few factors, among these are the types of curriculum and total credit hours to complete the program. If you are considering in earning your degree online, it’s make sense for you to compare the pricing of degrees at the schools offered and select the best online degree program that meet your education goal and targeted budget. This article will outline a few factors to consider when you compare the price of the same online degree program offered by different schools. Let review them one by one:

Tuition Fee

Tuition fee is the amount the school charges to take a course. At some programs tuition is the only cost. Other programs add technology and other miscellaneous costs. When getting the price of an online degree programs. You need to check with the admission department on their tuition fees, are the fees purely the cost of the courses or it includes other costs and any other hidden cost that may incur other than the said costs. After know all the details of the courses’ prices, you can compare the price of the online degree program offered by different online universities.

Campus Residencies

The same online degree program from different online universities may have different course requirement. Some online degree programs are offered 100% online, whereas, others require campus residencies. Factor in the cost of attending these physical residencies to your total cost of your selected online degree program before making your pricing comparison.

Financial Aid Package

The online university may charge slightly higher fee on their tuition but it comes with an attractive financial aid package. Some online universities may help you find student loans, generally the Stafford loans, Sally Mae, or other relating loans; or help you to apply for Pell grants and/or other scholars. You may factor in these points when you considering your online degree pricing.

Marketable Degree

If you purpose of earning an online degree is for career switch or get a job promotion, then your must consider the marketability of your degree. For example, you plan to earn an online MBA and you are considering a few offers from universities. Some online MBA program may cost more that others but the job market statistics data shows that the degree-to-career ratio is higher then other universities, it means that more employers like to hire graduates from this university and you will have a better chance to get employed if you are holding a degree from this university. You may need to consider the ROI (Return On Investment) of your online degree program when deciding which online degree program to enroll in.

In Summary

The online degree program with the lowest sticker price may not be the best buy and the most expensive online degree program may not be your best choice. Besides considering the price, you need to carefully review curriculums covered by the degree program with the factors mentioned above in order to determine the true cost of earning an online degree.

How the Interactive Learning Guide Benefits an On-line Education

“Interactive Learning Guide is the marriage between education and technology.” The Web changed the world

It is said by Lester Thurow that “In the 21st centaury, the education and skills of the workforce will be the dominant competitive weapon”. Today, Internet makes this dream come true. Yes, Internet plays the key role for a profound revolution through the concept of On-Line Education. Interactive Learning Guide is delivered online through a Web-Based learning system. This is obviously delivered over the Internet.

Interactive Learning Guide through On-line education is supporting learning to be available on a 24/7 clock and delivered from class-room to anywhere …… office, home … at anytime. Interactive Learning Guide engages the learner and teacher in effective instructional communication without generating interactive interferences. The Interactive Learning Guide with the application of technology in education sparks thought to provide understanding of theories and applications for identifying alternate solutions. This converts the traditional static resources into interactive, interesting online modules for learners. Thus the acquaintance of knowledge is maximized through On-Line learning for students miles away.

Interactive Learning Guide facilitates to sustain the real time interactivity of a classroom environment in many dimensions. Learners will have a solid foundation in up to date concepts and practices using audio and video cases, simulations techniques, and other game- based exercises. This technology sophistication generates connectivity in learning, and isolates stagnant forms of education. Hence Interactive Learning Guide creates cooperative learning in On-Line Education. This plays a crucial role in re-building distance learning from the unexciting, mind-numbing old correspondence education to an effective, challenging and meaningful education. This makes the Interactive Learning Guide create an authentic On-Line Learning experience for students distance education programs.
With the help of Interactive Learning Guide the instructor without his physical presence and with the help of the most effective choice of media becomes a facilitator of learning. Exciting visuals with motion pictures, graphics, business Interviews, view of retail outlets, components such as CEO’s speeches, and working factories etc… makes On-Line Learning still more fascinating and attention grabbing. Students are presented quality information without superficiality. The presence of these characteristics makes Interactive Learning Guide profoundly motivating and captivates the attention of On-Line Learners. The focus of an On-Line Education is not only learning but also retention of knowledge. Interactive Learning Guide has been linked to better retention of the text resources with the help of visual aids both qualitatively and quantitatively, thus it stimulating an interest in the learning process.
Interactive Learning Guide in an On-Line Education makes ones learning experience the closest equivalent to the classroom experience with the presence of certain value added features. The integrated approach in Interactive Learning with the application of printed Learning Guide helps to meet the needs of the learner in a manner that is instructionally effective and economically prudent. Hence this type of On-Line Education would even help E Learners to gain a second chance of college education and college experience. On-Line Learning would also travel miles to reach those who are disadvantaged by limited time, long commutes, or physically disabilities making learning a real time and factual experience. Thus bringing all these components together makes the Interactive Learning Guide a boon to the present generation in the world of Education.