Various essays topics to attain success real easy

It is not something new if are feeling that your essays are evil and you can not beat them. I can totally understand that writing essays is not child’s play but believe me, you all students can write your essays as good as never before. But before you can do that you need some great essay topics. So here they are:


  1. Talk about a mysterious thing
  2. Talk about a narrow escape
  3. A narrow escape
  4. An interesting fight I have seen
  5. A monkey in my room (an exciting experience)
  6. Frightened by buffaloes
  7. A building on fire
  8. Talk about life in the village
  9. Living in a city
  10. A frightful experience
  11. Frightened by a ghost
  12. How I helped to catch thieves
  13. A mystery
  14. If I had a thousand dollars
  15. An interesting story I have heard
  16. Describe an unpleasant dream that you have had.
  17. A thief in my room
  18. Talk about a horrible sight you experienced.
  19. Talk about the rights and duties of a citizen
  20. Talk about your days in hospital
  21. Talk about a frightening experience
  22. Frightened by a snake on my body (A frightening experience)
  23. An exciting event


  1. Describe a pet which you have kept.
  2. An autobiography of a car
  3. Discuss science and its effects.
  4. Talk about the importance of newspaper
  5. The importance of reading newspaper.
  6. Express your opinion on the importance of studying Geography.
  7. Talk about the importance of rivers
  8. “Water is important to all living things”. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your opinion.
  9. Talk about the importance of water
  10. The importance of water
  11. Beauty in nature
  12. “News travels fast”. Discuss
  13. “Fire is a good servant, but a bad master”. Discuss.
  14. Talk about the importance of agriculture
  15. Talk about World Trade.
  16. Talk about the importance of good roads in a country
  17. Talk about rainy season

New essays:

  1. We haven’t put the new essays in the category lists yet.
  2. “Studies of Geography can make a great contribution to the service of man” Discuss.
  3. “The luxuries of today are the necessities of tomorrow”. Discuss.
  4. What contributions can Economic studies construct to the extension of world trade?
  5. A frightful dream
  6. A street quarrel I have seen
  7. An unpleasant dream I once had
  8. A sad event
  9. Describe a sports-meeting.
  10. “It is always a pity when a man’s education alienates him from his own people”. Discuss.
  11. Frightened by fierce natives
  12. How an animal saved me from death
  13. An unpleasant night
  14. A robbery I have seen
  15. Caught in a storm
  16. The radio
  17. The use of television
  18. Imagine that you live in a village. Describe your village.
  19. Imagine that you are a dog. Tell something about your self.
  20. A visit to a hospital.
  21. Why we should travel.
  22. The pleasures of living in a village.
  23. All forms of gambling should be abolished. Discuss.
  24. “To overeat is as great as the evil to starve”. Discuss.
  25. Do you think our life is better than it was for our forefathers?
  26. Describe the farm you visit.
  27. Some people take pleasure in living in the country but other people give preference to big city life. Compare these two totally different places and environments and give your opinion.
  28. Throughout history, men have been willing to fight and die for freedom. Why? Discuss.
  29. Should parents who treat all of their children in exactly the same way? Give reasons for your view by backing them up with proper examples.
  30. Tell about the memories of your childhood?
  31. Talk about what you hope to achieve in adult life.

So there you are, you have got so many essays topics to pick from. Settle down to one and start writing your essays!

Custom writing services vs. self writing

Comparison between custom writing and self writing is real easy and evident. However, there are people who still argue about the differences. There are huge masses in both the opposition and in the concordance of custom writing services. It was a time when custom writing services were not there and students were totally helpless and out of clue on what to do and what to not as they didn’t have anyone that would help them, but the day writing services came in to sight, everything got changed. Now, every student in one way or other ran towards the custom writing services to either get him a fresh term paper written or to get his already completed paper edited or proofread.

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Which are the Parts of or Chapters in a Thesis or Dissertation?

