National income is the monetary value of all the goods and services produced in an economy within a given period of time, national income is measured in three approaches and they include

Income approach

It involves measuring factor incomes that are earned by all the factors of production.

Expenditure approach

Involves adding up all the expenditure on the final goods and services produced in an economy

Product approach

It measures the current flow of goods and services in an economy through value added.

When the national income is obtained it aids us to get the value of gross domestic production where GDP (gross domestic production) will be obtained from the following:

National income = gross domestic production – indirect business tax – net foreign income-depreciation

These measurement is encountered with problems which include the statistical problems of accuracy and which products to include example capital gain, inheritance and illegal activities.

GDP which stands for gross domestic production, it is a measure of all the goods and services produced in an economy and the value is based on the current prices in the economy.


Real GDP is a measure of the value of all goods and services produced and the value is expressed in reference to a chosen base year.


Unemployment rate is a measure of the unemployed in an economy, the rate is based on the level of the number of the unemployed and the entire level of labor force, these rates is calculated by getting the level of unemployed divided by the entire labor force and the result is multiplied by a hundred.


The rate of inflation is the measure of price rise from a previous level, inflation is the persistent rise in the level of prices over a long period of time, it is calculated by getting the difference in prices between two periods and dividing by a base period the value is multiplied by a hundred. According to Keynes inflation can be caused by demand pull or cost push.

The Phillips curve depicts the relationship between employment and inflation, it states that when an economy nears full employment the greater is the rate of inflation and when the rate of employment is low the less is the inflation ally pressure.

Below is the Phillips curve:

Causes of inflation:

Demand pull;

Exists when aggregate demand exceeds the aggregate supply and therefore triggering inflation due to an increase in the level of prices

Cost push:

Inflation in this case is caused by an increase in the cost of

Production; the following diagram depicts the cost push inflation:

As the cost of production increases the unit cost of goods also increases, this leads to a lower consumer real income and as a result of this trade unions negotiate for higher wage rates, when higher wage rates are achieved the cost of production increases and the process starts all over again, all the above processes lead to inflation.

Inflation can be dealt with through fiscal policies such as taxation, spending and borrowing, in case of inflation the government may choose to

-         increase the rate of taxation

-         reduce spending

-         reduce borrowing

Inflation can also be dealt with through monetary policies such as interest rates and money supply, in case of inflation the government may choose to

-         increase interest rates

-                                 reduce money supply


Interest rate is the cost of borrowed funds; the rate of interest affects the level of borrowed funds, the rate of interest rate is set by the government, the lower the interest rate the higher the rate of inflation, and the higher the interest rates the lower is the rate of inflation.


As the rate of interest rates goes down the amount of money in an economy rises, when people have more money they cause a rise in the prices of goods and services due to an increase in the demand, this is called demand push inflation, when the rate of interest rate rises the amount of money in an economy goes down, this results to low price levels which results to low inflation rates.


According to the diagram above the house hold provides services to the firm, the firm provides the house hold with goods, the household pays the government taxes which in turn through government expenditure provides public services and goods. The house hold consumes goods and in turn provides services to firms in an economy.


All the above measures in the economy are very important in decision making, a government will always try to keep inflation rates low to avoid depressions like that of the 1930′s, the fiscal and monetary policies are used to ensure that the economy does not experience inflation and at the same time there is a significant growth in the level of gross domestic production.


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How to write term papers on Leonardo da Vinci

Who doesn’t know about the greatest painter of all time known as Leonardo da Vinci? I don’t think there would be anybody like that, however many of you wouldn’t know a lot about da Vinci apart from the fact that he was the greatest painters of all times. So in order to write your term papers on Leonardo da Vinci, you would need all the information about da Vinci’s personality, his background, his activities and his achievements. This is how you would be able to write effective and impact full essays on Da Vinci. So, in this term paper’s guide I will explain different factors about da Vinci that will help you a lot when you will want to start off your term papers on da vinci:

Who was Leonardo da Vinci?

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci was born on April 15th 1452 and is known as a famous and successful painter. However you will be amazed to know that he was just not a painter but he was also sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, inventor, engineer, scientist, anatomist, cartographer, geologist, botanist and writer. Amazed? Well it is definitely something to get amazed with and this is what will give strength to your term papers. The diversity that comes with the name of da Vinci is more than enough to draw the attention of your term papers readers.

His achievements:

Da Vinci was from Italy and is often described as the archetype of the Renaissance man, a man of “quenchless inquisitiveness” and “enthusiastically inventive imagination”. Leonardo is the one who conceptualized the tank, helicopter, concentrated solar power, double hull, calculator and also he outlined a rudimentary theory of the plate tectonics. Some more achievements of his were the automated bobbin winder and a machine for testing the tensile strength of wire. These two made a great difference in the manufacturing world. Further more, as a scientist he discovered great essentials in the anatomy, optics, civil engineering and hydrodynamics. However, he failed to publish his findings which are considered as his lack of documentation by the historians.

The reason of fame- Mona Lisa painting:

You can give a lot of strength to your term papers while talking about Da vinci’s painting the Mona Lisa.  The painting is one of the most famous paintings of all times, in fact it is on top of all the paintings which are ever made. There are many aspects that make this painting worthy enough to get the praise it is getting today. First element is the smile of Mona Lisa which is looked upon as the most mysterious smiles in the artistry of all times. For the reason the Leonardo darkened the edges of her eyes and lips by giving shadows, it became really difficult to understand her emotions which is the most mysteries part of this painting. Another noteworthy thing about the painting is that Mona Lisa doesn’t have eyebrows. Why? No body really knows. You should also tell in your term papers that the painting has been controversial and was stolen twice and one some acid was thrown on its lower body which became the reason why the painting then took months to be repaired and come into the old look.

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Difference between the school essays and college essays

We all have written various essays when we were in school. Many of us used to get real good marks on our school essays, but when we came to college and written the college essays just the winning way we used to be, we failed big time. Why did that happen? Well there are many answers to this question. But basically what you need to learn is that the school essays are totally different from the college essays.

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What to do to find the best term paper writing services

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