It is the very common question which is asked by all those scholars who are going to write a thesis or a dissertation. Ok, you are at the right place of get the quality information about the part of or chapters in a thesis or dissertation. It depends significantly that which kind of thesis or dissertation you are going to write and which is your subject. But generally a thesis or dissertation should have the following parts or chapters in it.

  1. Introduction: In this chapter the introduction about the topic should be given. Means the topic you have chosen consists what? (Visit for more information about writing a good thesis or dissertation and download a sample thesis)
  2. Need of the research: Why there is a need of this research. What is the purpose and the objectives of your research.
  3. Review of the literature: What already has been done in this area by the other scholars and review of the literature means that you have already have the knowledge about what has been done and you will be doing further.
  4. Scope of your study and limitations: What is the scope of your research and upto what your research is restricted and what are the limitations whether geographical or whether related to data and cost will be mentioned in this chapter.
  5. Type of research: What is the type of your research? Means your research is whether analytical, exploratory or some other type.
  6. Data collection and analysis: In this part you will show the data collected and the results and analysis you have made there from.
  7. Summary & Conclusion: What is the summary of your research and what are the conclusions you have made after you have completed your research.
  8. Major Findings: What do you find when you were doing research can be mentioned in this part of the research and this is the must because everyone will be interested in knowing about the work you have done in your research.
  9. Scope for further research: What can be done ahead. Where did you left? Who can do more and from where? These type of explanations can be made in this chapter.
  10.  Bibliography: This is that part which will show the sources from where you gathered or collected the data. It may be the name of the website, books, journals, magazines or some other sources.
  11.  Appendix: This is that part where you can show the documents like questionnaires which you used during your research work. This is the final chapter of your research report.

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Tourism and traveling college essays

Tourism is without a doubt the single largest industry that plays a part in contributing heavy amounts of revenue. The topic of tourism is very interesting which is why it is a great idea to write college essays about tourism.

If we see the tourism industry, the tourism in New Zealand single handedly brought 10.2% of gross domestic product in year 1996 and when we talk about it in term of dollar so it would make around 11.78 billion US dollar. It clearly shows how huge and profitable tourism industry is. Also, it is important to take a look at the graph of increasing growth in the travel and tourism industry, for example take the airplanes; the numbers of airplanes have increased 30 times since 1960. Furthermore, the numbers have got doubled in the last 15 years.

Before you start off your essays, decide on whether you want to go for opinion essays, narrative college essays, classification, argumentative, descriptive or the persuasive college essays. This is a very important part when it comes to making an impact on the readers with your words and speech. So think hard before deciding the final style of college essays writing.

Now, let me give you some ideas on tourism essay topics you can utilize for your tourism college essays:

  • How much does an average American tourist expend?
  • Long time favorite tourist attractive features, talk about fabulous beaches.
  • Explore about far-famed alleged paradise islands and locations like Boracay, Phuket or Bali.
  • Have a discussion about the tourism industry in time of recession.
  • The worldwide tourism flow; where do public go?
  • Which is your favorite country or state to visit? Give the reasons.
  • Tell about the best travel you ever had no matter if you were going to a destination you didn’t like at all.
  • Tell about the things or ways that can make a traveling experience even better.

However, if you haven’t started your travel and tourism essays yet, I would suggest you to create an outline first. For the reason that an outline of college essays gives you a pathway to walk on without falling in the mud of failure you should create an outline before you start the main college essays. When you will be having your college essays outlines with you, you would be easily able to work on it without losing your track from the exact topic of yours which you decided to write about in the first place.

As the final part of your traveling and tourism college essays, you have to go over your entire essay in a very thorough manner. You have to do this so you can make certain that you don’t leave any loop holes in the essay whether it’s about the narration of the essay or about its evidences. For this you will also need proper citations plus the in text ones so you can back up your claims with the verifiable sources. Finally, check your paper for the typo errors and you are all set and done to submit your college essays about traveling and tourism.

What is annotated bibliography in term papers?


An annotated bibliography of term papers is a type of academic document that comprises references of articles, books and other sources. Along with each citation a description is added that tell the central idea of that source about what it tells and how it would help in conducting the required research. Usually, the annotated bibliographies are written with the purpose of future researching or research writing.

Term papers annotated Bibliography intends to inform the reader about accuracy, quality and relevancy of the sources that are cited. Usually, the word count of the each source’s description or summary is 150-200 but it can vary upon the requirement of your university’s term papers annotated bibliography requirement paper.  At the time of writing your term papers‘ annotated bibliography; you should find and record the citations for your sources, which may comprise ideas associated to your subject. Then critique the items and chose those that have the most significance for your subject. Cite the source employing a sound format. Write a concise summary that includes the fundamental idea and the scope of the source selected. Add succinct information about the author, about his authority or backdrop; comment on what the audience is intended to; compare this work with the others cited before and explain how this work enlightens the topic of your bibliography.

Another important thing to discuss is the requirements of the term papers annotated bibliography. You can be either asked to write in APA or in MLA format and the number of sources can be like this:

  • 3 book sources- 4 journal article sources
  • 3 journal article sources
  • 3 book sources- 6 coursework sources

The above mentioned examples show the total number or citations required in the annotated bibliography with the details on which sources to be used. Sometimes you are required to use only book sources or journal articles but sometimes you can use both. Even sometimes you are only required to use your course book’s sources. So it varies upon your term papers’ requirement sheet that which sources you can use and which you can not. An annotated bibliography shows how much relevant your sources are to the subject you chosen to write about. This way your testers and teacher judge you and your skills which later on helps them to give you the right marks or grades.

It is really important to arrange all the sources and citations alphabetically and should be properly cited according to the APA/MLA format (as per requirement). However, if you think that writing an annotated bibliography is something you can not do in any way, there is always one option is open and that is to attain a custom writing service. For the reason that custom writing services have the best professionals in the business who can write the best annotated bibliographies, you can totally rely on that. However, you should make sure that the term papers they write for you are not plagiarized. You can check the paper yourself by scanning it through your university’s plagiarism software or you can visit an online free plagiarism checker which will tell you if the term papers are plagiarism free or not.

Must Read – Before You are Going to Download a Sample Thesis?

A sample thesis is required by each candidate who want to complete its thesis and is lacking a knowledge on how to prepare thesis or is having no proper support from the guide or the candidate want a specimen so that it can easily complete its thesis. There are so many websites which provide you the opportunity to download a sample thesis but you should take care about the following points before you download a sample thesis.

  1. The website must be a reputed one from which you are going to download a sample thesis. There are so many websites which provide you the opportunity to download sample thesis but most of them are having sample thesis which are not useful. So beware of those websites. There are many trusted websites but is very much trusted till yet. There are so many visitors who visit at this website and read information about preparing a thesis and also download a sample thesis from there.
  2. The site from which you are going to download a sample thesis must have information about preparing a thesis because those websites which are providing no information about preparing a thesis may not have complete knowledge themselves so we can not rely upon the samples provided by them.
  3. The third factor is cost. Most of the websites provide sample thesis from $30 – $50 but is only website which is providing sample thesis many times less price. Price of a thesis must not be so much because sometimes sample thesis is of no use due to the different subject or the topic of the candidate so in this case you will not have any regret on spending money because the cost of a sample thesis on this site is very less.
  4. It would be very much beneficial for you if you get information on how to prepare a good thesis along with a sample thesis in shape of article or in shape of a small presentation. Because in this way you will be able to use that material and can complete the thesis work very soon.
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National income is the monetary value of all the goods and services produced in an economy within a given period of time, national income is measured in three approaches and they include

Income approach

It involves measuring factor incomes that are earned by all the factors of production.

Expenditure approach

Involves adding up all the expenditure on the final goods and services produced in an economy

Product approach

It measures the current flow of goods and services in an economy through value added.

When the national income is obtained it aids us to get the value of gross domestic production where GDP (gross domestic production) will be obtained from the following:

National income = gross domestic production – indirect business tax – net foreign income-depreciation

These measurement is encountered with problems which include the statistical problems of accuracy and which products to include example capital gain, inheritance and illegal activities.

GDP which stands for gross domestic production, it is a measure of all the goods and services produced in an economy and the value is based on the current prices in the economy.


Real GDP is a measure of the value of all goods and services produced and the value is expressed in reference to a chosen base year.


Unemployment rate is a measure of the unemployed in an economy, the rate is based on the level of the number of the unemployed and the entire level of labor force, these rates is calculated by getting the level of unemployed divided by the entire labor force and the result is multiplied by a hundred.


The rate of inflation is the measure of price rise from a previous level, inflation is the persistent rise in the level of prices over a long period of time, it is calculated by getting the difference in prices between two periods and dividing by a base period the value is multiplied by a hundred. According to Keynes inflation can be caused by demand pull or cost push.

The Phillips curve depicts the relationship between employment and inflation, it states that when an economy nears full employment the greater is the rate of inflation and when the rate of employment is low the less is the inflation ally pressure.

Below is the Phillips curve:

Causes of inflation:

Demand pull;

Exists when aggregate demand exceeds the aggregate supply and therefore triggering inflation due to an increase in the level of prices

Cost push:

Inflation in this case is caused by an increase in the cost of

Production; the following diagram depicts the cost push inflation:

As the cost of production increases the unit cost of goods also increases, this leads to a lower consumer real income and as a result of this trade unions negotiate for higher wage rates, when higher wage rates are achieved the cost of production increases and the process starts all over again, all the above processes lead to inflation.

Inflation can be dealt with through fiscal policies such as taxation, spending and borrowing, in case of inflation the government may choose to

-         increase the rate of taxation

-         reduce spending

-         reduce borrowing

Inflation can also be dealt with through monetary policies such as interest rates and money supply, in case of inflation the government may choose to

-         increase interest rates

-                                 reduce money supply


Interest rate is the cost of borrowed funds; the rate of interest affects the level of borrowed funds, the rate of interest rate is set by the government, the lower the interest rate the higher the rate of inflation, and the higher the interest rates the lower is the rate of inflation.


As the rate of interest rates goes down the amount of money in an economy rises, when people have more money they cause a rise in the prices of goods and services due to an increase in the demand, this is called demand push inflation, when the rate of interest rate rises the amount of money in an economy goes down, this results to low price levels which results to low inflation rates.


According to the diagram above the house hold provides services to the firm, the firm provides the house hold with goods, the household pays the government taxes which in turn through government expenditure provides public services and goods. The house hold consumes goods and in turn provides services to firms in an economy.


All the above measures in the economy are very important in decision making, a government will always try to keep inflation rates low to avoid depressions like that of the 1930′s, the fiscal and monetary policies are used to ensure that the economy does not experience inflation and at the same time there is a significant growth in the level of gross domestic production.


Brian Snow (1997) Macroeconomics: introduction to macroeconomics, Rout ledge publishers, UK

Stratton (1999) Economics: A New Introduction, McGraw Hill Publishers, UK







How to write term papers on Leonardo da Vinci

Who doesn’t know about the greatest painter of all time known as Leonardo da Vinci? I don’t think there would be anybody like that, however many of you wouldn’t know a lot about da Vinci apart from the fact that he was the greatest painters of all times. So in order to write your term papers on Leonardo da Vinci, you would need all the information about da Vinci’s personality, his background, his activities and his achievements. This is how you would be able to write effective and impact full essays on Da Vinci. So, in this term paper’s guide I will explain different factors about da Vinci that will help you a lot when you will want to start off your term papers on da vinci:

Who was Leonardo da Vinci?

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci was born on April 15th 1452 and is known as a famous and successful painter. However you will be amazed to know that he was just not a painter but he was also sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, inventor, engineer, scientist, anatomist, cartographer, geologist, botanist and writer. Amazed? Well it is definitely something to get amazed with and this is what will give strength to your term papers. The diversity that comes with the name of da Vinci is more than enough to draw the attention of your term papers readers.

His achievements:

Da Vinci was from Italy and is often described as the archetype of the Renaissance man, a man of “quenchless inquisitiveness” and “enthusiastically inventive imagination”. Leonardo is the one who conceptualized the tank, helicopter, concentrated solar power, double hull, calculator and also he outlined a rudimentary theory of the plate tectonics. Some more achievements of his were the automated bobbin winder and a machine for testing the tensile strength of wire. These two made a great difference in the manufacturing world. Further more, as a scientist he discovered great essentials in the anatomy, optics, civil engineering and hydrodynamics. However, he failed to publish his findings which are considered as his lack of documentation by the historians.

The reason of fame- Mona Lisa painting:

You can give a lot of strength to your term papers while talking about Da vinci’s painting the Mona Lisa.  The painting is one of the most famous paintings of all times, in fact it is on top of all the paintings which are ever made. There are many aspects that make this painting worthy enough to get the praise it is getting today. First element is the smile of Mona Lisa which is looked upon as the most mysterious smiles in the artistry of all times. For the reason the Leonardo darkened the edges of her eyes and lips by giving shadows, it became really difficult to understand her emotions which is the most mysteries part of this painting. Another noteworthy thing about the painting is that Mona Lisa doesn’t have eyebrows. Why? No body really knows. You should also tell in your term papers that the painting has been controversial and was stolen twice and one some acid was thrown on its lower body which became the reason why the painting then took months to be repaired and come into the old look.

Thus you can write very impact making term papers on Leonardo da Vinci and earn good grades and esteem.

Difference between the school essays and college essays

We all have written various essays when we were in school. Many of us used to get real good marks on our school essays, but when we came to college and written the college essays just the winning way we used to be, we failed big time. Why did that happen? Well there are many answers to this question. But basically what you need to learn is that the school essays are totally different from the college essays.

In the school essays we used to write whatever we want to and they were either descriptive or narrative essays. However in the college essays we have got a huge array of selection to make from the compare and contrast essays, descriptive essays, persuasive essays, narrative essays, expository essays and so on. Further more, in school essays we didn’t need any proves or evidences to back up our claims but now in the college essays we need them like nothing else. Even there are different types of styling that is used in the college essays such as APA, MLA, turabian and Chicago and all of them are different from each other in different ways. However the most utilized format is the APA and then comes the MLA format. So you see, the difference is vivid and this is why the college essays are real hard to write.

Furthermore, in the school life we weren’t being checked for our minor spelling and grammatical mistakes but now in the college life, we are checked for each and everything that can be called a mistake no matter how big or small it is. Some people consider it really wrong and unfair, but I consider it totally rational. Why? Because you are all grown up, aren’t you? and you want to be treated like adults and you get angry when your momma call you baby or treat you like one then why don’t you grow up and take the challenge of essay writing like a man? I know you can, and you know it too but you just needed someone to tell you that, so now since you know that you are all responsible to be analyzed this way because you are all grown up, you have to buckle up to do the unthinkable. Yeah, I called the essay writing as unthinkable because till now you are the one who has been considering unthinkable so it appears to be unthinkable and undoable. However you are gonna make it, and you are gonna make it real well.

The first thing that you need to do is to download some good and reliable dictionaries and thesaurus tools and install them into your computer so you can learn new words and can differentiate your readers that your essays are written for colleges not fro schools. Once you do this, now comes the final step when you have to go to some online grammar learning websites where you can shine up your grammatical structures and make a difference in your college essays writing. After all this, you are ready to make the difference!